A Legitmiate Work from Home Business that ALL of You Can Do………..

Okay guys this is one legitimate work from home small business that I have thought about doing for awhile. I still am pondering.

But honestly I am just swamped with my personal blogs and continue to work hard at them and try to make them better and better for my Readers and better for myself in the money making area 😉

But i will quickly share this little biz with you.

First of all it is very much in need by MANY bloggers, Internet Marketers and Website Owners !

If you do not know already getting back links to your blog or Website is a great way ( if not a must) to get traffic from the Google Search Engine and from direct traffic of the visitors who follow your link to your Site.

People including myself do blog commenting on other people’s blog to accomplish this. It is a great way to get back links to your site. It is one of many ways to do it but this technique is one of the most effective ways of getting back links.

But you know what happens to people like me who try to make hundreds of comments to other blogs ?? We get bogged down and end up neglecting other important aspects of our business.

This is where you can come in with your neat little legitimate work from home business….. a.k.a blog commenting service.

A blog commenting is exactly what it sounds like. You set up a network of blogs that are related to your customer’s needs. So if they have a blog that is similar like mine which is related to homes businesses, you would then do a search of blogs related to this topic. And start posting comments with a link going back to your client’s Site.

Have your blog commenting service set up where you will offer people like myself a $1 charge per comment you put on another blog.

Now you cannot just write a sentence comment saying ‘nice blog’. No you will have to make a few articulate sentences that are relevant to the article at hand and contribute in a quality manner to that particular blog’s environment.

As time goes by you will be able to make a comment within a couple of minutes. Which can add up to easily over $30 an hour if really worked properly

It should not be hard to find business. You can market your services at places like Odsek.com or go to Warrior forum or other internet marketing forums that will let you market your new blog commenting service.

It is really that simple to start. Really no upfront cost to this legitimate work from home opportunity

You should set up a system where you can show your client the comments you have completed for them. This will assure them you are the real thing and i twill keep them coming back for more.

Its a keeper of a little business. Just remember to comment on the blogs with quality writing and your customers will be happy !!

Until next time folks 🙂

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Sometimes Sticking to What You Know………. is the Best Way for Success to Earn Money from Home !

I talk a lot about ways that you can really earn money from home even if you have never done so in the past.

And I have to admit sometimes I over look programs that are so easy to earn money from the git go.

I have talked about it in the past ,and I am sure I will talk about it a lot in the future.

But Cash Crate and Fusion Cash are the two which I have taken for granted for the last 6 yeas. But you need not take them for granted because they can be very nice income makers. Heck, it is so easy to earn money from home with them that you can be 13 years old and become a member.

Now you aint gonna be super rich doing Cash Crate or Fusion Cash but if you want to make some money to pay for a house mortgage or part of a college tuition then these two programs are just for you.

We are coming down to the end of 2013. You with that comes the Christmas Season. If you are anything like me this can be a time where you are trying to scrape together some extra money to help out with others and provide them with a Christmas that will make them feel happy and blessed.

With FusionCash and CashCrate you can really get a leg up on this quest. Having a few hundred extra bucks for holiday cheer can go along way for somebody

I enjoy working with new referrals who join my Organization. As it is very fulfilling for me. Actually, I really prefer using the word business partners rather than referrals because this is definitely a small business; not some kind of short term scheme . It is a legit way to earn money from home.

It really is easy to get started. And remember with FusionCash you will get $5 for just signing up as a free member.
The two banners you can find below right here. And also on the side of the blog.
(And yes those are some of my recent earnings with these two great programs.)

Free Money at FusionCash!

Cheers and have a scary Halloween ;),

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Can $200 to $300 Extra a Month be a Life Changer for You ? Yes it can and I will Show You 8 Specific Examples Why It Can !!

I hear it so much in my Internet Marketing Career among people all the time. They say Rob ‘ a few hundred extra bucks a month is no big deal, and I only care if I make 10k a month starting next month.

There are two flaws with that.

First, it is silly to think you can earn money at home in the range 10k a month after a month in internet marketing. 99.999 % of the time it will not happen.
Secondly, do not discount the fact that $300 a month extra can do something for someone’s Life.

And with that being said here are 10 examples ( many I personally have experienced) that prove the notion that even a few hundred dollars earning money from home can make your Life a little easier and yes even be a life changer in some respects ! ( maybe not ‘lotto winning life changing’ but life changing nonetheless 🙂 )

1. If $300 extra a month gives you the chance to take your wife out a couple of more nights to a quaint eatery to reconnect then this could be a life changer !

2. If $300 extra a month gives you a chance to ditch your second job to see your daughter play her soccer game then this could be a life changer.

3.If $300 extra a month means that you no longer have to fret about not giving your 6 year old boy that new Christmas Gift he has been wanting and all your kids for that matter then this could be a life changer !

4. If $ 300 extra a month pays in full your monthly car note then yes this could be a life changer !

5. If $ 300 extra a month can help your family out with extra bills like medical bills and electrical bills then yes this could be a life changer.

6. If an extra $300 can completely cover the monthly mortgage rate of a bachelor’s pad 14 years ago (cough..me…cough)then this could be a life changer.

7.If $300 extra a month can help someone reinvest that money and grow his business exponentially then yes this could be a life changer.

8. Finally, if an extra $300 a month will loosen the noose around your neck that always tightens around the first of the week then yes this could be a life changer.

You know I could actually go on and on with more specific examples.Now that I think about it I could come up to well over a hundred or so examples of why just a few hundred bucks a month can make a difference.

I think too many of us are looking for the get quick rich money. But the fact is that it does not come easy and will take time to really earn money at home !

But do not feel discouraged when you are ‘just’ making a few hundred dollars a month. It can go a long way and you now know you can earn money online. The confidence builds

So it is just s stepping stone to bigger and better things. 😉

Take Care,

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