Tell them to F$$k off if Anyone Asks You to Pay for a List of Paid Online Surveys .

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Back in 2007 when I first started looking for ways to make money, I came upon a number of companies that seemed good at the time ,but were really not very ethical and borderline scam.

Specifically, I remember one Company that had like a $35 fee to join. And the product you received was a legitimate list of Survey Sites you could take and make money with.

It was and is called Survey Scout. I would just soon you stay way from them and keep the $35 in your pocket.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY for any list of legitimate survey sites.

Back in 2007 , one of the other factors that nearly seduced me into joining Survey Scout was the fact you could become an Affiliate with them. So if you joined you could act as an Affiliate and anyone you brought on board to pay the $35 you got like $24 back to you as a commission . Pretty enticing, uh ??

Well to me I thought about it and realized that it was just wrong to make money off people by selling them a List of paid online surveys that they could get for free.

There are other sites that practice them same way as Survey Scout. Make sure to always be wary of these companies.

I will say it again folks, YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY for any list of legitimate survey sites.

To help any of you all out there who do want a small list of Quality Survey Companies for free that you can earn money with here you go : ( Btw, none of these are affiliate link of mine πŸ˜‰ )

1. globaltestmarket.comβ€Ž
2. opinionoutpost.com/β€Ž
3. pineconeresearch.com/β€Ž
4. FusionCash.net ( Gpt Site and Survey Site)
5. Cashcrate.com ( GPT Site and Survey Site)
6. SurveySpot.com
7. mysurvey.com

Every one of these I have made money . And on a consistent basis.

Now I know that many of you guys are looking for more ways to make a lot of money on here. These are just some good tools to add to your money making arsenal πŸ˜‰

A few bucks here and a few bucks there can eventually add up to lot.

Now remember as I have said before you will have a pr-screening list of questions to see if you qualify for any paid online surveys that you are being invited to take part in. In other wards, if the survey calls for a 50 year old to give his opinions on what cable channels he likes then if you are 23 you will not qualify.

So just move on and you will get some survey invitations that you will qualify for.

Just do not be discouraged because everyone experiences this.

Btw, it might be common sense for many of you but always have a designated email address to receive all of your survey invitations. When you sign up for a survey site you will have to enter an email along with other personal info. . And you do not want to enter your regular email address because it will get cluttered with survey invites
( and they may accidentally go to your junk folder) .

Hope this helps and remember to just give the middle finger to those companies that ask you to whip out your wallet for a list πŸ˜‰

Robert Andrew

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How I Blog to Make Money…… How Do I exactly Do it ? Where Do I Do It ? And How You Can Do It as Well !

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There has always been a debate in the online home business specter of how you should carry about your everyday way of business (in particular with blogging)…….You know how do you prepare yourself in writing your next Post, where do you physically blog from, where do you get your ideas , how long should your Post be etc…

Let me tell you how I do it.

1.My Area in my House I sit to Blog

Right now I am curled up comfortably in my tempurpedic bed with the fan blowing and a small cover on my legs. For me this is always how I worked from home.

Even when I was in high school and college, I would do home work and read from my couch or in my bed or a bean bag.

I caught a lot of slack including from my parents, teachers and friends who said I needed to be sitting upright in a chair and sitting at a desk to be more productive.

I have tried it all my Life, experimenting here and there with a formal desk and chair and it is just not for me.

I just become more unproductive when I am sitting upright in a chair and desk. Obviously, I had to compromise during classes in College and High school sitting in school desks, but I sure was restless to book it on home to lay back in my bean ban and start studying for a test. πŸ™‚

However, please do not be swayed by me. Many if not most people are more comfortable and productive when they do work (like blogging) from a designated office or desk in their homes.They have better access to things like copiers and faxes and office supplies.

So do not feel like you have to sprawl yourself out on your couch with over sized fluffed up pillows for your head to fit comfortably on. πŸ˜‰

But if you really want to know how to make money on a blog just go with what naturally flows for you and do what has worked for you in the past.

