I am Cutting Back Posting on my Make Money from Home Blog Here

Hey guys. I hope you are doing good.

In the last 7 months with this blog, I have really made a concerted effort to bring you the very best information on work from home businesses that you can make money from home with right now. Most of them I do and continue to do and make profits from.

I really do enjoy doing this, and I know many of you have really learned a lot and benefited from it.

That is what I intended to do all along. ๐Ÿ™‚

However, right now I am in the midst of taken on a whole new project that does not have much to do with this blog. It deals with Internet Marketing of course. But it is brand new to myself.

I am learning the ropes on this new venture as we speak, and it looks like it will turn out to be a great success.

The learning curve with this venture is steep so I am going to concentrate most of my efforts towards it.

Consequently, I will not be updating my regular twice a week postings here. Probably more like once every couple of weeks or so.

I do regret having to cut back as this Site will always be my ‘baby’. ๐Ÿ˜‰

But I look forward in months down the road to come back and give you the follow up details of my new venture and how it may be something you can pursue also.

I will conclude this post by saying that if you want to make money from home it really is not that hard.

I present plenty of resources on how to do just that if you go through some of my archives.

I also have constantly repeated that you can make money from home and do it full time. But only after putting in the necessary work and hours it takes to get to that level.

Folks, you need to take those baby steps. Start out with a small program making a few bucks a day and then gain the confidence and experience to make more as time goes along.

It is called scaling up. And if you can make $2 in one day everyday then if you work at it you can scale up and make $4 per day and so and so on.

The sky is the limit. It aint a piece of cake but put your mind to it and see what happens. :>)

Best Regards,

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2 Ways You Can Earn Money from Home in the Next 5 Minutes !! Seriously…….

Okay, guys I feel for many of you who are looking for ways to scrape up some extra money. Any kind that can help out with the Mortgage, a car payment, school supplies, maybe help out with a vacation or buying a computer for yourself or a family member and any extra things you need to purchase for around the house.

Well, wait no longer. I ran into these two little money members from the very git go when I started in Internet Marketing years ago.

A little story here……I was frustrated with my situation at that time in my Life. My wife was working full time and because of certain events ( mainly losing a lot in Day Trading as the Economy plummeted ) I was left at home trying to find some way to earn money from home and put more money into my family’s pocket.

Well, along came Fusion Cash and Cashcrate which by chance I just stumbled by on the internet.

First of all, before I go on any further talking about these two programs to earn money from home with ,I must be frank and say they are not meant to be a full time income. In other wards , you are not going to make 5k or 10k a month no matter how hard you try. It just aint gonna happen, folks.

However, if you put some work and time into it you can make over $500 and even over $1,000 a month. I know a number of people who make well over a $1,000 a month. It does take some long term persistence but it can be done in the fraction of the time putting a 40 hour work week in.

Here is the run down in case you want to have some fun and earn money from home literally in the next 5 minutes …….

1. FusionCash-
Okay here is the link to go to the site and when you sign up as a free Member in the next few minutes, BOOM, you will get an immediate $5 credited to your account. No strings attached, no questions. It goes right to you.
But my good friends this is only the beginning of the opportunity offered at Fusion Cash. You can make a few hundred bucks a month for many years ( like I have) if you keep at it. With Fusion Cash you become a free member and the way you earn money from home is by filling out simple free offers at their site. You can also do daily surveys and make some nice side cash that way.
The third way to make money at Fusion cash is the most lucrative way and that is to utilize their referral system and make money by bringing in new personal members. This can be very powerful and it is the main source of income I have made from this program. They actually pay you for bringing new members aboard. Imagine that ๐Ÿ˜‰

2. Cashcrate- This little sleeper has been around almost a decade and has been reported to have over a million members. Cashcrate works the same way as Fusion Cash and has nearly the same ways to make money. The referral system is a little different. For some people FC and it’s referral system works better for them while for others Cashcrate’s referral system is the bread winner over FC.Here is the link to CC

I personally work both programs and treat them as a ‘killer duo’ in my arsenal to make money with.

