Want to Earn Extra Money ? Paid Online Surveys are for Real, and You Can Capitalize off Them !

I know it is kind of like stuffing envelopes. We have heard and seen the ads for stuffing envelopes and how easy it was and how you really can make money from it ! Most people I have ever met have said it was a scam and a waste of time. That is was futile to get involved with it and no money to be made.

(I never tried doing this biz myself)

Well paid online surveys is another type of program that fits the same mold as stuffing envelopes. Most people who have been on the internet for awhile will tell you it is a myth and a scam and you can’t earn extra money with taking surveys.

Hey people, I am a personal testament that taking surveys and making money from them is not a scam but a real way to put some real change in your pocket.

Along with the two programs I mentioned in the previous post , paid surveys was the first online venture I got into….and it did and still does make make me some money. I was desperate at that time so making $150 to $200 a month seemed like a good deal to me. And I think for most people they could do the same too.

Take my heed though, taking surveys can be kind of tricky because you have to pre-qualify for each one. Thus there will be many you do not qualify for so you will not make money with them at first.

But as time goes by you will qualify for more and more surveys and make money and it will be modest but a spanking way to earn extra money on the side .

I know when I first started doing them I was pretty much on my own, and I must have tried over 30 different survey sites. Most of them were worthless, but I found a few that were legitimate and that I could earn extra money with. some money with.

Some promise they will pay you in a timely manner and you will get every penny that you worked for. However, many fall short of these promises. It is frustrating ūüôĀ

So without further ado here is a small list of survey sites that you can earn extra money with and that you will get paid; unlike many people who say they are a scam.
No millionaire money but a place to start :

Make Money Blogging is a Incredible Home Business that can be as Easy as You Want it to be or as Hard as You Want it to be !

Hey guys, if you really want start a home business and turn it into a long term viable full time gig then I would consider blogging. That is what I did 5 years ago !!

I know the topic of this post may seem a little confusing. But it is really true. Trying to make money¬† blogging can be a monumental task if you want it to be.¬† But on the other hand if you do not want it to be it doesn’t have to be ūüėČ

Let me explain. If you go into it with a long term vision and set goals that are not too lofty ( but still aggressive) you can and will eventually have success in blogging. Just be persistent and patient. So in that regard with that kind of mindset it is not real hard.

But if you think you are going to make 40K a month like John Chow within a few months then blogging will seem like a incredibly tough task.

With blogging you can at least make some income that can supplement your household income. That is a minimum. But give it time.

It is necessary to get some initial help from people who make money blogging and have seen success and know what it takes to get there with it. Because it really is a true journey.

Personally , I made it a point to visit a few blogs when I first started a few years ago to get some of the knowledge I needed. I was not too sure where to start but I got a little bit here and a little bit there and applied it to my own blogging style.

That is perfectly fine if you do want to do that. It does take time but some people decide to go that route.

OR, you could skip all that and take considerably less time in learning how to make money blogging !

There are some people who have put in considerable work to construct a blue print of how they became successful in blogging and teach and show others how to do it themselves.

I have myself done this throughout my blog here.

But I want to refocus away from myself for a second and introduce you to a fellow blogger that has really put together an outstanding blueprint for you to learn from and have a lot of success and make money blogging.

This guy really knows his stuff and he lays it out for you and pretty much spoon feeds you the intricacies you need in your arsenal to make money blogging.

And you can make a lot of it if you apply it and stick with it .

His name is John Yeo and he is highly regarded in the blogging world as an expert in teaching others and has build an empire of successful Blogs of his own.

Take some time to check out his e-program that will give every single variable you need to be successful at making money blogging.

Whether you are a complete newbie or a seasoned Pro blogger you will find it absolutely amazing.

Click Here  to check it out !

Part 4 of Series – Getting Traffic to Your New Blog and Your Work From Home Business Site…………

Hey guys, Robert Here. Hope you are having a good beginning week.

This is our 4 series out of 5 on how to be successful at blogging and what steps you need to take to do so.

What I want to talk today about is getting traffic to your blog.