2.Now as far as preparing how I post and when I do it

This is also something that seems to be up for continuous debate among Imers and Bloggers. I am from the camp that the more you can blog the better success your blog will have particularly with the Search Engines. If you can blog everyday and you have QUALITY, QUALITY content and can continue to do that for years then you are on your way to success.

However, most cannot do this and I would advise for most not to try it. Because more than likely you will burn out.

I try to adopt a plan that fits me and something I can do consistently. Right now I put up a new post on my blog twice a week. I do this nearly every week.

Many of you will be able to do a post once a week or once every month. But the key is to stick with it and be consistent.

Btw, I have no set time during the day for blogging. Sometimes I blog at night or sometimes in the morning. It usually depends how and when I want to complete other important stuff like promoting my blog or doing guest blogging.

For most I recommend doing it at a particular time during the day. I think having a routine in blogging can really help you long term.

3. What to Write About in my Next Post

To be honest this part of blogging is so natural for me. I will usual think a day or two before my time of blogging what I want to write about. It usually only takes a few minutes in my head to sort out exactly what I should and want to blog about. Focusing what will best benefit my readers and do it in a very engaging way.

Now for a lot of you guys this form of planning for your next post is not feasible. You may want to have some more structure to it. Getting out a pen and paper and writing ideas of what you want to say in your next post is always a good thing to do.
And for specific ideas ? Well, visiting other people’s blogs can be helpful. I personally like to go to Forums to see what others are saying about the problems they have with internet Marketing and Blogging.

Then I will make a Post in my Blog the next day that relates in alleviating that problem.

4.How Long Should Your Post Be

I used to be one of those bloggers who did the minimum of 250-300 word post. As I have matured as a writer, I try to hit a least 600-700 words for each of my post.

I can tell you this. When you start getting above 500 words per post the better all around your site does in the Search Engines and for your traffic and Readers in general.

And then you will start seeing how to make money on a blog and do it efficiently and effectively. :>)

So if you really write a LONG post with some content that truly helps people and really keeps them keep coming back for more…well then you are on your way to having yourself a winner !.

Hope this helps,

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Why Change of the Title with my name ?

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Yeah I have had some unexpected security issues that have happened in the last few months and have been somewhat concerning to me. I guess it is part of the World of the Internet age we live in.

And after pondering it for awhile I thought it best I used my real first and middle name ,Robert Andrew, with this Site and not my real last name.

It probably will not make a difference in the grand scheme of things . There will always be perpetrators out there to mess with people on the Web. And No one is untouchable!

But I at least my wife and I will get at least a little bit of peace of mind. Not much but a little.

Thanks for my all Readers’ and hope you understand .

Robert Andrew


You Guys having Trouble in Finding Ways to Make Money from Home ? Fusion Cash could be Your Answer ! It was For Me………….

You know Life can be very interesting at times. For instance, you hear some things people say and for some reason they just stick in your head.

One saying that I hear people say all the time is this: “the more Life changes the more it stays the same ”

Well, in the last 5 years my Life has changed from year to year. I keep growing financially, spiritually, and of course I get older πŸ™

But in all seriousness, as far as my career in blogging and Internet Marketing I cannot think of any other facet of my Life where this saying above applies more.

I admit I have definitely evolved and changed a lot things in my Blogging career and my ‘at home business’ career the last few years.

But one thing is for sure, there are some things that I did 5 years ago that I still continue doing the same way today.

The program called Fusion Cash is one such example. I have been doing it from the git go and still do it today.

It is one of the best ways to make money from home. And do it quickly !

Fusion Cash has been around for about 10 years now. They have built up a membership that has to be nearly a million members and going strong.

I was desperately looking for ways to make money from home in late 2007 and it was the second program I ever joined when all this Internet stuff was brand new for me.

Blogging was still a few months away.

I started this program and found out that you can earn some nice monthly cash flow from doing just a little work and putting a little time into it. If you want to know how to make money from home and do it rather quickly this is for you.

