Making Money Online as an Internet Researcher ?? You Say B@llSh!t ….. I Say You are Dead Wrong !! ;)

Hey guys,
Hope you are having a good one. Things are going good here. Pretty hot down here in Texas but at least we are getting the kids out to the pool 3 or 4 times a week before it closes for the season.

I know I focus a lot about blogging and how to blog and make money doing it on my site here. But of course this blog is also about making money online with all kinds of other work at home opportunities.

All you need is a computer and a little patience 😉

So today I am talking about a little work at home business you can do from home. I talked about it on my other blog last year.
I thought it was worth talking about it again because I believe it can put some money in y’alls pockets if you want to put a little work into it.

It is quite legit and a great way in making money online !

Internet Researcher

Now folks do not get your underwear in a wad as I said last year an Internet Researcher is not like being a scientist or does not take any kind of training or degree. It really sounds more complicated than it is.

There is some great potential and personally I think it is a brilliant way to start making money online in a timely fashion.

Here is the low down guys :
There are a number of types of companies that will pay you money to gather up information that will help them with their own business and with saving time and money and ultimately help their bottom line profits. Information you can research on the internet which really does not take a brain surgeon to do lol

Now the kind of companies we are talking about really vary. They include Law firms, Political Action Committees. Car and Health Insurance companies, all kinds of Marketing Firms….and this is just to name a few.

I imagine many of you are asking how much can you make doing Internet Research for a company ?? Well, starting out you can expect around $11 to $12 an hour. Now as times goes by with experience this will increase. Just like most other jobs.

But there are some Internet Researchers who are Making Money Online in the neighborhood of more than $70 an hour.

Not too shabby.

And you can get paid thru Paypal and as you get some good experience you can even charge an upfront retainer’s fee. Also, you will be able to choose projects based on hourly or project completion.

Next, you might ask about the particular hours you have to work ?

This just varies according to your particular client. There will be some companies that will want a complete job done by a certain deadline. And you will find some that will want you to work 8 hours a day to finish a job.

I know a few of you may say that working 8 hours a day is just like working the regular rat race. I counter by saying I personally would rather have the flexibility of working that 8 hours from home and making money online than having a obnoxious boss looking over my shoulder every 15 minutes.

Thanks, but no thanks !!

Also you will have to follow the guidelines of what your client needs and how you present the information you gathered to them.. Knowing PDF, Excel, Power Point presentations etc. may be required…. these can easily be learned on your own by utilizing the Web and Google.

Btw, There are Internet Research Services that will help you find the jobs that will hire you. They will do all the work to find them too.

Other ways to find some jobs are to do some cold calling on the phone to places like Law firms and Insurance companies.

Having a Website or blog is always advantageous to show of your skills and abilities. So definitely consider that. A free ,good blog platform is Blogger blog.

Finally, to help grow your business join the National Association of Internet Researchers. I think you will find that helpful !

I made a list of some tools used by the best top Internet Researchers
1.Zotero and Wired-Marker (Firefox add-ons)
3.Similar Web
4.Concierge (Safari plug-in)
5.EagleFiler and Selenium (Mac OS X)
7.Google Notebook

Guys, I think this is a really cool business. It takes very little start up cost. Probably none at all. People looking for work at home opportunities and ways in making money online definitely may want to consider something like this which could really turn into a very nice money maker !!


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The ONE Huge Mistake I made that YOU need to avoid if You Want to be Successful in Learning How to Make Money Blogging

This mistake can literally cost you years in time and work and make you sitting their scratching your head like you got run over by a freight track !! lol

I can really remember like it twas just yesterday. That little light bulb went off in my head that I could take one small thing I was doing and turn it into something much bigger.

It was the end of 2007. I was doing pretty good with taking the Surveys online. It was not any major money but good enough to pay a bill or two for my family ( just me and my wife back then)

I happened to stumble upon a guy who was putting banners on his blog for survey sites. When people would click on his banner and join a survey site he would receive a commission.

I thought that was pretty cool. I found out the proper name of this kind of internet marketing was called CPA offers (short for Click per Action offers)

You can join these CPA sites that have products which you can offer your readers at your blog or website. And you make commission when they sign up or buy that product.

