Make Money Blogging is a Incredible Home Business that can be as Easy as You Want it to be or as Hard as You Want it to be !

Hey guys, if you really want start a home business and turn it into a long term viable full time gig then I would consider blogging. That is what I did 5 years ago !!

I know the topic of this post may seem a little confusing. But it is really true. Trying to make money  blogging can be a monumental task if you want it to be.  But on the other hand if you do not want it to be it doesn’t have to be 😉

Let me explain. If you go into it with a long term vision and set goals that are not too lofty ( but still aggressive) you can and will eventually have success in blogging. Just be persistent and patient. So in that regard with that kind of mindset it is not real hard.

But if you think you are going to make 40K a month like John Chow within a few months then blogging will seem like a incredibly tough task.

With blogging you can at least make some income that can supplement your household income. That is a minimum. But give it time.

It is necessary to get some initial help from people who make money blogging and have seen success and know what it takes to get there with it. Because it really is a true journey.

Personally , I made it a point to visit a few blogs when I first started a few years ago to get some of the knowledge I needed. I was not too sure where to start but I got a little bit here and a little bit there and applied it to my own blogging style.

That is perfectly fine if you do want to do that. It does take time but some people decide to go that route.

OR, you could skip all that and take considerably less time in learning how to make money blogging !

There are some people who have put in considerable work to construct a blue print of how they became successful in blogging and teach and show others how to do it themselves.

I have myself done this throughout my blog here.

But I want to refocus away from myself for a second and introduce you to a fellow blogger that has really put together an outstanding blueprint for you to learn from and have a lot of success and make money blogging.

This guy really knows his stuff and he lays it out for you and pretty much spoon feeds you the intricacies you need in your arsenal to make money blogging.

And you can make a lot of it if you apply it and stick with it .

His name is John Yeo and he is highly regarded in the blogging world as an expert in teaching others and has build an empire of successful Blogs of his own.

Take some time to check out his e-program that will give every single variable you need to be successful at making money blogging.

Whether you are a complete newbie or a seasoned Pro blogger you will find it absolutely amazing.

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Part 5 of Series 5- Putting it Altogether and having Your Own Successful ‘Business at Home’ with Blogging

Hey guys. I hope you all have enjoyed and learned a thing or two about Blogging in the last 4 series.

If you have not read the previous 4 Posts series please go back and read them and study them. I promise you will not regret it.  From starting your Blog to eventually making money with it,  I give a plan that is easy to understand and very doable !

And give you the info. to make blogging a legitimate business at home

The final Post of the 5 part series is just a final overview of what we have discussed and some closing remarks about some dos and donts of blogging and what you really need to do over the long haul to make it a full time business at home.

Before I say anything else I want to say do not let anyone tell you that you can just start blogging and slap up some material and become rich within a month. it is NOT going to happen !

I will let you know in my own experience it took a whole year before I started seeing some decent results.

Guys, I remember it took a couple of months to just make that first $10. Then I shot for $20 then $50 and $100 bucks, $200, and $400  per month etc..etc..

So here are some must do  steps you need to take to make it a go with Blogging as a business at home.

1. Set up a specific time that you Blog. If it is everyday, three times a week, or once a month keep it consistent and stick by it. Many readers who love what you have to say will know when it is time to come back for a new Post. Of course you can use a Feed to automatically put out the post to them. But still for your own sake be discipline about your Blogging frequency !

2.Connect with other bloggers in your Niche. With them you can help each other by guest posting on their blogs and also sharing information and techniques with each other that will help both of you. You can also joint venture with them which means selling your product to their List and their product to your List. It is a win-win !

3. Do not underestimate the power of building relationships and engaging with your Readers and Customers. Like I said earlier this will be the Life line of your business at home . You must bring something to the table that will make them say ” wow he knows exactly what I have been looking for ”

4. Center your blog around a topic that you are so knowledgeable about and have  such a passion for( and is one you can make money from) that you can literally write a Post off the top of your head and make it be beneficial and helpful to your Readers. And be able to do this for a number of years

5. The last one I want to mention is probably more important than anything. And that is have a stick- to- ivness that refuses to be denied in Blogging. Be determined to make a real business at home you can be proud of. You will be amazed how many   ‘ghost town ‘ blogs I have come across where there was some really banging content but the blogger just got burnt out and quit. Funny thing success was probably just around the corner for him. So as a blogger think of yourself as a Marathoner ; the race is not always won to the swiftest but to those who pace themselves and keep on running 😉

As you move on past this series into the World of  Blogging  think of yourselves as a professional from the git go. In other wards ‘fake it til you make’ it !!

It is your own business at home, so treat it that way !

Do not let ANYONE tell you it can’t be done. It can , people do it everyday. But discipline and hard work and learning from your mistakes every single blog post you write is mandatory ! PERIOD !!