Now I will not go any further with the details before I say that Fusion Cash is a program you will never make a million dollars with nor a program that you will make a full time living from. It is just not.

That being said, FC is one of the best ways to make money from home and a good way to supplement your established income.

To me it is a perfect little business for stay at home moms or dads, college students, disabled people, teenagers, people who are unemployed , or for just anyone who needs to make more money.

It is a pretty simple system. You get to be a free member and you can start earning income IMMEDIATELY. And I mean this literally.
When you sign up they automatically give you a $5 bonus for just doing so. To me that is a good way to start out.

Now after you become a member you can start making money by filling out offers, many of them are free and some are Trial based. I suggest starting out with the smaller free offers and getting your feet wet that way.

As time goes by and you feel more comfortable you can try the bigger offers that have higher payouts.

Along with this you can do daily surveys which puts a buck in your pocket. Doing that once a day can give you nice monthly cash flow and figuring out how to make extra money from home becomes a thing of the past!

And best of all you can participate in their referral program and get paid in referring people to become Members at Fusion Cash.

This is the most lucrative part of being a member with FC. And is one of the best ways to make money from home I know of !

As time goes by, you can work your way up to $500+ per month if you work smartly and put in some work. It takes time but I know of a number of people who top out over $1,000 per month !

So the sky is the limit for this little at home business. Not major money but enough to make a real difference in your Life πŸ˜‰


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WARNING : If You Start to Try Making Money Blogging Please Do Not Use Google’s Free Blogging Platform !

Plainly said this is a HUGE mistake many of you beginners will make when trying to start your Blogging business.

I know I made this mistake when I first started to try making money blogging. I got away with it for a little while with a few of my sites but a few months ago I got shot down by Google.

Let me Explain My Sad Story with using Blogger Blog

When I first started Blogging in early 2008 every one I met at the time said I should use the free blogging platform at Google a.k.a Blogger or Blogspot.

That was cool.

But then others that I got to know said I should take it one step further and make sure to buy my own Domain at Google. So it would be my property instead of Google’s ( so when you start out with Blogger blog you get a free domain that say www.newbiesblog.blogspot.com.)

If you decide to go with Blogger at the beginning you must at least take $10 and own your own domain; minimum. Do this or suffer later.

But thru the last 5 years of my experience I STRONGLY recommend that you guys out there starting out with blogging take it even one step further and go ahead and move in a direction away from Google’s free Blogger platform and go to paid hosting and start blogging on the WordPress platform..

After much egging on by fellow bloggers, I started to make the transition from Blogger to Hostgator/Wordpress back in 2010.

At first I was intimidated on how to do this but I easily did it with some info. I found by doing some ‘Googling’.

Now I love WordPress, and it is the only platform to go with if you want to really be serious in making money blogging !

However, out of the 18 blogs I own I still kept about 5 at Blogger Blog because I liked the certain templates for those sites. Particularly my second highest earning blog to date .

It had a 16.9% CTR with Adsense over 4 years which is virtually unheard with other bloggers or website owners who run Adsnese. The template was just perfect, and it was a very reliably source of income. Month in and month out.

Well guess what the heck happened 3 months ago ??

Let me start out with the chain of events.

So one day I write a nice, new post for this 16.9% CTR Adsense blog and published it.

Two days later I decided I wanted to make some revisions to the Post so I went to log into my Administration panel and the dashboard. I made the changes but when I went in entered domain to look at the new edits the URL came up as an ‘404 error and the Servers no longer find or host this Url ‘ . Something to that extent.

So I said well that’s cool. I will try it again and it will come up. But sure enough time after time this message kept coming up.

So I decided to reboot my computer and figured that would do the trick. But my Url/domain could and would not ever come up again.

After over 5 years of this domain /blog being run successfully on Google’s free Blogger platform they completely shut down my Blog and domain. With any warning or any reason whatsoever ! All of the sudden, POOF, my Site is history πŸ™
And making money blogging with this site was literally impossible !