My favorite and still is CPA Site called Maxbounty.

Anyway, back to my story. I put up these banners for survey sites and I started blogging ( as I learned from some established bloggers on how to make money blogging) about how you can make money taking surveys.

Well, after a few months I started to see the traffic build up and my income started to drastically increase from these CPA offers and Adsense (Google Ads that are placed on your blog and you get paid for each click,)

Now I went for about 4 years straight doing this ; building up traffic and relying on people just clicking on my Survey Site banners and Adsense. It was truly passive income and a blessing as my work load seemed to get lighter and lighter and the income became more and more ! How to make money blogging seemed to be more and more effortless as the years went by.

I figured with age my Blog would just keep building and building from Google traffic as long as I had good, quality content.

I did build a list which every one said I needed to do but because my Site was centered around free money I actually made less with having this List. ( which rarely, rarely happens)

So I scraped the list building and went about my business making nice income for a number of years ago based on just clicks and banner offers on my Site.

But guess what the hell happen my fourth year ?? Well, good ole Mr.Google started to put the hammer down and implemented ‘Panda’ and ‘Penguin’ which were names given to changes in how Google ranked sites.

Many sites were fairly penalized during this and taken way down in the Search rankings. Sites that were spam and had no original and helpful content on them . These Sites were virtually tuned into over night ghost towns as all their traffic and income dried up.

Unfortunately, there were also many sites like mine that were legitimate ones with helpful content and not spam.

Long story short my traffic pretty dwindled to almost nothing overnight because of Google Search changes. Suddenly how to make money blogging seemed more and more complicated and less and less effortless

Now I could go on and on about how unfair Google was and how they cost many people millions of dollars.

But in hindsight it was pretty much my own fault for the predicament I was in.

I will just tell all you folks starting out (and this may apply to many who are experienced) to build a Site or Blog that has a diverse stream of monetization including above and beyond everything else…………BUILD A FREAKING LIST !
Period !!

You see that box at the upper right side of my blog which I offer the 3 best ways to make money and you just put your name and email there ? Well that is essentially what list building is.

So the number one thing you really need to do when learning how to make money blogging is build a subscriber base.

Relying on Google and Yahoo Search Traffic is a quick way to the poor house. Do not get me wrong. Still work on getting Search traffic as it is the most targeted traffic there is, but engage visitors to join or subscribe to that list or newsletter.

If you have a big list built up over time you can not just survive but you can thrive building relationships with your customers and selling them product that they really need.

You cannot imagine how many nights I have lied their restless in my bed wondering what things could have been now if I had just started building my list 6 years ago instead of just a couple years ago.

It cost me a lot of money and essentially when Google’s hammer came down, 4 years of my work went down the drain too.

I had to start all over again.

So peeps, if you take away anything from my blog do yourself a favor and do not make the HUGE mistake I made of just relying on Google for your traffic and income.

You need more than Clicks to make Blogging a full time income, thats for sure !!

So Build that list !!!

I plead to you 🙂


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One Big Trap that will Keep You From Ever having a Successful Business from Home !

Having a business from home , whether it be part time or full time, can be an endeavor that frustrates many people.

Having had home businesses for a number of years I can say that there is one thing that will cause the surmise of many hopeful entrepreneurs from having success.

I can  attest to this because I have personally seen others guilty of this, and I myself have had to fight this negative tendency off .

I term it the ‘Roller Coaster phenomenon’.

Here is a description of it.

You join a program or start your own home business and are just totally stoked about this new endeavor that is going to give you financial independence and more.

You come out of the gates running like a top stud at the Kentucky Derby.

You do all the right things. You have done your research , set goals you want to achieve, you have a real game plan and a vision where you want to be 6 months done the road ,2 years, 3 years and more.

Everything looks great. The novelty of your business from home is going strong ,and you cannot be stopped.

Well, here comes the problem and this problem seems to plague many who want to be home business owners.

Some time down the road, whether it be a few weeks or a few months the novelty of your new business will wear off. There will be days you will not see much progress ,and you thought things would be running on all cylinders by then.

