The Good , the Bad , the Ugly with Network Marketing Opportunities

Hey guys. I hope you are having a good day. I am doing fine. My computer is down right now so as I write this I am writing on my good ole trusty Notepad ! 🙂

Anyway, Network Marketing Opportunities or MLM has gotten really a ‘BAD’ rap in the last few decades. I think there is one company that has been one of the driving forces behind this. Maybe it is not fair (but by default they most surely have been )

Amway was started over 50 years ago as a direct selling company. It was essentially the first MLM ever. When it came out people were really excited. There were very many millionaires made in that first couple of decades with Amway.

But you know what happened with this Company over a period of time ?? One word, OVERKILL !!

Thats right you had too many people pushing the Amway dream to extremes
and before you knew it there were neighborhood gatherings and office parties as well as every tom, dick and joe, pushing this dream on cousins, brothers, mothers, and sisters; just about anyone with a
blood pressure 😉

I know things got ‘BAD’ particular in the 90s when people would ask other friends to come to business gatherings to look at a business opportunity. On the spot the victim would come out and ask if this was Amway. The person who was part of the opportunity would not reply one way or another. This exact thing happened to me. A co worker tried
to coax me into a business rally and he refused to say whether it was Amway or not. He wanted to let me in on more of the specifics at the rally.

To me that says a lot about a Company where the people who are part of the program are so ashamed of their Company’s name they will not divulge the name of the opportunity until you get to the rally !! 🙁

This is not how you present network marketing opportunities to anyone !

The thing is Amway is a legitimate Company that has billion in sales in each and every year. But the way they Marketed their products and the opportunity were done in a manner where it became a huge turnoff to many.

Unfortunately, these days people here in the US just roll their eyes when they hear the word Amway.

Interesting enough something like 90% of the sales and recruits with Amway are in Asia and not the US.

Now getting to the ‘UGLY’ of Network Marketing and it can be a real blood bath ! I know of several Network Marketing opportunities that were just plain scams. They were ponzi schemes. In other wards you had people at top; the owners and executives. And they were the ones getting paid from the influx of people below.

The products involved were crappy and had no real value. Once the top members made enough money and the influx of new members drastically dwindled they then closed the doors and took the money and ran.

To stay away from this ‘UGLINESS’ in MLM , be sure to check out the backgrounds of these people. See if the product is one that you can buy at Walmart cheaper ( yes believe or not this really happens) . And let them know that you will join as a member for the long term and you will make them accountable for all actions they perform.

Now finally we will get to the ‘GOOD’ of network marketing. And yes there is some very, very “GOOD” with some Network Marketing Companies.
Some companies on the web are presenting some really quality products and they are using network marketing to spread the word around and increase their sales.

A few are actually getting into the Mobile App business. And are blazing a new path to ways that we have never seen before.

The Mobile App business is already a multi billion dollar industry. The sky is the limit for this sector. It has to be number one on my list for network marketing opportunities !

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Three Ways to Successfully Build up a Network Marketing Business.

As any person with a successful network marketing business can tell you, building one can be very simple but not easy.
In other wards, it can be a simple concept but you have to get out there and work your butt off to see some success.

Here are Three ways to really build up your business.

1. Getting your ‘warm list’ as prospects and potential leads can be a goldmine. These groups of people include but not limited to family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors, church members, a friend of another family member, other school parents you come into contact with etc.. Personally, I have found this list to be the most effective in building my network marketing business !
The potential leads are nearly limitless. Just think about it. You can talk about people at the check out counter at stores or people eating at a Mcdonalds.
Yes, I know this sounds a little bit out there but if you have a network marketing business that is very, very duplicable then
this is a viable way to bring in new Associates.

2. Getting leads on the internet through social media is the hot new way that people are seeing some real results in
building their network marketing business. I have started this blog recently , and it is safe to say that doing that and building a email list is a sure fire way to start getting some associates in my Organization. Also, having a Facebook fan page is a great way to get some exposure for you network marketing business. Now personally I can say that I have not been involved with Facebook because I thought it was too much of a time suck. But I am hearing and seeing people who have been building up their Facebook pages and knocking it out of the park with network marketing. I will stay on top of this and may even start a fan page to add to my arsenal of weapons to building my biz..

3. Buying leads of people wanting to start a home business. You can buy leads from traditional periodical based outlets or buy leads based out of people on the internet. This can be very expensive. And you usually get what you pay for. Also, running solo ads on blogs or websites that get traffic centering around the the home business opportunity can be quite effective. Start out small and once you see some profits from these solo ads then you can scale up and run bigger ads at bigger Sites. Just reinvest those profits.

As I have said, right now I am really concentrating on building my list of Associates from my warm list and blogging.

I think most people should start with their warm list and also include on their warm list acquaintances and yes even strangers if you are involved in a MLM that is very duplicable.

That’s the key that will guide you with any network marketing business.. And also some good old hard work 🙂