2 Ways You Can Earn Money from Home in the Next 5 Minutes !! Seriously…….

Okay, guys I feel for many of you who are looking for ways to scrape up some extra money. Any kind that can help out with the Mortgage, a car payment, school supplies, maybe help out with a vacation or buying a computer for yourself or a family member and any extra things you need to purchase for around the house.

Well, wait no longer. I ran into these two little money members from the very git go when I started in Internet Marketing years ago.

A little story here……I was frustrated with my situation at that time in my Life. My wife was working full time and because of certain events ( mainly losing a lot in Day Trading as the Economy plummeted ) I was left at home trying to find some way to earn money from home and put more money into my family’s pocket.

Well, along came Fusion Cash and Cashcrate which by chance I just stumbled by on the internet.

First of all, before I go on any further talking about these two programs to earn money from home with ,I must be frank and say they are not meant to be a full time income. In other wards , you are not going to make 5k or 10k a month no matter how hard you try. It just aint gonna happen, folks.

However, if you put some work and time into it you can make over $500 and even over $1,000 a month. I know a number of people who make well over a $1,000 a month. It does take some long term persistence but it can be done in the fraction of the time putting a 40 hour work week in.

Here is the run down in case you want to have some fun and earn money from home literally in the next 5 minutes …….

1. FusionCash-
Okay here is the link to go to the site and when you sign up as a free Member in the next few minutes, BOOM, you will get an immediate $5 credited to your account. No strings attached, no questions. It goes right to you.
But my good friends this is only the beginning of the opportunity offered at Fusion Cash. You can make a few hundred bucks a month for many years ( like I have) if you keep at it. With Fusion Cash you become a free member and the way you earn money from home is by filling out simple free offers at their site. You can also do daily surveys and make some nice side cash that way.
The third way to make money at Fusion cash is the most lucrative way and that is to utilize their referral system and make money by bringing in new personal members. This can be very powerful and it is the main source of income I have made from this program. They actually pay you for bringing new members aboard. Imagine that 😉

2. Cashcrate- This little sleeper has been around almost a decade and has been reported to have over a million members. Cashcrate works the same way as Fusion Cash and has nearly the same ways to make money. The referral system is a little different. For some people FC and it’s referral system works better for them while for others Cashcrate’s referral system is the bread winner over FC.Here is the link to CC

I personally work both programs and treat them as a ‘killer duo’ in my arsenal to make money with.

Remember guys, this stuff is not life changing. Your not gonna be a millionaire from any of this. I just think it is cool as crap to be able to actually earn money from home in a reliably manner on the Internet and GET PAID in a reliably manner like I have for half a decade.

Fusion Cash and Cashcrate have NEVER missed a payment that was due to me. NEVER !

You decide for yourself. I’m betting you will like what you see 🙂

Best Regards,

One Big Trap that will Keep You From Ever having a Successful Business from Home !

Having a business from home , whether it be part time or full time, can be an endeavor that frustrates many people.

Having had home businesses for a number of years I can say that there is one thing that will cause the surmise of many hopeful entrepreneurs from having success.

I can  attest to this because I have personally seen others guilty of this, and I myself have had to fight this negative tendency off .

I term it the ‘Roller Coaster phenomenon’.

Here is a description of it.

You join a program or start your own home business and are just totally stoked about this new endeavor that is going to give you financial independence and more.

You come out of the gates running like a top stud at the Kentucky Derby.

You do all the right things. You have done your research , set goals you want to achieve, you have a real game plan and a vision where you want to be 6 months done the road ,2 years, 3 years and more.

Everything looks great. The novelty of your business from home is going strong ,and you cannot be stopped.

Well, here comes the problem and this problem seems to plague many who want to be home business owners.

Some time down the road, whether it be a few weeks or a few months the novelty of your new business will wear off. There will be days you will not see much progress ,and you thought things would be running on all cylinders by then.

What happens here ? Most people just kind of half haphazardly run their home business. They really do not feel like working it most days. The excitement is gone and many just throw the towel completely in and move on to something else.

Kind of sad, uh ?? Here is really the sad part. If many of these people would have stuck around a little longer and worked straight  through those boring ‘doldrums’ , success would have been right around the corner for them.

I myself have been gotten caught in the doldrums of running a business.

Here are some things things that have helped me combat the ‘boring periods’ in your home business  and we help you also.

1. Realize that even Donald Trump has experienced lulls in his business career. Times he wasn’t sure he wanted to get up and keep doing some of the boring things that most people do not want to do after the novelty of the business is gone. So make a note of this and look at this as a challenge and if you want Success you must really focus on your business even on days you do not feel like it. Just know there will be a payoff later.