What happens here ? Most people just kind of half haphazardly run their home business. They really do not feel like working it most days. The excitement is gone and many just throw the towel completely in and move on to something else.

Kind of sad, uh ?? Here is really the sad part. If many of these people would have stuck around a little longer and worked straight  through those boring ‘doldrums’ , success would have been right around the corner for them.

I myself have been gotten caught in the doldrums of running a business.

Here are some things things that have helped me combat the ‘boring periods’ in your home business  and we help you also.

1. Realize that even Donald Trump has experienced lulls in his business career. Times he wasn’t sure he wanted to get up and keep doing some of the boring things that most people do not want to do after the novelty of the business is gone. So make a note of this and look at this as a challenge and if you want Success you must really focus on your business even on days you do not feel like it. Just know there will be a payoff later.

2. Right down your goals, and visions for your business and place it right in front of you so you can see it every day.

3. Also right down on another piece of paper that lulls in your business from home  WILL  happen. Times where you will feel like not doing anything and maybe just feel like giving it up.

It is just a natural part of being a entrepreneur.

However , look at this as an opportunity and  time to capitalize ! You know many, many others will bow out and because you did not it will mean more potential Success for you.

I know it can sometimes be easier said than done.

And I think it sounds cliche but the adage ‘no pain no gain’  can be applied to the home business world too 😉

Sticking things out doing the little things no one else wants to do each and everyday sets apart the winners from the losers ! 🙂




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The Good , the Bad , the Ugly with Network Marketing Opportunities

Hey guys. I hope you are having a good day. I am doing fine. My computer is down right now so as I write this I am writing on my good ole trusty Notepad ! 🙂

Anyway, Network Marketing Opportunities or MLM has gotten really a ‘BAD’ rap in the last few decades. I think there is one company that has been one of the driving forces behind this. Maybe it is not fair (but by default they most surely have been )

Amway was started over 50 years ago as a direct selling company. It was essentially the first MLM ever. When it came out people were really excited. There were very many millionaires made in that first couple of decades with Amway.

But you know what happened with this Company over a period of time ?? One word, OVERKILL !!

Thats right you had too many people pushing the Amway dream to extremes
and before you knew it there were neighborhood gatherings and office parties as well as every tom, dick and joe, pushing this dream on cousins, brothers, mothers, and sisters; just about anyone with a
blood pressure 😉

I know things got ‘BAD’ particular in the 90s when people would ask other friends to come to business gatherings to look at a business opportunity. On the spot the victim would come out and ask if this was Amway. The person who was part of the opportunity would not reply one way or another. This exact thing happened to me. A co worker tried
to coax me into a business rally and he refused to say whether it was Amway or not. He wanted to let me in on more of the specifics at the rally.

To me that says a lot about a Company where the people who are part of the program are so ashamed of their Company’s name they will not divulge the name of the opportunity until you get to the rally !! 🙁

This is not how you present network marketing opportunities to anyone !

The thing is Amway is a legitimate Company that has billion in sales in each and every year. But the way they Marketed their products and the opportunity were done in a manner where it became a huge turnoff to many.

Unfortunately, these days people here in the US just roll their eyes when they hear the word Amway.

Interesting enough something like 90% of the sales and recruits with Amway are in Asia and not the US.

Now getting to the ‘UGLY’ of Network Marketing and it can be a real blood bath ! I know of several Network Marketing opportunities that were just plain scams. They were ponzi schemes. In other wards you had people at top; the owners and executives. And they were the ones getting paid from the influx of people below.

The products involved were crappy and had no real value. Once the top members made enough money and the influx of new members drastically dwindled they then closed the doors and took the money and ran.

To stay away from this ‘UGLINESS’ in MLM , be sure to check out the backgrounds of these people. See if the product is one that you can buy at Walmart cheaper ( yes believe or not this really happens) . And let them know that you will join as a member for the long term and you will make them accountable for all actions they perform.

Now finally we will get to the ‘GOOD’ of network marketing. And yes there is some very, very “GOOD” with some Network Marketing Companies.
Some companies on the web are presenting some really quality products and they are using network marketing to spread the word around and increase their sales.

A few are actually getting into the Mobile App business. And are blazing a new path to ways that we have never seen before.

