Tell them to F$$k off if Anyone Asks You to Pay for a List of Paid Online Surveys .

Back in 2007 when I first started looking for ways to make money, I came upon a number of companies that seemed good at the time ,but were really not very ethical and borderline scam.

Specifically, I remember one Company that had like a $35 fee to join. And the product you received was a legitimate list of Survey Sites you could take and make money with.

It was and is called Survey Scout. I would just soon you stay way from them and keep the $35 in your pocket.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY for any list of legitimate survey sites.

Back in 2007 , one of the other factors that nearly seduced me into joining Survey Scout was the fact you could become an Affiliate with them. So if you joined you could act as an Affiliate and anyone you brought on board to pay the $35 you got like $24 back to you as a commission . Pretty enticing, uh ??

Well to me I thought about it and realized that it was just wrong to make money off people by selling them a List of paid online surveys that they could get for free.

There are other sites that practice them same way as Survey Scout. Make sure to always be wary of these companies.

I will say it again folks, YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY for any list of legitimate survey sites.

To help any of you all out there who do want a small list of Quality Survey Companies for free that you can earn money with here you go : ( Btw, none of these are affiliate link of mine 😉 )

4. ( Gpt Site and Survey Site)
5. ( GPT Site and Survey Site)

Every one of these I have made money . And on a consistent basis.

Now I know that many of you guys are looking for more ways to make a lot of money on here. These are just some good tools to add to your money making arsenal 😉

A few bucks here and a few bucks there can eventually add up to lot.

Now remember as I have said before you will have a pr-screening list of questions to see if you qualify for any paid online surveys that you are being invited to take part in. In other wards, if the survey calls for a 50 year old to give his opinions on what cable channels he likes then if you are 23 you will not qualify.

So just move on and you will get some survey invitations that you will qualify for.

Just do not be discouraged because everyone experiences this.

Btw, it might be common sense for many of you but always have a designated email address to receive all of your survey invitations. When you sign up for a survey site you will have to enter an email along with other personal info. . And you do not want to enter your regular email address because it will get cluttered with survey invites
( and they may accidentally go to your junk folder) .

Hope this helps and remember to just give the middle finger to those companies that ask you to whip out your wallet for a list 😉

Robert Andrew

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Want to Earn Extra Money ? Paid Online Surveys are for Real, and You Can Capitalize off Them !

I know it is kind of like stuffing envelopes. We have heard and seen the ads for stuffing envelopes and how easy it was and how you really can make money from it ! Most people I have ever met have said it was a scam and a waste of time. That is was futile to get involved with it and no money to be made.

(I never tried doing this biz myself)

Well paid online surveys is another type of program that fits the same mold as stuffing envelopes. Most people who have been on the internet for awhile will tell you it is a myth and a scam and you can’t earn extra money with taking surveys.

Hey people, I am a personal testament that taking surveys and making money from them is not a scam but a real way to put some real change in your pocket.

Along with the two programs I mentioned in the previous post , paid surveys was the first online venture I got into….and it did and still does make make me some money. I was desperate at that time so making $150 to $200 a month seemed like a good deal to me. And I think for most people they could do the same too.

Take my heed though, taking surveys can be kind of tricky because you have to pre-qualify for each one. Thus there will be many you do not qualify for so you will not make money with them at first.

But as time goes by you will qualify for more and more surveys and make money and it will be modest but a spanking way to earn extra money on the side .

I know when I first started doing them I was pretty much on my own, and I must have tried over 30 different survey sites. Most of them were worthless, but I found a few that were legitimate and that I could earn extra money with. some money with.

Some promise they will pay you in a timely manner and you will get every penny that you worked for. However, many fall short of these promises. It is frustrating 🙁

So without further ado here is a small list of survey sites that you can earn extra money with and that you will get paid; unlike many people who say they are a scam.
No millionaire money but a place to start :