IMPORTANT : This is a long post but please read it carefully and read all of it. Even if you have to break up your reading at 2 different times. You will NOT regret it !! ūüôā

Let me get one thing straight here guys. You can have the sharpest looking blog with all the bells and whistles and the best topic to blog about…….but if you do not have traffic going to that blog then all this stuff means NOTHING !

Getting Traffic is the lifeline of your blog. It supplies the blood to your blog to keep it going and put some profit under your belt. And if you want a work from home business it’s a must !

So lets get right into it.


SEO(on page) РIt stands for Search Engine Optimization and in my opinion is the most effective and important way to get laser  targeted traffic from eager buyers who want to purchase from you. From the git go with my Blogging career it has made me the most money bar none !

With SEO you work on getting your blog higher up in the Search Engines so eventually you get to page one or better yet to the number one position period ! when you get to the number one position for a high traffic keyword you are getting closer to having a real work from home business, no question !

It does take work because you have to target every individual Keyword phrase and work on them one at a time. (for instance if you have an Acne blog you may way to rank for ‘ how to clear acne’, ‘cures for acne’, ‘clear acne’ , ‘home remedies for acne ‘, ‘natural cures for acne’, ‘remedies for acne’ etc..etc..

It can seem like a daunting task to rank for each KY individually  but as time goes on you will see that Google automatically ranks you for KYs that you did not necessarily target.

There are two components in doing SEO.

1. On page SEO

2. Off page SEO


On page SEO  is where you optimize each and every post for Google to crawl and rank in the Search Engines. Do this by writing really incredible , unique content that will catch the eyes of google and  visitors alike.

When doing on page SEO you need to have the Keyword you are trying to rank for in the Title, a couple times in the beginning of the post ,couple times the middle , and couple times at the end . You can also bold the KY to get more attention and let Google be able to easier understand what the Post is about. ( so as to categorize  your work from home business site in the Search Engines) Be sure to NOT over stuff your Keywords in each post. Make it look natural and flow easily for the reader.

Make sure  with your WordPress blog that you have ALL in One SEO plugin installed and activated to really optimize your whole blog.

Also maybe this is common sense but in a blog try to stick with one general topic and one only. You do not want to have a blog about Acne and also talk about home repairs. This will not be effective.

One last thing is to be sure that you hyper link to inner pages and also to your homepage. What do I mean by this ?? Linking is the simple process of linking from one page to another. You know, when you see a word or phrases that is highlighted or even underlined and you click on it and it will take you to another page or site. (Google ‘how to make a hyperlink ‘ to learn how to exactly do this.)

This is called linking within your Blog. And doing this within your blog gives you added strength too all those pages and will give more google juice to rank higher in the search engines !

Offline SEO (off Page) – Hey folks this is where all the fun can really begin :>) Doing Search Engine Optimazation off page basically comes down to getting QUALITY backlinks from other QUALITY Sites.

Noticed how I said QUALITY. Google looks highly upon other Sites that have high PR ( page rank) and seem to do everything correctly for the most part. Each time they point to your blog with a Link it is like getting a popularity vote in your favor which Google recognizes and gives you credit for your WORK FROM HOME BUSINESS  Site .

Here are a few of my favorite ways in getting back links :

PRODUCING EXCELLENT CONTENT  that other site owners will naturally link to you

GUEST BLOGGING  which is right now one of the best ways to get great backlinks and also get quality traffic from the visitors of that site who come thru the link to visit your site.

BLOG COMMENTING¬† is when you go to another Blog and make a comment about that person’s blog in a very relevant and interesting manner while leaving your Link.

LINKING AMONG SEVERAL RELATED BLOGS YOU OWN ¬† is a good and quick way to get some back links. Just make sure you do not over do this because Google looks down on ‘Link Farms’ which is where people do produce 100s of short, aimless blogs just to inter link !!

ARTICLE MARKETING (1) at places like Ezine Articles and Go articles is a great way to get quality backlinks and get some direct traffic.

FORUM SIGNATURES  is also another good way I have found to get some backlinks. Just go to a forum and put up some quality posts there that are helpful with a backlink leading back to your blog in your signature.