The Mobile App business is already a multi billion dollar industry. The sky is the limit for this sector. It has to be number one on my list for network marketing opportunities !

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It is the 21st Century and this is not your Father’s MLM company !

(Here is a original Article I wrote for another Blog. I think you will find it helpful… Rob)
I can remember back in the early 1980s I was playing Atari Pac Man over at a childhood friend of mine’s house in our suburban neighborhood in Tennessee. We were just sitting there chilling out and protecting ourselves
from that humid Summer heat that plagues that area in early August.

A few minutes went by and all of the sudden the door flew open with a ruckus, and it was my friend’s dad. He about scared the bonkers out of us. We didn’t know what he was murmuring about , but in a hurry he made his way over to us to show us something he had just gotten.

It was some kind of Kit and on the outside of it there was one big, bold printed word on it, AMWAY ! Inside were endless brochures and paperwork and other stuff I really did not understand at that age .

Well, my friend’s dad proceeded to tell us this was his answer to financial freedom and the opportunity to make a million dollars.

I wasn’t sure what financial freedom meant at that time , but I sure knew that a million dollars was a lot of money lol

Now fast forward to 10 years later. At this time, I was a recent grad from University of Tennessee Business school. I knew a little bit more than I did years before about most everything including the financial arena.

That Summer after graduation I was sitting downstairs in my parent’s house. And I heard some quick moving steps coming down the stairs towards me . It was my brother, Mike. And guess what he was holding in his hand ? You got it, a Kit with a distinct printing on the outside that read Amway !

Well, to make a long story short my brother and I became distributors for Amway that year. We worked it for a few months and decided it had too expensive products and it was hard to build an Organizational down line with such
pricey items like 7$ tooth paste and $5 under arm deodorant. And this was like 1991 !!

We tried several more Network Marketing Companies including some health and nutrition companies and water filtration but the same thing; expensive prices to become a Associate and expensive products to try to hawk to your down line.

And going out to recruit new distributors was almost impossible as every friend and relative ran the other way when they saw us coming to pitch them again and again with our business ventures.

It was just one big dead end street for us.

My how things have changed in Network Marketing in the past 25 years or so.

With the advent of the World Wide Web there are numerous <a href=””>Network Marketing Opportunities</a> to take advantage of as communication is so much faster and effective than the old archaic ways of the early nineties and the eighties !

Emails, chat lines, instant messaging, skype, tweeting, Facebook Walls are a few of the numerous mediums people can network and build up a network marketing business.

It has been quite a revolution in the way we communicate and conduct business !

It is just not your so called ‘warm list’ that you have to rely on to build a successful MLM. You know your family, friends, co workers, neighbors, and most anyone with a pulse and trying to get them into Amway like my brother and I did in 1991 lol

These days many people get online and try to find businesses that they can start up immediately and do it from home. One good way to find this kind of valuable traffic is to do some SEO and make a Website or Blog and rank high in the Search Engines at Google and Yahoo !

The search engines will provide your Site with laser targeted visitors and instead of running down after uncle Joe to get him to join your MLM ,you will have John Doe running you down to get in your MLM 😉

That is a nice change of dynamics wouldn’t you say ?? 🙂

Other ways such as running solo ads in a business forum or just socializing with like minded people on Facebook and other online social outlets are really great ways in building your business.

However, there is also some short falls in building your Network Marketing Business online. With the convenience of being online also comes the convenience of anonymity which can lead to scams and other forms of misconduct.

There are countless number of people and businesses that have lost a tremendous amount of money because they
were dealing with con artist and dealing with people who were just no good and looking for prey behind their computers !

The proliferation of MLMs on the Web has probably increased by 10 fold compare to all the MLMs back in the early nineties. This is great is some respects but like I said it can be bad for some who jump in a MLM on the spur of the moment.

If you do decide you want to get into a network marketing company just be sure to check out the founder of the MLM and all the upper executives. See what their track records have been.

Contact other associates who have been there awhile and get their opinion. Ask yourself are the products of quality and value ? Is it something that retail customers would be keen on buying ? Or is it just some high priced product that never reaches the real market but is there to be dumped on every down line member for up line commissions ? Also make sure the upfront cost to start are reasonable.