I tried contacting Google and sending a reconsideration letter (this is a form you can fill out in your Webmasters tool to write to Google if your Site has been de-indexed and would like to know why and try to plead your case to be put back in the rankings to where you once were.) and waited for weeks to no avail.

I was crushed !

Luckily, I was smart enough to have bought my own domain. And I was able to export all my 200+ Posts (95% original might I add) over to Hostgator and WordPress.

But all my SEO and Google Rankings are gone. Its like this Site NEVER existed, and I am having to start over from scratch.

It is a bummer but I did manage to get over it and move on πŸ˜‰

Iam starting over with this Blog and maybe in a couple of years and I will be making money blogging with it like I did in its old glory days of 2008-2012.

But this is a prime example why you should use paid hosting if you want to start blogging. It is just not worth the chance when you choose a free hosting platform like blogger. Your material and domain can be taken down anytime without warning.

So just beware of that folks !


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Life (and Death and SUICIDE) is more than just about Making Money Online and Striking It Rich………..

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Folks, today I decided to post something a little different than usual. Go in a direction that I usually do not venture into much at all.
I just felt compelled to do it so thanks for bearing with me on this πŸ™‚ I think you will get something out of it.

The Story

A man by the name of Martin Manley proceeded to a local Kansas police Station 7 days ago and in a very calculated and calm manner put a pistol to his head ,pulled the trigger, and ended his Life right there.

You might say big deal Rob, there are ten of thousands of people who commit suicide every year in the US.

Well, here is where it gets interesting.

Last June 2012 Martin Manley, who was a Sports Journalist for the local newspaper and a blogger, decided that he was going to plan his suicide a year later on August 15th 2013. He had been thinking about it for awhile and since he would be turning 60 years old on August 15th he thought it would be a good time to bow out.

He said he felt that he wanted to go out at 60 before he became old and vegetative and had lost his dignity and was shuttled between nursing homes with people he did not know. Manley had no children, deceased parents and no nieces or nephews.

He did not want to have to witness all the chaos with war and violence to continue in the World and the terrible economic collapse that was soon to be !

According to Manley, he just wanted to go out on top.

You know how I know all of this? Well, its been bombarded all around Social Media for a week now.

But if you still do not know, Martin set up a whole website describing everything he was going to do. His actual Suicide and how he did it and wWhat led up to his suicide. His background and description of his family and childhood. His views on Life and Death, Religion, Society etc…IMHO kind of a morbid but poignant autobiography if you want to describe as that.

And he worked on this Site for a year and bought 5 years of pre- paid hosting so it would be around at least til 2018.

Manley said how cool it would be to have his Legacy continue on the Net going full strength for at least 5 years unlike a standard obituary in the newspaper which is just a few lines and last a day or so.

Martin Manley‘s Site went Live on August 15th 2013 right after he committed suicide in the police station on August 15 2013.

There has been an uproar as Yahoo decided to take the Site down. Many including Manley’s sister demanded Yahoo put it back up as a testament to him and honor his last wishes.

But honestly I do not think that will happen.

There is a Martin Manley mirror Site you can check out that has all the posts Martin wrote on his original site .

Pondering over this the last few days, I wondered what must have been going thru his mind those last few seconds of Life.

One thing that struck me odd what Martin Manley said was this and I paraphrase……….’When you turn 60 if you have not already established your Legacy then it is too late to do it.’

That just blows my mind someone would say or think that . Unstable or not.

I have literally known over dozens of people in my lifetime who have really blossomed in their older years. I am talking about people after age 70 who just have started to really hit their stride in Life and have figured out finally what brings true fulfillment and enrichment to their lives.

By doing this, their actions have rubbed off on other people around them in a positive way. And in a sense leaving a very long legacy during those golden years.

I just thought this whole event was very intriguing. Sad but yet eye opening, and it really made me take a mental inventory of myself .