Remember guys, this stuff is not life changing. Your not gonna be a millionaire from any of this. I just think it is cool as crap to be able to actually earn money from home in a reliably manner on the Internet and GET PAID in a reliably manner like I have for half a decade.

Fusion Cash and Cashcrate have NEVER missed a payment that was due to me. NEVER !

You decide for yourself. I’m betting you will like what you see ๐Ÿ™‚

Best Regards,

Most of My Readers Here are Clueless…And Yes that Means YOU

about Leveraging the Power of the Internet to Their Benefit……I know because I was clueless myself at one time. And I find I can still be clueless about things every now and then. I know it can be frustrating.

Five and a half years ago I started doing surveys for part time money. Well, I ran into somebody who told me just a little about making money from blogging and doing it free at Blogger blog.

A light bulb went off in my head, and I started to put affiliate banners on these survey sites at my blog. Every time someone clicked one of my banners and joined as a survey taker I made a few bucks. And boy did it add up. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Along with this I learned how to do some massive back linking with some services to get some big time traffic, and I threw some Adsense ads on my blog. I was making some cake.

Boy, I thought I had it all figured out with making money blogging as I just kind of improvised as I went along and watched the cash come in.

Well guys , I really found out how clueless I really was as Google changed their ways of ranking sites. They slammed the hammer down on many blogs and websites and took away their traffic literally overnight.

I happened to be one of them. OUCH !! lol

It did hurt financially but you know what ? I think in the long run it helped me become a better internet marketer and blogger. It really did.

I even came up with a few points that will help you become ‘unclueless’ in the world of IM and making money blogging .

So take some notes

First of all, if you want to have some success online whether it be in making money blogging or Multi level marketing you must have a plan. It sounds cliche but it is so true !

For instance in blogging…….it would be cool if all of us decided to just open up our laptop and write about anything on our mind and make money doing it.

However, 99% of the time it just does not work that way.

Oh sure you will have those couple of exceptions where ‘stay at home john’ decides to blog one day about potty training his daughter Tabitha and then writes a book about it and sell thousands and thousands of it to all the visitors at his site. Making him $100,000 a year.

It occasionally happens but the odds are stacked up against you

I just want everyone reading this to be clued in on the fact you must find a topic you want to blog about but one that has enough traffic that you can make money with your readers and actually help them too.

Go HERE to see the traffic of any key term word or phrase. It will give you the monthly searches among other things. I personally like to target a phrase with at least 1,000 visitors a month. That is using ‘exact’ phrase checked on the side.

(And please do not use any service that promises you thousands of back links to get you higher in the Search Engines. Google will beat you down for that ๐Ÿ™ )

Secondly, you need to learn from those who have had success with making money blogging. Look over their sites, ask them questions, copy what they do ( NO, not plagiarism but adopt a similar style along with your own)
Whether it be Picasso or Einstein they have all emulated predecessors before them. And have been highly successful at their chosen fields.

Darren Rowse and his Blog Problogger is a great place to see some impressive blogging and how successful people do it.

Lastly, always be clued in to what GOOGLE is doing. It seems like Google changes the way they rank sites in the search engines every 6 months or so. Keep tabs by following Google engineer Matt Cutts and visit forums to find out what is working for people in getting more traffic. Do not be obsessed with trying to figure out Google but take note. In the end, good solid, helpful content will win Google over for you! ๐Ÿ™‚

So do not be clueless like I was when I first started Internet Marketing and making money blogging. Stay on top of it and continue to do so and you will do OK !!

Peace out,

The Secret to Making Money Blogging is …………..

(Note : Hey guys. I apologize for the long period of time here without a Post. I have not forgotten you ๐Ÿ™‚ I have been out of town for one month to visit relatives over 1,200 miles away. And with two children 3 and 4 years old…..well that can take some time as well as major patience in a sometimes claustrophobic Toyota Sedan lol)

Well folks 5 and a half years ago when I started to dip my feet into the World of making money blogging I believed there had to be some magic trick or some kind of tool you could wave over your computer and almost instantly you would be making thousands and thousands of dollars; and eventually millions of dollars with blogging.