SOCIAL BOOK MARKETING¬† is yet another good way to get some decent backlinks. Places to get back links are from Digg and Delicios. To find services that can automate this just google ‘services that do social bookmarking’

Back linking in general can be very time consuming and tedious. You can always outsource for people to do this. But I  MUST stress please do not go with a service that is going to blast out 10,000 links to forums or blog commenting at a work from home business site . They are worthless. Believe me  I tried it and learned  better !

It will definitely hurt your chances of having a successful work at home business !

There are some services where you can pay but pay pretty big to get some quality back links like .educ or .govt sites. These are highly sought after.

WARNING, WARNING¬† – Strictly relying on SEO for traffic to your blog can be dangerous. Mainly because you are relying on Google and¬† Yahoo for all your traffic. And this can fluctuate wildly. And sometimes you can suffer penalties like ‘Penguin’ and ‘Panda’ which were names for changes in Google’s way in ranking Sites. It literally took away the traffic and the earnings overnight¬† from many sites. And It has been devastating to many site owners. Be sure to capture leads and build a list so you can be safe from these penalties !!

ARTICLE MARKETING (2) РArticle Marketing the second way can be a very valuable way of getting traffic to your Blog. I know at Warriorforum.com I have personal friends who make easily over $100K from their  work from home business  using this technique. But trust me just like anything you have to be some work into it.

Basically, you sign up for an account at EzineArticles.com . Start writing articles that pertain to your blog topic. After awhile check the amount of Publishers who have taken your articles and used it as syndicate material on their own sites. After this you can contact them and ask if they would like a fresh, original, and unique article written for their blog. Ask for a back link for your work. You keep doing and you start building a group of syndicates who you write for on a continued basis, Many will have a large amount of visitors and they will read your article and go to the link that leads to your Blog.

The best thing is to have them sign up to your  list and build up a relationship with them and eventually gain their trust and sell them quality product they need with email marketing.

Once again this type of Article Marketing can be very, very profitable if you do it right. Just check out out this LINK at Warrior forum that is very valuable in showing how to do article marketing and be very successful at it and what it entails ! (particular note Alexa Smith and also MYOB here because they are experts who do this full time and are highly successful ; you might need to scroll down in the Thread to see them)

SOCIAL MEDIA – Lets face it everyone and their mother is on Facebook and Twitter. Places like this and Youtube videos are excellent ways to promote your business and these videos in of itself have made a perfect work from home business for many. Especially if you are into Network Affiliate Marketing. Connecting to others is a must.

But any business can get some great exposure on these Social Media Sites. As you get more traffic to your blog you can start building up exposure at a Fan Page at Facebook ( use business account). It can be very useful and you can earn and become profitable at these outlets. Personally, I am concentrating more and more in this area because of the potential !!


PPC-This stands for ‘Pay per Click’. This is Googles bread and butter and how they make so much money and why their stock is over $800 ūüėČ Personally when I started my Blog 5 years ago I went with PPC. With Google it is known as Adwords. You have to sign up with Adwords at Adwords.com . Once you have secured an account you bid on Keywords to get placed in the search engines. If you go to the google search engine you¬† can key in any keyword and those Adword advertise listings will be at the very right. Those are people who bid and pay to be there. Whereas the middle part of the Search engine, those are people who¬† built up SEO (usually over time)¬† and were placed there for free.

I had some success with PPC but it does take a lot of money to learn the ropes with Adwords and many people go broke trying to figure it out. My suggestion ? If you want to get your feet wet with Adwords if you join Hostgator.com right now I know they have a coupon for $100 that you can use to try it out.

Solo Ads– With Solo Ads you can pay as low as a few dollars a month to put your Banner ad on someone else s similar blog or in a forum that relates to your blog.¬† This can be very effective ,and a I know a few people who make a full time work from home business doing this way of¬† Marketing. I would advice the banner to lead to a specific product ( whether it be your own or a an affiliate product such as a Clickbank one) ,but you can use your WordPress blog as a landing page ( a page that promotes your specific product) The one I use is a prime example. The post at top remains there at all times. I do this with¬† WordPress plugin called ‘sticky’. When you set up your WP blog go to Admin. dashboard and then go to plugins. Simply enter ‘sticky’ as a search then you will have the ability to install this and activate this cool feature !!