2. Right down your goals, and visions for your business and place it right in front of you so you can see it every day.

3. Also right down on another piece of paper that lulls in your business from home  WILL  happen. Times where you will feel like not doing anything and maybe just feel like giving it up.

It is just a natural part of being a entrepreneur.

However , look at this as an opportunity and  time to capitalize ! You know many, many others will bow out and because you did not it will mean more potential Success for you.

I know it can sometimes be easier said than done.

And I think it sounds cliche but the adage ‘no pain no gain’  can be applied to the home business world too 😉

Sticking things out doing the little things no one else wants to do each and everyday sets apart the winners from the losers ! 🙂




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A Work at Home Business I did 12 years ago, and did it Successfully for 4 Years on my Own !!

Okay guys most of the stuff I will talk about on this blog has to do with my online endeavors that I have had some Success with. And I try to give you some advice and help in starting your own business online.

But make no mistake about it……….I will also talk a lot about a work at home business that may not be directly associated with the internet. There are a lot of good ones and I have had success with a number of them.

Let me just start from the beginning of how I got started with a pretty good one.

It was the Fall of 1998 and I was working as a inside sales rep for a large waste disposal company. I sold waste disposal services to businesses and some residential. Well, lets make a long story short. They downsized and unfortunately I was one of the employees who got the axe.

When I got let go it really thru me for a loop because I was expecting a raise or a promotion when boss man called me in his office on that fateful day.

When I walked away that day I was not sure what I was going to do. I really didn’t ! I sulked for a few days and then I decided to take some action so I went and bought one of those entrepreneurial magazines. And in it I found something that was very intriguing.

It cost about $100 and it was a work at home business and it seemed good so I gave it a go. Well, after getting the kit I immediately started and within a day I was making $100s of dollars.

You want to know what this brand new part time biz I had found ?? Painting address numbers on the side of people’s curbs. I had a template and some paint and some reflective glitter. People love this service because many times 911 in an emergency cannot see the numbers on their mailbox. So this gives residents a piece of mind to have this.

I did this successfully for about a year. I then decided to switch over to a similar product but much more lucrative.

You know what it was ?? It was ornamental address signs that people bought from me to put in their front yard. It looked very nice and along with that it gave a bright glow of the street address numbers for that home. I did this for 3 more years.

I did all this out of my own home. I made the signs there ,fielded calls and took orders, did my book keeping, and received my supplies there.

It was a nice one man show but I decided to move on after a few years. I had no children and was not married at the time so I was loving the freedom and flexibility of this work at home business

I thought about going back and doing it but just got caught up with doing other things in my Life.

It is really a great work at home business opportunity.

Just remember there are ALWAYS new houses being built and as a result there will be a need for these products for a very, very long time. Heck, just with the curb address painting alone every house that has had this service done will need it done again every 5 years or so when the paint wears off .

I charged $15 per address painted on curb and $50 for the standard Oak Ornamental sign with the thicker pole.

I think back then it was costing me $15 or so to buy from my suppliers for the signs. That is a pretty nice margin 😉

So HERE is my supplier and where you can get a manual/kit and pretty much start right away and it goes to the company’s home page. ( BtW, this is in no way an affiliate Link for me so I do NOT gain anything whatsoever from you joining and getting supplies 🙂

I think as a work at home business it is something you can take very far. At minimum you will at least be able to put some nice change in your pockets.

You Don’t Have to Fail to Succeed !!

Posted by Guest Blogger Joseph Dabon

If asked “Who invented the light bulb?” without doubt, our answer will be Thomas Edison.


Though not totally off the mark, it is not exactly accurate either. Edison is credited to have made the light bulb more efficient. Before he can do that, the light bulb has to be invented. And more than 20 inventors can be given credit for that.

Do you know what they all have in common?

They all wanted to come up with something new, something different, something beneficial to man.

And they failed countless of times before they succeeded. Thomas Edison made more than a thousand tests of as many types of materials before he came up with a bulb that burned brighter and longer.


Why am I talking of the light bulb? Because it is often used as a symbol of an “idea.” And ideas are the seeds that made man what he is today. Like the small acorn becoming the mighty oak or one stone put on top of another, and another and another gave birth to the great pyramids of Egypt.


The bulb is also an excellent example what you may, or must, do with yourself. Edison made the light bulb more efficient, you can do the same with yourself.


The difference is in the “How?”


Edison had nothing but an inquisitive mind. He had no knowledge. Everything, for him, was a secret. Everything he knew was built on trial and error; on experiments. And he erred countless of times. But he used his failures to teach him what and what not to do and try something else.

