Can Trading Stocks be a Viable Way to Having a Home Based Business ? Heck Yes and Here is Why………..

I know many people have this preconception that getting in the Stock market and Investing and Trading stocks can be a one way trip to the funny farm                         or poor house ( sometimes they can include both 😉  )

But trading stocks if done properly can give you some consistent income ( I know because I do it regularly) maybe even income amounting to a full time gig. But lets not take it that far at least for now.

First of all, if you want to trade stocks you should NEVER start out with an amount of money you cannot afford to lose. Heck, I have horror stories where people have taken out College funds and 401Ks to start trading.

Well folks this is ridiculous. Please do not do something this wreckless. It will haunt you for many years to come if you do it.

I would start out with maybe a few grand . All this will be is a starting amount that you can get your feet wet in the world of trading. I would consider it a tuition of sorts because there is a good chance that you could lose this small amount in the learning process. But better to do this then start out with a $20K account and blow that. Because that has been done by many before. Believe me.

I know I personally did paper trading and went about learning from others before I put any money into trading. When I did , I started off with a measly $500. But thru the  knowledge I had learned and the studying I did , I turned that $500 into over 6K in 2 months.

My style of Trading then and now is Swing Trading Stocks ( Check out my Story at this Link)

Now I do not think that this was automatically happen in your case. Honestly, the chances are they will NOT.

But I believe over time people can become better and better  at Trading just through experience and studying.

The main thing to remember is to develop a trading  system over time that will give you rules to abide by when entering and exiting a trade. And you need to learn the basics of how the Stock Market works and what Stocks to eye for a potential trade.

I highly recommend William O Neil’s book “How to Make Money in Stocks” as the best information for learning about making money in the Stock Market.

I will leave with one last thing that each of you who are considering to Trade Stocks isthis : Always cut your loses quickly and NEVER be emotional about your Loses or your Wins. Keep a poker face when you trade.

Or else your emotions will take over and you will be a sloppy and unsuccessful trader.

It is really funny ,but I continue to tell people that the most successful traders are the ones who have a blank expression on their face; in other wards you cannot tell if they are up $2K for the day or down $2K for the day. That is a true poker face 🙂

Anyway, Remember to read the book I suggested before you put any money in the Stock Market or do any kind of swing trading.

And go to my own Story to learn more in the Link I provided above.


Robert Andrew





Why this Blog and My Reason for Starting it ??

I started in Internet Marketing 6 years ago. I have loved it every since and have had many successes and many failures.

Through time I have learned a tremendous amount ! The experiences Ive had over these years and the principles I have acquired in having success on the internet have put me in a position to really be able to share with others and help them in their pursuit of making money online from home much like I did.

Who am I Targeting with my Blog and Who are You ?

Okay I know a ton , I mean a ton of Internet Marketers and Bloggers who focus strictly on helping other Internet Marketers and bloggers sell things and teach other internet bloggers on how to sell and teach to other internet marketers and bloggers on how to teach and sell things to other internet marketers and bloggers etc..etc… Get the picture ? 😉

To me this primary focus of a business model kind of gets boring . There are so many people trying to pursue this IM niche. Do not get me wrong I have learned a lot from people who choose this particular Niche to help and share knowledge (and make money off of) with other bloggers and other established Internet Marketers.

But my main goal from the git go with my blog is to really help out those people who barely know what a blog is let alone what SEO means ( Search Engine Optimization) or Keyword Research or what a anchor text back link is.

No, my priority has and always will be to help those people who need extra money for their household. Maybe, someone who just got laid off from their job, or help a stay at home mom who needs to utilize her spare time in making money for her family. I also try to present opportunities for students, disabled people or just anyone who really needs some extra money working from their home computer.

And just maybe, just maybe with some work and time they can turn this extra money into a full time gig. If you are reading this that may include YOU ! 🙂

That’s the ultimate goal here :>)

Now I do have material that can also help out experienced bloggers and seasoned Internet Marketers so I also keep that in mind too.

But as I said earlier when you come to my blog I am more keen in helping those who want to see that they can actually start earning money online.

And believe me it is a big thrill to see that first $5 earned. It is a monumental moment. Because if you are like me when I first started, all you here is others telling you that making money online is a scam in of itself and that no money can be earned.

Well, I am here to say you can. And once that first $5 is earned if you have the right knowledge and motivation you can ‘scale’ up to earn $10 then $30 then you will reach the $100 plateau and etc..

Just be patient and work at it and be excited even when you do not feel excited. If that makes sense lol!!

So join me in this journey, and I look forward to getting to know many of you and helping you get to that first step in making your own money online.

And If at anytime you ever have any questions feel free to drop me an email !

Robert Andrew

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Why Change of the Title with my name ?