I think many of us (probably all of us) including bloggers, writers, and internet marketers really get caught up in the Worldly things around us like making money online.

We strive to make a whole lot of money selling products here and making connections there. We become consumed with being successful particularly when it is on our own.

Nothing beats the feeling of having your own business and being highly successful at it and calling your own shots, right ?

Right ??

Excuse my redundancy here but as you noticed I had to repeat that a couple of times. I think sometimes I need to do that so I can get rid of some of the distracting cobwebs that occasionally get meshed around my brain.
(I imagine some of you have to deal with the same kind of ‘redundancy’ in your Life as well lol)

You see I do think it is important to have good, financial stability. A few bucks can come in handy when you have a family or if you have to pay medical bills, college tuitions, health insurance, car payments,food etc…etc..

But you know what guys ? In the end we have to keep it all in perspective and keep it real. If we get too consumed by the money making part of Life ( for many of us here that means making money online and more of it ) then we miss out on the most important thing in Life and that is…….
just being‘.

Something that Martin Manley decided wasn’t worth much anymore.

Either good or bad to me it always will be ! And I’ll take that to the grave πŸ˜‰

RIP Martin Manley


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Making Money Online as an Internet Researcher ?? You Say B@llSh!t ….. I Say You are Dead Wrong !! ;)

Hey guys,
Hope you are having a good one. Things are going good here. Pretty hot down here in Texas but at least we are getting the kids out to the pool 3 or 4 times a week before it closes for the season.

I know I focus a lot about blogging and how to blog and make money doing it on my site here. But of course this blog is also about making money online with all kinds of other work at home opportunities.

All you need is a computer and a little patience πŸ˜‰

So today I am talking about a little work at home business you can do from home. I talked about it on my other blog last year.
I thought it was worth talking about it again because I believe it can put some money in y’alls pockets if you want to put a little work into it.

It is quite legit and a great way in making money online !

Internet Researcher

Now folks do not get your underwear in a wad as I said last year an Internet Researcher is not like being a scientist or does not take any kind of training or degree. It really sounds more complicated than it is.

There is some great potential and personally I think it is a brilliant way to start making money online in a timely fashion.

Here is the low down guys :
There are a number of types of companies that will pay you money to gather up information that will help them with their own business and with saving time and money and ultimately help their bottom line profits. Information you can research on the internet which really does not take a brain surgeon to do lol

Now the kind of companies we are talking about really vary. They include Law firms, Political Action Committees. Car and Health Insurance companies, all kinds of Marketing Firms….and this is just to name a few.

I imagine many of you are asking how much can you make doing Internet Research for a company ?? Well, starting out you can expect around $11 to $12 an hour. Now as times goes by with experience this will increase. Just like most other jobs.

But there are some Internet Researchers who are Making Money Online in the neighborhood of more than $70 an hour.

Not too shabby.

And you can get paid thru Paypal and as you get some good experience you can even charge an upfront retainer’s fee. Also, you will be able to choose projects based on hourly or project completion.

Next, you might ask about the particular hours you have to work ?

This just varies according to your particular client. There will be some companies that will want a complete job done by a certain deadline. And you will find some that will want you to work 8 hours a day to finish a job.

I know a few of you may say that working 8 hours a day is just like working the regular rat race. I counter by saying I personally would rather have the flexibility of working that 8 hours from home and making money online than having a obnoxious boss looking over my shoulder every 15 minutes.

Thanks, but no thanks !!

Also you will have to follow the guidelines of what your client needs and how you present the information you gathered to them.. Knowing PDF, Excel, Power Point presentations etc. may be required…. these can easily be learned on your own by utilizing the Web and Google.

Btw, There are Internet Research Services that will help you find the jobs that will hire you. They will do all the work to find them too.

Other ways to find some jobs are to do some cold calling on the phone to places like Law firms and Insurance companies.

Having a Website or blog is always advantageous to show of your skills and abilities. So definitely consider that. A free ,good blog platform is Blogger blog.