And one last thing is to just put the MLMs name into Google search and see if there are many articles that question its authenticity.

Because you want to be safe and as I said before and will say again this is not your Dad’s MLM back in the 1980s :>)

Part 5 of Series 5- Putting it Altogether and having Your Own Successful ‘Business at Home’ with Blogging

Hey guys. I hope you all have enjoyed and learned a thing or two about Blogging in the last 4 series.

If you have not read the previous 4 Posts series please go back and read them and study them. I promise you will not regret it.  From starting your Blog to eventually making money with it,  I give a plan that is easy to understand and very doable !

And give you the info. to make blogging a legitimate business at home

The final Post of the 5 part series is just a final overview of what we have discussed and some closing remarks about some dos and donts of blogging and what you really need to do over the long haul to make it a full time business at home.

Before I say anything else I want to say do not let anyone tell you that you can just start blogging and slap up some material and become rich within a month. it is NOT going to happen !

I will let you know in my own experience it took a whole year before I started seeing some decent results.

Guys, I remember it took a couple of months to just make that first $10. Then I shot for $20 then $50 and $100 bucks, $200, and $400  per month etc..etc..

So here are some must do  steps you need to take to make it a go with Blogging as a business at home.

1. Set up a specific time that you Blog. If it is everyday, three times a week, or once a month keep it consistent and stick by it. Many readers who love what you have to say will know when it is time to come back for a new Post. Of course you can use a Feed to automatically put out the post to them. But still for your own sake be discipline about your Blogging frequency !

2.Connect with other bloggers in your Niche. With them you can help each other by guest posting on their blogs and also sharing information and techniques with each other that will help both of you. You can also joint venture with them which means selling your product to their List and their product to your List. It is a win-win !

3. Do not underestimate the power of building relationships and engaging with your Readers and Customers. Like I said earlier this will be the Life line of your business at home . You must bring something to the table that will make them say ” wow he knows exactly what I have been looking for ”

4. Center your blog around a topic that you are so knowledgeable about and have  such a passion for( and is one you can make money from) that you can literally write a Post off the top of your head and make it be beneficial and helpful to your Readers. And be able to do this for a number of years

5. The last one I want to mention is probably more important than anything. And that is have a stick- to- ivness that refuses to be denied in Blogging. Be determined to make a real business at home you can be proud of. You will be amazed how many   ‘ghost town ‘ blogs I have come across where there was some really banging content but the blogger just got burnt out and quit. Funny thing success was probably just around the corner for him. So as a blogger think of yourself as a Marathoner ; the race is not always won to the swiftest but to those who pace themselves and keep on running 😉

As you move on past this series into the World of  Blogging  think of yourselves as a professional from the git go. In other wards ‘fake it til you make’ it !!

It is your own business at home, so treat it that way !

Do not let ANYONE tell you it can’t be done. It can , people do it everyday. But discipline and hard work and learning from your mistakes every single blog post you write is mandatory ! PERIOD !!


Now get on out there and become the Blogger you know you can be 🙂







Part 4 of Series – Getting Traffic to Your New Blog and Your Work From Home Business Site…………

Hey guys, Robert Here. Hope you are having a good beginning week.

This is our 4 series out of 5 on how to be successful at blogging and what steps you need to take to do so.

What I want to talk today about is getting traffic to your blog.

IMPORTANT : This is a long post but please read it carefully and read all of it. Even if you have to break up your reading at 2 different times. You will NOT regret it !! 🙂

Let me get one thing straight here guys. You can have the sharpest looking blog with all the bells and whistles and the best topic to blog about…….but if you do not have traffic going to that blog then all this stuff means NOTHING !

Getting Traffic is the lifeline of your blog. It supplies the blood to your blog to keep it going and put some profit under your belt. And if you want a work from home business it’s a must !

So lets get right into it.


SEO(on page) – It stands for Search Engine Optimization and in my opinion is the most effective and important way to get laser  targeted traffic from eager buyers who want to purchase from you. From the git go with my Blogging career it has made me the most money bar none !