Yeah I have had some unexpected security issues that have happened in the last few months and have been somewhat concerning to me. I guess it is part of the World of the Internet age we live in.

And after pondering it for awhile I thought it best I used my real first and middle name ,Robert Andrew, with this Site and not my real last name.

It probably will not make a difference in the grand scheme of things . There will always be perpetrators out there to mess with people on the Web. And No one is untouchable!

But I at least my wife and I will get at least a little bit of peace of mind. Not much but a little.

Thanks for my all Readers’ and hope you understand .

Robert Andrew

One Big Trap that will Keep You From Ever having a Successful Business from Home !

Having a business from home , whether it be part time or full time, can be an endeavor that frustrates many people.

Having had home businesses for a number of years I can say that there is one thing that will cause the surmise of many hopeful entrepreneurs from having success.

I can  attest to this because I have personally seen others guilty of this, and I myself have had to fight this negative tendency off .

I term it the ‘Roller Coaster phenomenon’.

Here is a description of it.

You join a program or start your own home business and are just totally stoked about this new endeavor that is going to give you financial independence and more.

You come out of the gates running like a top stud at the Kentucky Derby.

You do all the right things. You have done your research , set goals you want to achieve, you have a real game plan and a vision where you want to be 6 months done the road ,2 years, 3 years and more.

Everything looks great. The novelty of your business from home is going strong ,and you cannot be stopped.

Well, here comes the problem and this problem seems to plague many who want to be home business owners.

Some time down the road, whether it be a few weeks or a few months the novelty of your new business will wear off. There will be days you will not see much progress ,and you thought things would be running on all cylinders by then.

What happens here ? Most people just kind of half haphazardly run their home business. They really do not feel like working it most days. The excitement is gone and many just throw the towel completely in and move on to something else.

Kind of sad, uh ?? Here is really the sad part. If many of these people would have stuck around a little longer and worked straight  through those boring ‘doldrums’ , success would have been right around the corner for them.

I myself have been gotten caught in the doldrums of running a business.

Here are some things things that have helped me combat the ‘boring periods’ in your home business  and we help you also.

1. Realize that even Donald Trump has experienced lulls in his business career. Times he wasn’t sure he wanted to get up and keep doing some of the boring things that most people do not want to do after the novelty of the business is gone. So make a note of this and look at this as a challenge and if you want Success you must really focus on your business even on days you do not feel like it. Just know there will be a payoff later.

2. Right down your goals, and visions for your business and place it right in front of you so you can see it every day.

3. Also right down on another piece of paper that lulls in your business from home  WILL  happen. Times where you will feel like not doing anything and maybe just feel like giving it up.

It is just a natural part of being a entrepreneur.

However , look at this as an opportunity and  time to capitalize ! You know many, many others will bow out and because you did not it will mean more potential Success for you.

I know it can sometimes be easier said than done.

And I think it sounds cliche but the adage ‘no pain no gain’  can be applied to the home business world too 😉

Sticking things out doing the little things no one else wants to do each and everyday sets apart the winners from the losers ! 🙂




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Hey Folks, Get Your Feet Wet with a Part Time Work from Home Business then Go for the Full Time Stuff Later On !

I always tell people who desire  to make a full time living from home to start out slow, slow, slow and try a part time work from home business before anything else. !!

One reason I stress this is that you better have your piggy bank filled to the brim if you want to quit you regular day time  job and stay at home to  make your living.

Now if you have a supportive spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend who can pick up the slack for you , then by all means go for it.

But I highly recommend for most people that they start off with a part time work from home business on a small level and earn a little money online and build off that success and parlay that to better and bigger things down the road.


Hey guys that is exactly what I did in 2007. I was unemployed and my wife had a pretty good full time position in the medical field. I was desperately looking for something on the internet to make some money with. My wife was getting a little impatient with me also 😉 ( thank goodness we had not started our family at that time  )

I started with one of those pay per click programs which I found out to be a waste of time. Do not fool around with any of those gimmicks.

Anyway, I kept looking and by chance I stumbled across Surveys. I thought it was another useless gimmick , but to my surprise I started making some consistent income over a period of a year.

It was not major money but it was enough to give me some confidence that I could start making more and more money as time went by. And I definitely considered it a real part time work from home business.

I started doing get paid to take Offers and started to really do pretty good with those.

Let me tell you something about GPT sites. There are some  that are scams but there are plenty that are absolutely legitimate ways to make money.

These are not pay per click programs so lets just stop the confusion with that right now. (You cannot even consider them as a part time work from home business)

With these GPT Sites , you can earn money taking daily surveys and offers. But the main thing that I make money still up to this day from them is their referral programs. A couple of them have some really great referral systems where you can make money by referring people to become members.