Finally, to help grow your business join the National Association of Internet Researchers. I think you will find that helpful !

I made a list of some tools used by the best top Internet Researchers
1.Zotero and Wired-Marker (Firefox add-ons)
3.Similar Web
4.Concierge (Safari plug-in)
5.EagleFiler and Selenium (Mac OS X)
7.Google Notebook

Guys, I think this is a really cool business. It takes very little start up cost. Probably none at all. People looking for work at home opportunities and ways in making money online definitely may want to consider something like this which could really turn into a very nice money maker !!


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Why You Should Be Blogging ! (A response to another Blogger who says You Shouldn’t be Blogging )

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Hey guys I wanted to write this Post in response to another very well respected Blogger and Freelance professional. His name is Tom Ewer. And he has a lot of good info. when it comes to writing and blogging.

In his latest Post, his title was aptly named ‘Why you Shouldn’t Blog’ . Tom states he is playing the devil’s advocate and wants to give insight into why blogging is something that people should reconsider doing particularly if they are just starting out.

Reading this I could not help but engage myself in a little cheek and tongue retort πŸ™‚

So conversely, I am going to look at the other side and bring up the point ‘why you should be blogging’. And this is something that I have argued for a number of years now. Not just today.

One of the things that really attracted me to Blogging 6 years ago was the fact that you could start one on a shoestring budget and start making millions overnight lol. No just kidding. I knew you could not earn like that.

But frighteningly there are many people who think you can just start a blog and start making a lot of money from the git go. Hence, the reason there are millions and millions of blogs on the Web today.

And do not think that all them are people talking about how their Aunt Rosie changed their Life or about their Church missionary trip to Africa.

Nope !! They are on the internet making blogs to try to strike it rich. Its almost like blogging is the modern day era of the gold rush in the 1800’s. Many try their hand at it but few see much success.

Tom hits it dead on when he says these blogs that are put up and start making thousands and thousands within a month or two are just exceptions to the rule. They very rarely happen.

A little bit of my Story

So why should you be Blogging ?? I asked my self this from the beginning of my blogging career years ago and my reason was I wanted to make some extra money with banner ads on my plain, new, little blog. I was pretty simple minded back then and did not get the whole picture on what blogging was and where it could take you if done properly.

However, over time I began to look at Blogging as more of a business; nothing really different than a offline business like a printing shop or Computer retail.

I learned over the years Blogging is not a get rich overnight endeavor. But as Tom says it takes years for many people to see even a small profit.

Why You Should be Blogging…Now!

And thus comes my reason that you really should be blogging as soon as possible.

First of all, you need to go learn from the best bloggers on the Web (there are plenty that are accessible), formulate a well thought out strategy, and then put that strategy to action. In other wards go ahead and just do it ; start pounding that keyboard and writing new Posts for your blog that really perk the ears of others around you..

I have found that Blogging with good material and engaging content is much like fine wine. The longer you stick around and the more you age your blog the more it gains in value.

Over time ,we are talking about gaining credibility with Google and getting more Search Traffic that is laser targeted to buy stuff from you and even better than this getting traffic that turns into very trusting subscribers to your list.

From my experience my older blogs get more traffic, have higher PRs, and ultimately higher profitability than the newer ones.

The Business Model of Blogging

Absurd business model ? For me and many other colleagues I would say the opposite is true. Actually, it can really be the perfect business model if done in the right way with the right mind set within the right time frame.

I am just so thankful that I started to build my own ‘virtual real estate’ as soon as I could with blogging !

Is it all passive income as Tom seems to infer in his Post πŸ˜‰ ? No you still have to put the work in and build relationships with your readers and customers if you want to keep growing your business. This doesn’t matter if your blog is one month old or ten years old.

Some times the more money you start making the more stress comes along with it and the more you have to work.

So much like Freelance Writing and other online services, Blogging takes work and you have to treat it as a real Business .

The Sooner you start blogging the better

But the sooner you start blogging and getting down in the trenches for awhile, the sooner you will start seeing the rewards.