With SEO you work on getting your blog higher up in the Search Engines so eventually you get to page one or better yet to the number one position period ! when you get to the number one position for a high traffic keyword you are getting closer to having a real work from home business, no question !

It does take work because you have to target every individual Keyword phrase and work on them one at a time. (for instance if you have an Acne blog you may way to rank for ‘ how to clear acne’, ‘cures for acne’, ‘clear acne’ , ‘home remedies for acne ‘, ‘natural cures for acne’, ‘remedies for acne’ etc..etc..

It can seem like a daunting task to rank for each KY individually  but as time goes on you will see that Google automatically ranks you for KYs that you did not necessarily target.

There are two components in doing SEO.

1. On page SEO

2. Off page SEO


On page SEO  is where you optimize each and every post for Google to crawl and rank in the Search Engines. Do this by writing really incredible , unique content that will catch the eyes of google and  visitors alike.

When doing on page SEO you need to have the Keyword you are trying to rank for in the Title, a couple times in the beginning of the post ,couple times the middle , and couple times at the end . You can also bold the KY to get more attention and let Google be able to easier understand what the Post is about. ( so as to categorize  your work from home business site in the Search Engines) Be sure to NOT over stuff your Keywords in each post. Make it look natural and flow easily for the reader.

Make sure  with your WordPress blog that you have ALL in One SEO plugin installed and activated to really optimize your whole blog.

Also maybe this is common sense but in a blog try to stick with one general topic and one only. You do not want to have a blog about Acne and also talk about home repairs. This will not be effective.

One last thing is to be sure that you hyper link to inner pages and also to your homepage. What do I mean by this ?? Linking is the simple process of linking from one page to another. You know, when you see a word or phrases that is highlighted or even underlined and you click on it and it will take you to another page or site. (Google ‘how to make a hyperlink ‘ to learn how to exactly do this.)

This is called linking within your Blog. And doing this within your blog gives you added strength too all those pages and will give more google juice to rank higher in the search engines !

Offline SEO (off Page) – Hey folks this is where all the fun can really begin :>) Doing Search Engine Optimazation off page basically comes down to getting QUALITY backlinks from other QUALITY Sites.

Noticed how I said QUALITY. Google looks highly upon other Sites that have high PR ( page rank) and seem to do everything correctly for the most part. Each time they point to your blog with a Link it is like getting a popularity vote in your favor which Google recognizes and gives you credit for your WORK FROM HOME BUSINESS  Site .

Here are a few of my favorite ways in getting back links :

PRODUCING EXCELLENT CONTENT  that other site owners will naturally link to you

GUEST BLOGGING  which is right now one of the best ways to get great backlinks and also get quality traffic from the visitors of that site who come thru the link to visit your site.

BLOG COMMENTING  is when you go to another Blog and make a comment about that person’s blog in a very relevant and interesting manner while leaving your Link.

LINKING AMONG SEVERAL RELATED BLOGS YOU OWN   is a good and quick way to get some back links. Just make sure you do not over do this because Google looks down on ‘Link Farms’ which is where people do produce 100s of short, aimless blogs just to inter link !!

ARTICLE MARKETING (1) at places like Ezine Articles and Go articles is a great way to get quality backlinks and get some direct traffic.

FORUM SIGNATURES  is also another good way I have found to get some backlinks. Just go to a forum and put up some quality posts there that are helpful with a backlink leading back to your blog in your signature.

SOCIAL BOOK MARKETING  is yet another good way to get some decent backlinks. Places to get back links are from Digg and Delicios. To find services that can automate this just google ‘services that do social bookmarking’

Back linking in general can be very time consuming and tedious. You can always outsource for people to do this. But I  MUST stress please do not go with a service that is going to blast out 10,000 links to forums or blog commenting at a work from home business site . They are worthless. Believe me  I tried it and learned  better !

It will definitely hurt your chances of having a successful work at home business !

There are some services where you can pay but pay pretty big to get some quality back links like .educ or .govt sites. These are highly sought after.

