Part 3 of Series : How to Monetize Your Blog to Make a Successful Business from Home !

Okay, now that you have your WordPress Blog set up what now?

Well, of course you want to have your topic chosen (that can make some money) and you to need start a few (Original) Posts to get your feet wet.

At this point if you want to make it a successful business from home you are going to have to have something on your blog that will get people to follow some sort of call to action. Action that will start putting some change in your pockets.

After all, we have already decided you want to make some money from this blog right? If you don’t then I ask you respectfully exit. But if you do here are some things you need to know and do.

One of the first things I did with my first two blogs was to make some good original content then went straight to Google and opened up an Adsense account. Now you have to be approved by Google for Adsense,and I have heard it is tougher to do so than when I started 5 years ago.

Just make sure to write some decent content( posts)for at least a month before you mosey offer to Google and get your Adsense account approved.

What is Adsense you say? Simply said its when Google places some of their Advertiser’s Ads on your page and when any of your traffic clicks on one of these Ads you get paid! Not when they buy something but you get paid just when they only click on the Ads.

This can be quite lucrative as I have gotten $6 and $7 clicks. Some people have made Adsense a business from home in of itself.

But be careful to not try to game this system because once Google bans your account it is permanent!!

Other forms of monetizing I use and you can too on your Blog include CPA offers, Affiliate Marketing Products, Amazon, GPT Sites, List Building, and creating your own product.

– CPA Offers are banners on your Blog that people click on and sign up or pay for a specific product or service.

For instance, one Site I have has done really well with CPA offers centered around survey sites. Basically, my traffic clicks on the banner joins a survey site and I get $2 to $5 for each signup.

One of the best CPA groups I belong to is They have some of the best CPA offers to put on your Site.

– Affiliate Marketing involves actual products ( usually informational, digital ones) that you are paid a commission when someone buys it. is a popular affiliate Company where you can find thousands of products to sell on your Site and you will get a very nice commission.

People do make selling Click Bank products their sole foundation for building a solid business from home!

So for instance, if you have a weight loss site you could join Clickbank and find dozens upon dozens of programs to put and earn money from on your blog from people who want to lose weight.

– Amazon Products is another form of Monetization you might want to consider selling on your Blog. Amazon has literally millions of hard products from jewelry to tractors to tvs to books. The payout on commissions are not as high (around %6) as traditional Affiliate products like on Clickbank, but they are typically easier to sell to your targeted traffic.

Many internet Marketers and Bloggers make a full time living from just selling Amazon to their traffic alone. It can make a very good business from home!

NOTE: I believe though there are a few states that if you live in you cannot be a Amazon affiliate with. So you need to check into that.

– GPT Sites are one of my favorite forms of monetization on my own blogs and can assist in making a highly successful business from home .
Okay, there are two I specifically like,and I will go more in detail in my free newsletter to you. But GPT sites are sites where you make money by filling out free offers, daily surveys, and best of all you can make money with their referral system.

For example one of my favorites is called Fusioncash. This GPT site has been around for years and their referral system is great. You get $1 for every signup and another $2 when they complete their first free offer. And get this, for that referral you will get $5 for Life every time they cash out (which is at $25)

Believe me it can add up. But I would consider it more of a supplemental income and not a true business from home in of itself!

– List Building is something people always say “the money is in the list’. It really is a great way to ramp up you earnings if you do it right. You can set up an auto responder capture box in the left hand corner of your Blog and capture names and emails that way. Offer a free report or free e course in exchange for their name and email.

Many people build up a list of over 10,000 people or more and when you do this you build up a truthful dialogue with them and you can continue to make money on a ongoing basis.

– Create your own product is probably the most lucrative way of monetization you can do. Like E- Books and other informational products.

I would suggest that you monetize with the other ones I mentioned before above; before you get into creating your own products.

But down the road you can start selling your own product at clickbank and also have other affiliate marketers selling that one product you created on their Sites.

See how that works. There is huge money in this and believe me you can make a highly successful business from home doing it.

But for now stick with what I have talked about above. You do not want to half hardheartedly put out a crummy e -book together and waste a lot of time and money!

For me if I had to choose one out of all these different ways to monetize I would have to go with Adsense, although many might disagree! It has been a sensational way to make business from home.

It has made me much money!!

In part 4 will be talking about how to get traffic to your Blog.

So stay tuned,

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12. You do not care about getting closer to completing that ‘ bucket list ‘ that you have made and would give anything to accomplish.

13.You do not care about attaining that one car that you just dreamed of having your whole Life.  (for me a Porsche 911 turbo 😉

14. You do not care about sending your child to the college of his/her choice.

15. You do not care about giving your parents the best, most comfortable retirement and nursing facilities possible.

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19. You do not care about having the resources to take care of the headaches involved with every day expenses of maintaining a house or apartment, an automobile, home owners insurance ,can insurance and license tag fee, water bills, heating and A/C bills, and the occasional breakdowns of all these things. Month to month living is not easy.

20. Finally, You do not care about pursuing those things that really bring you the most self enrichment in your Life. Whether it be having the time to help the elderly or being able to sit with your child and help them with homework every single night. Or do volunteer work at the Church and even missionary work abroad.

I guess for me all these 20 reasons are things I do want to have the opportunity to do. With ILA and it being one of the best long term Multi Level Marketing Companies, I have a 5 year plan to be able to accomplish this.

But if I had to pick one it would be the last one. The reason ? Well, You can make all the money you can in the World. And have the fancy cars, and houses etc….  But in the end you cannot take all that stuff with you…………. but you can truly leave a legacy of helping people who are less fortunate than you and maybe help a person or two have a happier Life !

To me that is what gets me stoked !!


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