These are a few of my favs . There are a number of other ways but for most people these will put you on the right track to getting that all important traffic.  And ultimately making it a very rewarding work from Home business blog !

The main thing with traffic is to diversify among some of the ones I have mentioned.

And to ensure long term viability of your blog you need to  build a List with a capture box somewhere on your Blog. Like I said earlier I use Aweber.com which I believe is the most reliable email service. It is $19 a month but if you are serious about making a home business with your Site you should acquire this.


I hope this has helped you in your quest to build a successful money making blog ( and a potentially  full time work from home business ). It is not easy but definitely doable with time and work.


In  part 5 of the series I will wrap up our discussion on blog building and briefly talk about some of the mistakes many make make and some that you could make if you are not careful.

So stay tuned as I will have that completed by the end of this week !


Have a good one,







Part 2 in Series – Setting up a Word Press Blog to Start Your Legitimate Home Business

I remember when I was younger I worked at a company that was based around yellow page advertising. It was a cushy inside sales position as I pretty much only had to renew other businesses advertising in the yellow pages they had in the previous year. I did it from the comfort of a cubicle. It was easy money,no make that very easy money ! As close to a legitimate home business there is !

However, I remember boss man came in one day and turned our lives up side down. He said in addition to renewing advertising for customers in the past it was demanded we had to actually go out and do selling in the field to drum up new business !!
Wow what a darn bummer. We ached and moaned about this new change. And I actually thought about leaving and starting my own legitimate home business !

But you know happened after awhile ? We found the whole situation produced much more money in our pockets. And we actually became enamored with the fact of meeting customers face to face and coming up with solutions for them!

There is a reason I bring this scenario up. When building up an Authority blog you can go the easy route and build a blog using the platform like blogger blog or you can put a little time and work and build a platform like WordPress and come out way ahead both financially and with much satisfaction and make it a legitimate home business if you want ! :>)

So here are the Steps to getting your WordPress blog started and why it is necessary to have WordPress :
– All your content is owned by you. With blogger blog your content is owned by google
– Google and Yahoo just love WordPress Blogs and all the formats associated it. So search engines tend to rate them high .
– Word press is really easy to use. And the plugins at wordpress are awesome to utilize. And endless at that!
– Capturing leads are so much easier to than a free blogging platform

Okay all this is great. But how do actually set up a WordPress blog ?

– First, you need to get a domain name. I would settle on one that fits the description of what your blog is about. A lot of people debate back and forth with this. Some say you should brand your name and try to put your name as the domain. I do not subscribe to this notion.

If you strive to get people to click on your Site in the search engines do you think they will click on robertmarsh.com first or howtogetafreecar.com ? I bet on the latter one . And is especially critical if you want to have a successful legitimate home business But it is up to you.

Remember, you can still brand your name in the Title of the blog and all throughout the blog to get name recognition .

Anyway, a great place to register your domain is Namecheap. I started with GoDaddy and their price increases from year to year were just too much.

– Now after you got your Domain then you need to get some hosting for your Blog. (Like I said WordPress is the place to go for the reasons I stated above.)
And the hosting you get should be Hostgator. IMHO, it is far and above anything else. I pay $9.95 for pretty much unlimited hosting. Sometimes they have special promotion where you can get Hosting there for $4 a month. Having a successful legitimate home business you need something as affordable and reliable as possible , and hostgator does just that!

Now that you have gotten your Hosting with Hostgator you need to go into and log into their c-panel. You need to go to the bottom left and copy the two name server fields.

Then go back to your Namecheap back office and put (or replace ) the nameserver fields there with Hostgator name servers. Now you have your new domain pointing directly back at your hostgator account. (It make take a day or so to actually go thru)

Now just go back to your Hostgator back office and down at the bottom under Software/Services area push the icon ‘Fantistico De Luxe.

Then you will see the Word Press icon to choose on the left side. Click on it and it is pretty much self explanatory from there. You will make up a password, username. etc…

After all this push finished and BINGO you have created your first Word Press Blog.