Now all this has led up to my Blogging which last time I counted was 17 blogs. When you get to this point you need to really put in the full time hours to see maximum results.

I will go into all this in more details later in other posts.


But I just wanted to stress to you guys to take things slow and start doing your business  as a  part time work from home business and then see where it takes you.

By no means should you quit your day job

You got it 😉


Peace out,




Part 5 of Series 5- Putting it Altogether and having Your Own Successful ‘Business at Home’ with Blogging

Hey guys. I hope you all have enjoyed and learned a thing or two about Blogging in the last 4 series.

If you have not read the previous 4 Posts series please go back and read them and study them. I promise you will not regret it.  From starting your Blog to eventually making money with it,  I give a plan that is easy to understand and very doable !

And give you the info. to make blogging a legitimate business at home

The final Post of the 5 part series is just a final overview of what we have discussed and some closing remarks about some dos and donts of blogging and what you really need to do over the long haul to make it a full time business at home.

Before I say anything else I want to say do not let anyone tell you that you can just start blogging and slap up some material and become rich within a month. it is NOT going to happen !

I will let you know in my own experience it took a whole year before I started seeing some decent results.

Guys, I remember it took a couple of months to just make that first $10. Then I shot for $20 then $50 and $100 bucks, $200, and $400  per month etc..etc..

So here are some must do  steps you need to take to make it a go with Blogging as a business at home.

1. Set up a specific time that you Blog. If it is everyday, three times a week, or once a month keep it consistent and stick by it. Many readers who love what you have to say will know when it is time to come back for a new Post. Of course you can use a Feed to automatically put out the post to them. But still for your own sake be discipline about your Blogging frequency !

2.Connect with other bloggers in your Niche. With them you can help each other by guest posting on their blogs and also sharing information and techniques with each other that will help both of you. You can also joint venture with them which means selling your product to their List and their product to your List. It is a win-win !

3. Do not underestimate the power of building relationships and engaging with your Readers and Customers. Like I said earlier this will be the Life line of your business at home . You must bring something to the table that will make them say ” wow he knows exactly what I have been looking for ”

4. Center your blog around a topic that you are so knowledgeable about and have  such a passion for( and is one you can make money from) that you can literally write a Post off the top of your head and make it be beneficial and helpful to your Readers. And be able to do this for a number of years

5. The last one I want to mention is probably more important than anything. And that is have a stick- to- ivness that refuses to be denied in Blogging. Be determined to make a real business at home you can be proud of. You will be amazed how many   ‘ghost town ‘ blogs I have come across where there was some really banging content but the blogger just got burnt out and quit. Funny thing success was probably just around the corner for him. So as a blogger think of yourself as a Marathoner ; the race is not always won to the swiftest but to those who pace themselves and keep on running 😉

As you move on past this series into the World of  Blogging  think of yourselves as a professional from the git go. In other wards ‘fake it til you make’ it !!

It is your own business at home, so treat it that way !

Do not let ANYONE tell you it can’t be done. It can , people do it everyday. But discipline and hard work and learning from your mistakes every single blog post you write is mandatory ! PERIOD !!


Now get on out there and become the Blogger you know you can be 🙂







Here are Two Kinds of People Who Almost Always Fail Even in the Top Network Marketing Companies !

Okay, recently I was getting off a conference call with the Founder and CEO of a pretty darn good Network Marketing Company. Actually one of the top network marketing companies around. One of the things he stressed on this call is not to use the word ‘spill over’ in any way ,shape, or form !

You know what I guys I completely agree with this notion.

And this leads up to something I want to expound on.

Here are three  kinds of people who for the most part will not make it in Network Marketing and historically almost never do.

1. The first type is what I call the ‘temporary go getter’. Yeah, he is the guy who is so psyched to have join the new network marketing company. He goes out and contacts his friends, family, co workers, church friends and everyone who pretty much has a blood pressure. After a few weeks he scratches his head because he has brought in zero associates into his Organization and has made a big goose egg financially.

After this ho hum performance he deems this type of business not feasible or not duplicatable and consequently throws in the towel for good.

So let us rewind this back  a second. This person has given this biz 3 or 4 weeks and he puts a lid on it ??  Is he crazy considering the fact most conventional businesses take over 2 years to see a profit. Sure this is not a conventional business but do NOT dare for a second  think that Overnight riches will happen to you even in the top network marketing companies. It Won’t !! It takes time and work to see results and you need to sow before you reap.

2. The second kind of person I refer to as the ‘wave rider’. He or she joins an Network Marketing Organization with the perception that there could be some so called spill over into his or down line down line. ( many upline members make deceitful promises that this will happen to them). He or she refuses to do much work and just waits for that lucrative spill over to occur in his or her  down line only to be disappointed when it does not happen. I have seen this scenario over and over again. People think that others will spill over from the top and be automatically put into their down line with no work. Folks, 99% of the time it will not happen.