Now get on out there and become the Blogger you know you can be 🙂







What the Hell is Going through Your Mind When You Neglect Your ‘Warm List’ for Building Up a Network Marketing Business

Hey folks I hope you all are having a good one. I know I am looking forward to a good weekend with family and friends. It is always such a joy to interact with them and hang out with them.

And this brings a very important topic I want to present to you. It has to do towards building a successful Network Marketing Business and something many of you should take heed of.

I know with the popularity of social media (like Twitter, You Tube, and Facebook,) Network Marketers want to dive in and have ALL their focus on getting new associates utilizing these outlets !

Well, of course many of us know this is a great way to build a Networking Marketing Business. However, I would definitely NOT put all your EGGS in just social media.

Just let me take you down yesteryear back 20, 30, 40 years ago. I remember an influx of distributors with Amway, Herbalife, Shakelys and others who became millionaires and multiple 6 digit figure earners year after year after year.

People from the outside shook their heads wondering how they did it. Was it luck and just being at the right place at the right time ? Or maybe these people were at the top of the hierarchy and made money from all those below ?

I will answer this with a resounding NO !! You know how these Amway soldiers made their millions ? From good ole hard work by networking with family members, friends, co workers, Pta associates, church members, and literally anyone who could breath and eat.
Yeah you know the ones at the old strip malls who handed out flyers to every Tom, Dick, and Harry who was in the parking lot going to their car.

These people grew humongous down lines. They helped their personal sponsors in developing their own down lines. And trained them to do the same etc..etc.. This was truly building a business from the grass roots up !

And their was no internet back then. Just neighborhood Tupper Ware parties and Water filtration systems set up at local grocery stores.

These people were troopers and it all started with one person telling the other person on the street that he might want to take a look at this product and its income opportunity !

To me that is pretty darn powerful , and I think more of us should not turn our back on this seemingly archaic but actually quite effective way in building our Network Marketing Business 😉

Cheers to those guys who blazed the trail for us Network Marketers in the 21st century !! 🙂



P.S. And guys this is a very important P.S. ! At least have 20 to 30% of your personal sponsored affiliates be from your ‘Warm List’ ! Think about it. If many people do not know how to market a business online then how will that be duplicatable for Joe the pizza guy who has no computer ? Let him know he can do this working with his ‘Warm List’ just like you did.

Here are Two Kinds of People Who Almost Always Fail Even in the Top Network Marketing Companies !

Okay, recently I was getting off a conference call with the Founder and CEO of a pretty darn good Network Marketing Company. Actually one of the top network marketing companies around. One of the things he stressed on this call is not to use the word ‘spill over’ in any way ,shape, or form !

You know what I guys I completely agree with this notion.

And this leads up to something I want to expound on.

Here are three  kinds of people who for the most part will not make it in Network Marketing and historically almost never do.

1. The first type is what I call the ‘temporary go getter’. Yeah, he is the guy who is so psyched to have join the new network marketing company. He goes out and contacts his friends, family, co workers, church friends and everyone who pretty much has a blood pressure. After a few weeks he scratches his head because he has brought in zero associates into his Organization and has made a big goose egg financially.

After this ho hum performance he deems this type of business not feasible or not duplicatable and consequently throws in the towel for good.

So let us rewind this back  a second. This person has given this biz 3 or 4 weeks and he puts a lid on it ??  Is he crazy considering the fact most conventional businesses take over 2 years to see a profit. Sure this is not a conventional business but do NOT dare for a second  think that Overnight riches will happen to you even in the top network marketing companies. It Won’t !! It takes time and work to see results and you need to sow before you reap.

2. The second kind of person I refer to as the ‘wave rider’. He or she joins an Network Marketing Organization with the perception that there could be some so called spill over into his or down line down line. ( many upline members make deceitful promises that this will happen to them). He or she refuses to do much work and just waits for that lucrative spill over to occur in his or her  down line only to be disappointed when it does not happen. I have seen this scenario over and over again. People think that others will spill over from the top and be automatically put into their down line with no work. Folks, 99% of the time it will not happen.

3. Finally, the person who has little chance of having success is one that ask question after question about the program, product, compensation etc..etc.. They seem leery of the Company and no matter what you do they continue to have this mindset. Finally, after tugging back and forth in their head they join as an associate albeit grudgingly and are nothing more than dead weight. Their negative attitudes from the git go are their demise , and it is almost better that they not join in your down line because as I said they are useless weight.

This business is tough. Even in the top networking marketing companies ! You can have a huge down line of Associates in your Organization. But that is no indication or guarantee that you will have huge Success in the future.

Your best bet is to work to find those few hidden gems just like pearls in a oyster. If you get 3 or 4 individuals that have your vision and mindset about the Company and its Products and the same work ethic then you can really go a long way in this business !!


Are You Content with Yourself Now?