I can tell you now the secret to being successful at Blogging is (drum roll please)……… there is NO secret at all.

That is right. You can look to your hearts content anywhere and everywhere ,but you will find no magic pill to make you successful at Blogging. None, Nada !!

Now that being said if you want to be successful at this stay at home business it is imperative that you learn from people who have had success in making money blogging. And you need to read the numerous steps to take to get on the right track from those who have done it before you.

But like everything else your gonna have to put some work and time behind it.

Sorry to deflate anyone’s expectations out there but the fact is there aint no secret formula to becoming a successful blogger !! PERIOD !

(FYI, I have written a series on making money blogging (in this blog) a couple of months ago that you can get a good jump start with success . Check it out starting HERE !)

I think if I had to choose one thing to concentrate first on when starting blogging is the theme of it. In other wards,what are you gonna blog about.

Make sure it is something that you have some passion about but also make sure that it is something that gets enough traffic each and every month so you can make it a viable business.

I know I am passionate about making turnip soup but I would be inclined to guess that there is not many people who search for the term phrase ‘how to make turnip soup’ in Google every month. So you will have a hard time making money blogging off such little potential traffic.

Now if you want to build a blog about ‘Cooking at Home’ then you have something to get started with. That is a huge niche and it is very competitive but has great potential if you stick with it over time and can write quality and helpful content to your visitors. Honestly, this Niche is a huge one to make huge money if you know what you are doing !!

So wrapping it up you need to make sure you have a topic you have interest and experience in and one that has potential search traffic each month and one that you can knock out some great content off the top of your head week in and week out.

This is a great formula to get started with making money blogging.

Is this a magic pill ?? No, but if done over time with consistency and persistence it can sure make some magical things happen in your Life ๐Ÿ™‚

Cheers to our Success,

Make Money Blogging is a Incredible Home Business that can be as Easy as You Want it to be or as Hard as You Want it to be !

Hey guys, if you really want start a home business and turn it into a long term viable full time gig then I would consider blogging. That is what I did 5 years ago !!

I know the topic of this post may seem a little confusing. But it is really true. Trying to make moneyย  blogging can be a monumental task if you want it to be.ย  But on the other hand if you do not want it to be it doesn’t have to be ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let me explain. If you go into it with a long term vision and set goals that are not too lofty ( but still aggressive) you can and will eventually have success in blogging. Just be persistent and patient. So in that regard with that kind of mindset it is not real hard.

But if you think you are going to make 40K a month like John Chow within a few months then blogging will seem like a incredibly tough task.

With blogging you can at least make some income that can supplement your household income. That is a minimum. But give it time.

It is necessary to get some initial help from people who make money blogging and have seen success and know what it takes to get there with it. Because it really is a true journey.

Personally , I made it a point to visit a few blogs when I first started a few years ago to get some of the knowledge I needed. I was not too sure where to start but I got a little bit here and a little bit there and applied it to my own blogging style.

That is perfectly fine if you do want to do that. It does take time but some people decide to go that route.

OR, you could skip all that and take considerably less time in learning how to make money blogging !

There are some people who have put in considerable work to construct a blue print of how they became successful in blogging and teach and show others how to do it themselves.

I have myself done this throughout my blog here.

But I want to refocus away from myself for a second and introduce you to a fellow blogger that has really put together an outstanding blueprint for you to learn from and have a lot of success and make money blogging.

This guy really knows his stuff and he lays it out for you and pretty much spoon feeds you the intricacies you need in your arsenal to make money blogging.

And you can make a lot of it if you apply it and stick with it .

His name is John Yeo and he is highly regarded in the blogging world as an expert in teaching others and has build an empire of successful Blogs of his own.

Take some time to check out his e-program that will give every single variable you need to be successful at making money blogging.

Whether you are a complete newbie or a seasoned Pro blogger you will find it absolutely amazing.