WARNING, WARNING  – Strictly relying on SEO for traffic to your blog can be dangerous. Mainly because you are relying on Google and  Yahoo for all your traffic. And this can fluctuate wildly. And sometimes you can suffer penalties like ‘Penguin’ and ‘Panda’ which were names for changes in Google’s way in ranking Sites. It literally took away the traffic and the earnings overnight  from many sites. And It has been devastating to many site owners. Be sure to capture leads and build a list so you can be safe from these penalties !!

ARTICLE MARKETING (2) – Article Marketing the second way can be a very valuable way of getting traffic to your Blog. I know at I have personal friends who make easily over $100K from their  work from home business  using this technique. But trust me just like anything you have to be some work into it.

Basically, you sign up for an account at . Start writing articles that pertain to your blog topic. After awhile check the amount of Publishers who have taken your articles and used it as syndicate material on their own sites. After this you can contact them and ask if they would like a fresh, original, and unique article written for their blog. Ask for a back link for your work. You keep doing and you start building a group of syndicates who you write for on a continued basis, Many will have a large amount of visitors and they will read your article and go to the link that leads to your Blog.

The best thing is to have them sign up to your  list and build up a relationship with them and eventually gain their trust and sell them quality product they need with email marketing.

Once again this type of Article Marketing can be very, very profitable if you do it right. Just check out out this LINK at Warrior forum that is very valuable in showing how to do article marketing and be very successful at it and what it entails ! (particular note Alexa Smith and also MYOB here because they are experts who do this full time and are highly successful ; you might need to scroll down in the Thread to see them)

SOCIAL MEDIA – Lets face it everyone and their mother is on Facebook and Twitter. Places like this and Youtube videos are excellent ways to promote your business and these videos in of itself have made a perfect work from home business for many. Especially if you are into Network Affiliate Marketing. Connecting to others is a must.

But any business can get some great exposure on these Social Media Sites. As you get more traffic to your blog you can start building up exposure at a Fan Page at Facebook ( use business account). It can be very useful and you can earn and become profitable at these outlets. Personally, I am concentrating more and more in this area because of the potential !!


PPC-This stands for ‘Pay per Click’. This is Googles bread and butter and how they make so much money and why their stock is over $800 😉 Personally when I started my Blog 5 years ago I went with PPC. With Google it is known as Adwords. You have to sign up with Adwords at . Once you have secured an account you bid on Keywords to get placed in the search engines. If you go to the google search engine you  can key in any keyword and those Adword advertise listings will be at the very right. Those are people who bid and pay to be there. Whereas the middle part of the Search engine, those are people who  built up SEO (usually over time)  and were placed there for free.

I had some success with PPC but it does take a lot of money to learn the ropes with Adwords and many people go broke trying to figure it out. My suggestion ? If you want to get your feet wet with Adwords if you join right now I know they have a coupon for $100 that you can use to try it out.

Solo Ads– With Solo Ads you can pay as low as a few dollars a month to put your Banner ad on someone else s similar blog or in a forum that relates to your blog.  This can be very effective ,and a I know a few people who make a full time work from home business doing this way of  Marketing. I would advice the banner to lead to a specific product ( whether it be your own or a an affiliate product such as a Clickbank one) ,but you can use your WordPress blog as a landing page ( a page that promotes your specific product) The one I use is a prime example. The post at top remains there at all times. I do this with  WordPress plugin called ‘sticky’. When you set up your WP blog go to Admin. dashboard and then go to plugins. Simply enter ‘sticky’ as a search then you will have the ability to install this and activate this cool feature !!

These are a few of my favs . There are a number of other ways but for most people these will put you on the right track to getting that all important traffic.  And ultimately making it a very rewarding work from Home business blog !

The main thing with traffic is to diversify among some of the ones I have mentioned.

And to ensure long term viability of your blog you need to  build a List with a capture box somewhere on your Blog. Like I said earlier I use which I believe is the most reliable email service. It is $19 a month but if you are serious about making a home business with your Site you should acquire this.


I hope this has helped you in your quest to build a successful money making blog ( and a potentially  full time work from home business ). It is not easy but definitely doable with time and work.


In  part 5 of the series I will wrap up our discussion on blog building and briefly talk about some of the mistakes many make make and some that you could make if you are not careful.

So stay tuned as I will have that completed by the end of this week !


Have a good one,