Blogging may not be for everyone, but I truly believe that anyone with some guidance can take it far if they are in it for the long haul . The operative phrase being ‘long haul’ .( And Tom also puts it perfectly when he says quote, ” You should be impatient to Leave Work Behind. You should want to do it tomorrow. Blogging won’t get you there tomorrow.” )

So go ahead and invest in a good Domain right now even if you can write only one great post a month. Do it for five years straight and at your own pace and see where it can take you πŸ˜‰

Do not be surprise if takes you to a level you never thought possible !

Just a seed of thought to plant in your head !

The Best,


The ONE Huge Mistake I made that YOU need to avoid if You Want to be Successful in Learning How to Make Money Blogging

Posted by Robert Andrew on August 12, 2013 in how to make money blogging, making money blogging, work at home business |

This mistake can literally cost you years in time and work and make you sitting their scratching your head like you got run over by a freight track !! lol

I can really remember like it twas just yesterday. That little light bulb went off in my head that I could take one small thing I was doing and turn it into something much bigger.

It was the end of 2007. I was doing pretty good with taking the Surveys online. It was not any major money but good enough to pay a bill or two for my family ( just me and my wife back then)

I happened to stumble upon a guy who was putting banners on his blog for survey sites. When people would click on his banner and join a survey site he would receive a commission.

I thought that was pretty cool. I found out the proper name of this kind of internet marketing was called CPA offers (short for Click per Action offers)

You can join these CPA sites that have products which you can offer your readers at your blog or website. And you make commission when they sign up or buy that product.

My favorite and still is CPA Site called Maxbounty.

Anyway, back to my story. I put up these banners for survey sites and I started blogging ( as I learned from some established bloggers on how to make money blogging) about how you can make money taking surveys.

Well, after a few months I started to see the traffic build up and my income started to drastically increase from these CPA offers and Adsense (Google Ads that are placed on your blog and you get paid for each click,)

Now I went for about 4 years straight doing this ; building up traffic and relying on people just clicking on my Survey Site banners and Adsense. It was truly passive income and a blessing as my work load seemed to get lighter and lighter and the income became more and more ! How to make money blogging seemed to be more and more effortless as the years went by.

I figured with age my Blog would just keep building and building from Google traffic as long as I had good, quality content.

I did build a list which every one said I needed to do but because my Site was centered around free money I actually made less with having this List. ( which rarely, rarely happens)

So I scraped the list building and went about my business making nice income for a number of years ago based on just clicks and banner offers on my Site.

But guess what the hell happen my fourth year ?? Well, good ole Mr.Google started to put the hammer down and implemented ‘Panda’ and ‘Penguin’ which were names given to changes in how Google ranked sites.

Many sites were fairly penalized during this and taken way down in the Search rankings. Sites that were spam and had no original and helpful content on them . These Sites were virtually tuned into over night ghost towns as all their traffic and income dried up.

Unfortunately, there were also many sites like mine that were legitimate ones with helpful content and not spam.

Long story short my traffic pretty dwindled to almost nothing overnight because of Google Search changes. Suddenly how to make money blogging seemed more and more complicated and less and less effortless

Now I could go on and on about how unfair Google was and how they cost many people millions of dollars.

But in hindsight it was pretty much my own fault for the predicament I was in.

I will just tell all you folks starting out (and this may apply to many who are experienced) to build a Site or Blog that has a diverse stream of monetization including above and beyond everything else…………BUILD A FREAKING LIST !
Period !!

You see that box at the upper right side of my blog which I offer the 3 best ways to make money and you just put your name and email there ? Well that is essentially what list building is.

So the number one thing you really need to do when learning how to make money blogging is build a subscriber base.

Relying on Google and Yahoo Search Traffic is a quick way to the poor house. Do not get me wrong. Still work on getting Search traffic as it is the most targeted traffic there is, but engage visitors to join or subscribe to that list or newsletter.