Click Hereย  to check it out !

One Big Trap that will Keep You From Ever having a Successful Business from Home !

Having a business from home , whether it be part time or full time, can be an endeavor that frustrates many people.

Having had home businesses for a number of years I can say that there is one thing that will cause the surmise of many hopeful entrepreneurs from having success.

I canย  attest to this because I have personally seen others guilty of this, and I myself have had to fight this negative tendency off .

I term it the ‘Roller Coaster phenomenon’.

Here is a description of it.

You join a program or start your own home business and are just totally stoked about this new endeavor that is going to give you financial independence and more.

You come out of the gates running like a top stud at the Kentucky Derby.

You do all the right things. You have done your research , set goals you want to achieve, you have a real game plan and a vision where you want to be 6 months done the road ,2 years, 3 years and more.

Everything looks great. The novelty of your business from home is going strong ,and you cannot be stopped.

Well, here comes the problem and this problem seems to plague many who want to be home business owners.

Some time down the road, whether it be a few weeks or a few months the novelty of your new business will wear off. There will be days you will not see much progress ,and you thought things would be running on all cylinders by then.

What happens here ? Most people just kind of half haphazardly run their home business. They really do not feel like working it most days. The excitement is gone and many just throw the towel completely in and move on to something else.

Kind of sad, uh ?? Here is really the sad part. If many of these people would have stuck around a little longer and worked straightย  through those boring ‘doldrums’ , success would have been right around the corner for them.

I myself have been gotten caught in the doldrums of running a business.

Here are some things things that have helped me combat the ‘boring periods’ in your home businessย  and we help you also.

1. Realize that even Donald Trump has experienced lulls in his business career. Times he wasn’t sure he wanted to get up and keep doing some of the boring things that most people do not want to do after the novelty of the business is gone. So make a note of this and look at this as a challenge and if you want Success you must really focus on your business even on days you do not feel like it. Just know there will be a payoff later.

2. Right down your goals, and visions for your business and place it right in front of you so you can see it every day.

3. Also right down on another piece of paper that lulls in your business from homeย  WILLย  happen. Times where you will feel like not doing anything and maybe just feel like giving it up.

It is just a natural part of being a entrepreneur.

However , look at this as an opportunity andย  time to capitalize ! You know many, many others will bow out and because you did not it will mean more potential Success for you.

I know it can sometimes be easier said than done.

And I think it sounds cliche but the adage ‘no pain no gain’ย  can be applied to the home business world too ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sticking things out doing the little things no one else wants to do each and everyday sets apart the winners from the losers ! ๐Ÿ™‚




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A Work at Home Business I did 12 years ago, and did it Successfully for 4 Years on my Own !!

Okay guys most of the stuff I will talk about on this blog has to do with my online endeavors that I have had some Success with. And I try to give you some advice and help in starting your own business online.

But make no mistake about it……….I will also talk a lot about a work at home business that may not be directly associated with the internet. There are a lot of good ones and I have had success with a number of them.

Let me just start from the beginning of how I got started with a pretty good one.

It was the Fall of 1998 and I was working as a inside sales rep for a large waste disposal company. I sold waste disposal services to businesses and some residential. Well, lets make a long story short. They downsized and unfortunately I was one of the employees who got the axe.

When I got let go it really thru me for a loop because I was expecting a raise or a promotion when boss man called me in his office on that fateful day.

When I walked away that day I was not sure what I was going to do. I really didn’t ! I sulked for a few days and then I decided to take some action so I went and bought one of those entrepreneurial magazines. And in it I found something that was very intriguing.

It cost about $100 and it was a work at home business and it seemed good so I gave it a go. Well, after getting the kit I immediately started and within a day I was making $100s of dollars.

You want to know what this brand new part time biz I had found ?? Painting address numbers on the side of people’s curbs. I had a template and some paint and some reflective glitter. People love this service because many times 911 in an emergency cannot see the numbers on their mailbox. So this gives residents a piece of mind to have this.

I did this successfully for about a year. I then decided to switch over to a similar product but much more lucrative.