3. Finally, the person who has little chance of having success is one that ask question after question about the program, product, compensation etc..etc.. They seem leery of the Company and no matter what you do they continue to have this mindset. Finally, after tugging back and forth in their head they join as an associate albeit grudgingly and are nothing more than dead weight. Their negative attitudes from the git go are their demise , and it is almost better that they not join in your down line because as I said they are useless weight.

This business is tough. Even in the top networking marketing companies ! You can have a huge down line of Associates in your Organization. But that is no indication or guarantee that you will have huge Success in the future.

Your best bet is to work to find those few hidden gems just like pearls in a oyster. If you get 3 or 4 individuals that have your vision and mindset about the Company and its Products and the same work ethic then you can really go a long way in this business !!


Finding a Network Marketing Company that Fits Your Needs Can be a Hell of a Task……So Take Your Time and Do Not Rush into Things !

You know in this day and age it is so tempting to be sucked into the glitzy get rich world of business offline and in particular online. There are are just so many scams out there that can really suck the time and money from you if you are not careful.


So Network Marketing is one genre of business that is notorious for schemes and scams. Unfortunately there has been numerous network marketing companies over the years that have just made it a habit of scamming people out of money and wasting their time and work. They have followed the ‘good ole boys club’ mentality  where the first in are the first out and as they go out they carry off all the riches for themselves. And the ones left go home licking their blood filled wounds.

There was one back in the early 90s and it involved a scheme where people used Faxes to get their next lists of people they were to pay $50 to. It was a period scam but the newsletter (product) strangely was half decent. The Founder spent some time in jail for it.

Anyway, I think one good measure you should ask yourself when thinking about joining a network marketing company is how much can you afford to lose. In other wards if you have a few hundred bucks to play with and then  you lose it and consequently it has not adverse effects on your finances; then have at it !

I have been in the Stock market for quite sometime. And guys I can tell you one important thing that I always keep in mind. And this was engrained into my head by my dad. That is do NOT spend money you cant afford to lose. Just don’t !! It will send you in a downward spiral if you do.

Even if the network marketing company you are joining is seemingly on the up and up and has great products and great support just do not get in over your heads. It is as simple as that.

I know of some Network Marketing companies that push newbies to join the highest level in the Organization. Something like the presidential level in one I know of. It is like $3,500 to get to that level. And you get to reap huge commissions ( and technically it is illegal)

Now do you have $3,500 to lose and think nothing of it ?? Personally I do not. Maybe Bill Gates can 😉

But you really have to think of this  as a huge factor if you are playing with the notion of joining a network marketing company.

Ask yourself is it a good fit for you. Are the products something you can get excited about and sell to retailers ( not just people in your Organization )?

Do you have a long term vision of growing with this MLM and helping others grow along with it.

Just do not get in over your heads with your finances and ask others around what their experience is with this company.

And you just might find a Network Marketing Company that is a good fit for you !!






To Those Who Say They Cannot Make A Living from the Top MLM Companies ? Well, You Can Do It Part Time for Sure !

Lets face it every person who joins a network marketing company is not going to be wildly successful and make 6 figure digits every month. It does not matter if it is one of the Top MLM Companies around, mathematically it is improbable that  everyone will be doing this business full time.

That being said I believe there is a distinct possibility that with some effort and time anyone can make some nice, consistent part time money. Especially with the Top MLM Companies.

Here are three variables or reasons why I think anyone can earn a part time income doing MLM :

1. If you really have a solid product/products that is the backbone of the MLM then you can sell the product to retail customers who really just love the product in of itself. I know there are plenty of network marketing companies that many people do this with. It is straight retail and with companies like Nu Skin or Herbalife you can make some income just by selling the stuff to friends, family , co workers, and even get it accepted into retail stores and get customers that way. Think of a product that even your grandma might buy 😉

2.  Just build a huge down line with one of the Top MLM Companies. It takes some time and effort but it can be done. However, you might think this would end up as a major full time business with major residual income  but because of attrition rate within many downlines it will just  not happen. But even with this attrition rate  you can still have a nice little income to put in your wallet or purse.

3. Like the first one you must have a solid product to do this. If you do you can build a modest downline and can make a nice little part time income. The fact of the matter is near the end of your downline ( the people last in) will continue to use the product because they love it. Additionally, it should be a quality product at a very affordable price. That is the key.


I hope this short post gives people the insight that they can indeed earn some part time money with MLM. Particularly if it is one of the Top MLM Companies around !

Folks, this is aint no  rocket science and anyone with some commitment can do it.

You do not have much to lose just be sure that your start up costs are nominal and fair !!


Take care,