Are You Content with Yourself Now?

If your answer is “Yes,” then read no further. Nothing herein can take you from your false complacency. In a world constantly given a facelift by rapid innovation, you will soon be gathering dust in a remote corner of obsolescence – if you are not there yet.

But if your answer is “No,” then read on. You are not alone. In fact, lack for contentment has always been and will be the driving force for progress and development. It made man come down from the trees and walk on land, emerge from the caves and build houses.

And Man has come a long way – from the Industrial Revolution, when machines started to replace people and mass production became the norm, to the current “knowledge-based” economy where you and I must possess different skills to be a viable part of the whole. All these were driven by Man’s insatiable need to do better, to not be contented with what he’s got.

To do this, we need to continuously learn to move with the pack or be left behind. We must either go to school or stay at home to learn some more. We scour the libraries, the Internet, magazines, and periodicals (even the back of discarded milk boxes) for information to satisfy our hunger for “self-development.”

What is self-development?
I am sure you’ve heard of it. But do you know, precisely, what it is and how to set out in developing yourself?

Self-development is the “conscious choice to improve one’s life to become a better person and to grow as an individual.”

It is taking responsibility of your own learning and development by assessing yourself and taking action in order to attain some goals you set yourself to accomplish.

Self-development is a process; a journey, if I may call it. It has a beginning and an end, and some basic steps in between. They can be simple or complicated. But you must follow them to avoid fumbling along the way.

Here are some of them:
– Desire:
This answers the question, “Why?” More money? Fame? Prestige? Or whatever it is that makes you want to improve in yourself.

This is the driving force in every human endeavor. It provides the motivation for passion. And it must be strong enough to give you an “all or nothing” or “take no prisoner” mindset.

– Goals:
Goals tell you that you have arrived. Without it, you will never get anywhere you want to be. Your goals must be achievable, realistic, measurable and time-bound.

Those parameters give your goal a definition, a sense of reality. Without these parameters your goals are nothing but dreams.

– Plan:
This provides the road map and the action needed to reach your goal within a specific amount of time.

Without a plan, you will just flounder along the way.

– Vehicle:
Is what takes you through every step of the process, every leg of the journey. Definitely not as sophisticated as the lunar lander, but suitable enough to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Your vehicle is made up of money, time, space and other resources and the modes or methods of learning.

The mobile vehicle for self-development:
There are countless self-development vehicles to choose from, thanks to the Internet, But what is currently selling as fast as hot cakes is through those ubiquitous portable communication devices, e.g. mobile phones, iPhones or laptops.

In a news article the other day, the U.N has now found it more difficult to find a toilet than a mobile phone, especially in developing and less-developed countries.

Seeing this immense potential of bringing self-development to your doorstep, er, to your hands, ILA (Inspired Living Application), has introduced an innovation never done before. It designed an application that makes it possible for you to get well-done self-development content on a weekly basis.

Whether at home, at work or at play, you will be able to e enrich yourself from such topics as goal setting, time management, business and personal development, etc., from your mobile, iPhone or laptop. Or desktop, should this be your preference.

This application offers several advantages to people seeking self-development. Among others, it:
– Brings to you the information you need, rather than you searching for it;
– Focuses your leaning as it allows you to choose topics relevant to your needs;
– Saves you time and money since information is brought to you, not you going for it;
– Allows you to earn by sharing it with others with similar needs.

There was a time when learning was for a privileged few. Then it was made available to anybody who sought it. Now ILA brings it to anybody, anywhere, at a cost that is practically free.

Joseph Dabon
A freelance writer and an ILA Associate –

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In some of the Best MLM Companies you can Sit back and do nothing and maybe Strike it Rich by Luck, but in Most of Them You Have To…………

work very hard to earn a nice income and it takes patience and time  to start and sustain such a long term business. (Yes, as I said even in some of the best mlm companies !)

Hey listen folks, there is no denying that there have been times when 70 yr. old grandmothers or 18 college students have joined an MLM company and made big time money solely through the work of others.

That happens occasionally especially if there is forced spillover in an MLM. Essentially, this means that people spill over into your downline and you get credit for it even though you had nothing to do with sponsoring them.

It is a nice benefit and some of the best mlm companies implement it !

But I will venture to say that 99% of the time you have to put in the blood, sweat, and tears just like everyone else does if you want to have success in this business.

What do I mean by work ? Well, it means doing the small things everyday , day in and day out. Doing the things that most people do not want to do. Whether it be making a phone call to a prospect or watching video after video on how to become a better leader in your Organization.

So lets say you get into one of the best MLM Companies with great products and great support and great vision.

What next, how do you succeed ??

The first thing you need to do is also have a vision for yourself and what your desires and wants are as a Member and for your Organization. Have a game plan for the next 3 months, then 6 months, year etc..etc.. Write them down if that helps you more easily to focus on them.