You know what it was ?? It was ornamental address signs that people bought from me to put in their front yard. It looked very nice and along with that it gave a bright glow of the street address numbers for that home. I did this for 3 more years.

I did all this out of my own home. I made the signs there ,fielded calls and took orders, did my book keeping, and received my supplies there.

It was a nice one man show but I decided to move on after a few years. I had no children and was not married at the time so I was loving the freedom and flexibility of this work at home business

I thought about going back and doing it but just got caught up with doing other things in my Life.

It is really a great work at home business opportunity.

Just remember there are ALWAYS new houses being built and as a result there will be a need for these products for a very, very long time. Heck, just with the curb address painting alone every house that has had this service done will need it done again every 5 years or so when the paint wears off .

I charged $15 per address painted on curb and $50 for the standard Oak Ornamental sign with the thicker pole.

I think back then it was costing me $15 or so to buy from my suppliers for the signs. That is a pretty nice margin ๐Ÿ˜‰

So HERE is my supplier and where you can get a manual/kit and pretty much start right away and it goes to the company’s home page. ( BtW, this is in no way an affiliate Link for me so I do NOT gain anything whatsoever from you joining and getting supplies ๐Ÿ™‚

I think as a work at home business it is something you can take very far. At minimum you will at least be able to put some nice change in your pockets.

Be an Internet Researcher to Make Money from Home…………..

Hey folks. I posted this subject on one of my other blogs and felt like it was so cool and had so much potential I would include it here. I think it can really be a great way to make money from home.

Now do not let the title, Internet Researcher, intimidate you. It is not really as complicated as it sounds.

Here is the low down folks.

There are many types of companies out there who are looking for people to gather information for them so they can use it to help their company’s strategies and ultimately help their bottom line.

Lets face it time is money and many companies do not have the time to do all the fact and info. gathering so they pay some good money to people like you and me to do so.

There is a multitude of companies that pay people to do this kind of research. There are law firms , health insurance companies, PAC committees, marketing firms, car insurance, banking firms, wholesalers, manufacturers, etc… as these are just a few of the type of companies looking for internet researchers.

I am pretty sure as time goes by the number of companies in demand for this service will increase ! And there will be more and more regular people who make money from home with this.

Okay right now you are probably wondering about hours and payouts. The hours will mostly depend upon your clients wants and desires ! Some may need some work done immediately and have a dead line for you to get the facts gathered for them. While others may want to scale things out and have you work a full 8 hours a day to get the job done.

Some people may think working another 8 hours a day job is for the birds. But to me it beats the stuffings out of working for a boss hovering over your neck for 8 hours. You tell me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Make note that your client might demand you to present the information you gathered into a certain form like Spreadsheets, PDF, Excel, or Power point.

This stuff does not really take long to learn with some investigating online.

To find jobs you can go to Internet Research services. Companies like this can be very beneficial because they will look for clients to hire you .

Another beneficial way to pick up clients is by cold calling companies like law firms and medical professionals. Now let me tell you about cold calling. In the past I did it for many years. And yes at first it is very nerve racking to call someone you do not know and try to offer them something. But once you get a few calls under your belt it gets easier and easier and can be very effective.

Along with this is it really helps if you have some Web presence with a simple blog or website. Check out Blogger blog for that.

Also, check out the National Association of Internet Researchers and the potential to get new clientele there.

The pay rate you ask ?? Of course it can vary depending on the extent of the job. Starting at $10 or less if you have no experience. But as you do more and more it can increase all the way up to $75 hour for an experienced Internet Researcher.

Here are a few tools that can assist you in being an internet researcher and make money from home :
1.Zotero and Wired-Marker (Firefox add-ons)
3.Similar Web
4.Concierge (Safari plug-in)
5.EagleFiler and Selenium (Mac OS X)
7.Google Notebook

Guys, this is a really good way to start a home based business and make money from home. Like anything it takes some diligence and work.
But I think if you give it some time you will find that the rewards can be really good with this one !