It can take up to 24 hrs. before you can put your domain in the browser and see the new blog. It usually has been just a few hours before I can see my new Blog with the default theme. Some people it has taken longer.

Then when you can see your new blog sign into the Admin. And here you will see the Dashboard. The best thing to do (which I did) was play around with it and by trial and error you will start learning how to efficiently navigate in the Dashboard.

One awesome thing about WordPress is they have thousands of plugins you can use to make your Blog better. Things like social interactive and SEO plugins.

I think two plugins you need to first install are the ‘All in One SEO’ plugin and the ‘Askimet’ plugin. Akismet will keep all the spam out and the other will help optimize your blog for search engines.

These plugins have proven to be critical for me in my legitimate home business !

Oh yeah another important thing is the theme of your blog and how it looks. Just go under ‘Appearance’ and you will see the Options to install. It is real easy.

So see its not that complicated to set up a WordPress blog. You did it, so pat your self on the back ūüôā

And off you go and start posting to your heart’s content in your new WP blog ūüėČ

BTW, if you have your own legitimate home business you have put yourself in a fantastic position with WP !

Part 1 of 5 Series – Setting up a Blog and Monetizing it can be one of the Best Work From Home Businesses !

Hey folks. Rob here. Just want to briefly give you a few tips on a simple way to have one of the your own Work From Home Businesses ! Notice how I said simple.
Now there is a big difference between simple and being easy. Blogging and making money is not necessarily easy. It takes some time and some persistently. But the concept is pretty down right easy. And if you have made it to my Blog here, chances are you can do this thing and make some money.

So in the next 5 posts of my Blog I will give you the exact run down on how I got into blogging and started making some nice income for many years now.

First of all, you need to ask yourself what exactly are you wanting to do with your Blogging. Is it going to be just a part time home business or something you really want to go all out and make it a full time gig ?? This is really important because it will determine the dynamics of your Blogging………… like the hours you put in, the frequency you blog, the amount of outsourcing you want to do, the amount of money you want to invest etc..etc… But there is no doubt about it it can be one of the really good work from home businesses !

Once you determine that then you need to decide what in the heck you want to blog about ?? Gardening, Dating, Weight Loss, Acne, Hair loss, house repair, car repair, speaking a foreign language, stock market and the list can really go on.

I think you should pick something that you have a lot of knowledge about and have passion for. The reason is you want to be a an Authority and build an Authority site. Make it a Site that people cannot resist to come and get incredible content from.

(NOTE : Make sure the topic you blog about gets enough traffic per month to make it worthwhile your time and investment. For instance, how to tame skunk and make it a pet might not be advisable because there is probably little traffic for that topic and thus it might be considered on of the worst work from home businesses you could have! Go to use the Google Adwords tool to see how much traffic a particular Keyword gets. You have to sign up for an Adwords.com account to be able to use this very useful tool. It shows the breakdown of all searches for every topic you can think of. Always make sure you blog about a topic that has at least 1,000 searches a month. I will go into this in more detail later on.)

Over deliver in your Content and you can also post videos about yourself and the knowledge you have.

Just make sure you pick a Niche that you can literally write effectively for about the 10 years to come. Really !! Google rewards Site as they get older and they place these Sites higher in the Search Engines which means more traffic and ultimately more money in your pocket and you will now see that it can be one of the really quality work from home businesses !

Once you have decided what you want to Blog about you can set up a free blog at Blogger.com !! I did this when I first started , however I would think about this for a second. It is much better to have your own hosting at a place like WordPress. You really cannot beat WordPress. If you are really serious about having one of the ‘primo’ work from homes businesses around then consider it.

And I will be talking in detail in the next few posts on how to go about this and setting up your WordPress blog.

For now , think about what you know and what you can blog about and come up with ideas on high you can make people interested in the content you have.

Next post we will be talking about how to step by step set up your WordPress blog. Followed by Monetizing your Blog and doing SEO and building Lists to maximize your profits.

Guys I am here for you and hope to help you having one of the most lucrative work from home businesses ;so do not hesitate to call me or email me at ramsb70@yahoo.com