If you have a big list built up over time you can not just survive but you can thrive building relationships with your customers and selling them product that they really need.

You cannot imagine how many nights I have lied their restless in my bed wondering what things could have been now if I had just started building my list 6 years ago instead of just a couple years ago.

It cost me a lot of money and essentially when Google’s hammer came down, 4 years of my work went down the drain too.

I had to start all over again.

So peeps, if you take away anything from my blog do yourself a favor and do not make the HUGE mistake I made of just relying on Google for your traffic and income.

You need more than Clicks to make Blogging a full time income, thats for sure !!

So Build that list !!!

I plead to you πŸ™‚


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Hey Guys, You Do Not Need to be a Rocket Scientist to Make Money from Blogging !

I am just too much of a crappy writer to do blogging

Look at me. I can tell you over time I have developed into a fairly decent writer and blogger But I am no Ernest Hemingway. I never have been .So if I can do it anyone can do it with half a brain πŸ™‚

And with time anyone can make money from blogging !

I just think there are a lot of people who get intimidated by the fact of starting a blog and trying to come up with material and what to say and how to say it to keep it interesting and to attract readers.

When it comes down to it you really do not have to be a Pulitzer award winning writer toΒ  engage people with your blog and get them to want to come back reading again and again and ultimately make money from blogging.

On top of picking a niche that you have a whole lot of knowledge about and can help others with , the number one thing I can think of in making it easy to write to readers is to ‘pretend’Β  ( to yourself) like you are having a conversation with your best friend or family member.

How would you talk to them over the phone or in person about ‘cooking’ or ‘how to get rid of those unsightly pimples ‘ or just a slew of other topics you could blog about.

Folks, this really works. I myself do it all the time. Try it and I think it will make blogging easier for you and help you in the long term to make money from blogging.

And if it makes it easier to have the conversation out loud to yourself then by all means do it.

I think when people try to blog they really make it more complicated than it is. They try to think of the next word to say and how to put in down on paper and how to be clever in what they say etc…etc..

When all along they could have been talking to their brother ‘Seth ‘ or best friend ‘Sophia’ and making their blogging that much more effective and efficient.

You really need to practice this from the git go to get pretty good at it.

Heck you can even get on your cell phone and get some experience that way by just talking to a ‘ghost’ or getting a real person on the line.

And there are some people who actually get in front of their friends or family and just start talking about what they want to blog about and do some transcribing as they go along or have their friends do it when talking to them.

So I learned this is really a great technique to get your thoughts down on paper, And it will take you far in really building up a blog and enable you to make money from blogging with some real good information that comes straight from your own knowledge and heart and talking to yourself out loud πŸ˜‰

You will find you can become a better write doing this.


What to Do if I feel Like I Will Always be a Crappy Writer No Matter How Hard I try ?

Well personally I believe with work and time anyone can be a half decent writer. Especially if they use the above technique.

But if by some small chance this still does not work, what do you do ? Well, the good thing about blogging is there are always ways to make it a go and a way to make money from bloggingΒ  no matter the circumstance.

So if you have a hard time putting your thoughts down in words you can always hire or outsource to writers. They call them Ghost writers and you can get some fairly good ones for $3 to $5 for every 200 words written for your post.

GetFreeLancer.com is a great place to find writers who can take on a project for you .

You can find many affordable ones that can be proficient in producing good articles for you.

Be sure to check out their background and ask them for examples of past articles they have written. It may take a little bit of investment but it sure is worth it if you want to be serious about blogging.

But guys overall with blogging you can easily start out with less than $50Β  in total. Try doing that with any off line business πŸ˜‰

I know I did.

My next post I will be talking about what to do when the ideas for your next post become harder and harder to think of and the interesting topics to write about are seemingly becoming less and less with your chosen niche.

This is a problem for most every blogger at one point in their blogging career . I, myself, can sometimes fall into this unneeded lapse of mind creativeness ( if you want to call it that lol)

So stay tuned !


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