Equally important is to make connections with fellow associates within the Organization.

This may be with your direct upline sponsor or in many people’s cases someone else who can give you strategies and advice in becoming a Leader within your Organization.

In a perfect world we would have our Upline sponsor be there to move us a long to be successful in this business.

But I can personally attest that  many times this is not the case. 😉

As you continue your membership with an MLM keep note that you are Sharing you product and opportunity with people, NOT selling it. There is a huge difference.

Most people when they sell something they  go right into the financial benefits and how much money their prospect can make and why they must join now to get spillover etc…etc..

Basically it becomes an overload of info. for your Prospect and he is totally turned off by this and figures it is to hard to do. To him it is another Amway pitch !

Instead , tell the prospect you are working on a project with some other partners and would like to get some feedback from him on some videos. Make it short and to the point with no ‘salesy’  pitch.

After doing this over and over again and adding your own spin around it you will start seeing success.

Just remember to do less talking and more sharing.

Also getting a 3rd party member like your Upline sponsor and introducing them to your Prospect is a perfect way to reenforce the opportunity and at the same time you are conveying to your prospect that you have a Team that supports and helps each other. That is very positive

Finally, YOU must have lots of persistence and patience with this business to succeed! Even in the Best MLM  Companies this will be demanded !

Some days will be extremely difficult and you will wonder why you got into this thing. It happens to everyone. But also remember your work right here and now will have a payout down the road !

Indeed it will 🙂















I Told My Friend to Screw Off When He Approached Me with one of Those Networking Marketing Schemes.

Hey folks. I wanted to share this post at the top of my blog because it could make the difference in you making a thousand or two or more dollars than you are making now !

Long story short a little awhile back I had a friend come to me with a great opportunity he wanted me to look at . Well frankly when the words Network Marketing came out of his mouth I did an about face and started to run. But for some reason I looked into it and thought otherwise.. …

Network Marketing Dead ?? Now that I have studied it and gone over and over it I have to say that is a bunch of hogwash !

I will prove that you can capitalize off it with the right mindset and some time and work. And above everything else thrive off it with the right Network Marketing Company !

So guys I will get right to the nitty gritty with the Mobile App called I Living App ( ILA) :

1. What is it ? – A company that offers the  only App that will give you the first opportunity to earn some nice income ! The App itself will send each week excellent videos on self help, personal growth, personal success and other ways to make you better all the way around. It is one of the overall best network marketing opportunities  I have seen.

2. How much ? : This is one of the most affordable programs of its kind to be an Associate. At $9.95 a month and nothing more it is nominal to say the least as it is one of the best network marketing opportunities you will find that is based around a superior and usable product!

3. Why join ? : Well right now we are seeing a revolution in the way business and personal communication is done. We are moving from the PC market to the Mobile Market. This multi-billion dollar industry of Apps will double from 2012 to 2013 with its I phones, smartphones and related Apps…….. So we have just seen the tip of the iceberg !! As individuals
why not Capitalize off of it !

4. Compensation  : I will be sending you to our Website to further examine the possible income you can make with the ILA App. Like I said a grand to a few grand is definitely possible with some patience and work !

5. Why join right now ? : This Company is in Pre Launch which essentially means you will get in on the ground floor. I know this is cliche but it is true and this gives you an advantage . Spillover in this Network Marketing income structure will be somewhat prevalent now compared to later on. Spillover is when people are placed in your Downline who you never sponsored but you get full credit and commission from. But please guys do not rely on it !! Just look at it as a nice byproduct !

6. What this Program is and what it isn’t : First of all,  the whole program is based upon a very sound and helpful  product that happens to be in an explosive industry. It is no some flimsy product where people join to be just an Associate to earn money.

Secondly, if you think you will be able to become an Associate and earn 50K in a couple of months , then think again. This is a long term business and should be treated as one. Many traditional companies do not become profitable for two years or so. I think it can be done quicker than this but it WILL take some time and work.

7. My Promise and Commitment to you and how we will get you on the track to Success Okay in this business it is truly about having a Team that works effectively and in unison  together to reach goals that otherwise would be unattainable. As Leader of this Team, I am committed to really engaging with you and helping you on a day to day basis or week to week basis. Unlike  some upline sponsors I am there for you anytime and every time you need it ! Your Success is my Success and my Success is your Success also !! 🙂

BtW, have done blogging in the last 5 years and have made money from helping people find ‘work at home opportunities ‘. It has been a pleasure to be able to do that.

But this opportunity I found has really been the best I have seen in my 5 years of making money on the Web. Seriously

In the last 15 years I scoffed at any network marketing opportunities………that is until now . 😉

Remember, it is the first and only  App to do this and the income from this Network Marketing Opportunity and referral system to me was a no brainer and I had to capitalize off it.

You may too.
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Robert Marsh
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