His success was built on his failures.

In inventing or reinventing yourself, you need not go through the path he took, fail as many times he failed. The Internet has made that possible. It has removed all secrets. Practically everything you need to know to make yourself burn brighter and longer is available.


But you have to search for them. Like Edison who scoured the entire world for materials to work on, you may have to spend endless hours looking for them. You may have to re-channel a lot of your work-for-money time to improving-yourself time.


If you can have to do that, fine. But are you certain that will make you what you want to be?


If you falter, even for a second, if there is a bit of doubt deep within you, then it is not good enough.


What you need is an array of materials to choose from, delivered to you wherever you are. i.e., at  home, at work, at play, anywhere in the world.


That means you can invent or re-invent yourself without losing a minute from what you are doing now. You lose no time, money and effort. Yet you gain what you need to know to improve yourself, make you burn brighter and longer.


Isn’t it awesome? Isn’t it great?


“How?” you may ask.

Visit this link – http://www.iLivingApp.com/studyandearn


This is guaranteed to do for you what Edison did to the light bulb – at a fraction of the time, effort and money he spent to do it. .



Joseph Dabon

Blogger, freelance writer and an ILA Associate – http://www.iLivingApp.com/studyandearn


Part 5 of Series 5- Putting it Altogether and having Your Own Successful ‘Business at Home’ with Blogging

Hey guys. I hope you all have enjoyed and learned a thing or two about Blogging in the last 4 series.

If you have not read the previous 4 Posts series please go back and read them and study them. I promise you will not regret it.  From starting your Blog to eventually making money with it,  I give a plan that is easy to understand and very doable !

And give you the info. to make blogging a legitimate business at home

The final Post of the 5 part series is just a final overview of what we have discussed and some closing remarks about some dos and donts of blogging and what you really need to do over the long haul to make it a full time business at home.

Before I say anything else I want to say do not let anyone tell you that you can just start blogging and slap up some material and become rich within a month. it is NOT going to happen !

I will let you know in my own experience it took a whole year before I started seeing some decent results.

Guys, I remember it took a couple of months to just make that first $10. Then I shot for $20 then $50 and $100 bucks, $200, and $400  per month etc..etc..

So here are some must do  steps you need to take to make it a go with Blogging as a business at home.

1. Set up a specific time that you Blog. If it is everyday, three times a week, or once a month keep it consistent and stick by it. Many readers who love what you have to say will know when it is time to come back for a new Post. Of course you can use a Feed to automatically put out the post to them. But still for your own sake be discipline about your Blogging frequency !

2.Connect with other bloggers in your Niche. With them you can help each other by guest posting on their blogs and also sharing information and techniques with each other that will help both of you. You can also joint venture with them which means selling your product to their List and their product to your List. It is a win-win !

3. Do not underestimate the power of building relationships and engaging with your Readers and Customers. Like I said earlier this will be the Life line of your business at home . You must bring something to the table that will make them say ” wow he knows exactly what I have been looking for ”

4. Center your blog around a topic that you are so knowledgeable about and have  such a passion for( and is one you can make money from) that you can literally write a Post off the top of your head and make it be beneficial and helpful to your Readers. And be able to do this for a number of years

5. The last one I want to mention is probably more important than anything. And that is have a stick- to- ivness that refuses to be denied in Blogging. Be determined to make a real business at home you can be proud of. You will be amazed how many   ‘ghost town ‘ blogs I have come across where there was some really banging content but the blogger just got burnt out and quit. Funny thing success was probably just around the corner for him. So as a blogger think of yourself as a Marathoner ; the race is not always won to the swiftest but to those who pace themselves and keep on running 😉

As you move on past this series into the World of  Blogging  think of yourselves as a professional from the git go. In other wards ‘fake it til you make’ it !!

It is your own business at home, so treat it that way !

Do not let ANYONE tell you it can’t be done. It can , people do it everyday. But discipline and hard work and learning from your mistakes every single blog post you write is mandatory ! PERIOD !!


Now get on out there and become the Blogger you know you can be 🙂







Part 3 of Series : How to Monetize Your Blog to Make a Successful Business from Home !

Okay, now that you have your WordPress Blog set up what now?

Well, of course you want to have your topic chosen (that can make some money) and you to need start a few (Original) Posts to get your feet wet.

At this point if you want to make it a successful business from home you are going to have to have something on your blog that will get people to follow some sort of call to action. Action that will start putting some change in your pockets.

After all, we have already decided you want to make some money from this blog right? If you don’t then I ask you respectfully exit. But if you do here are some things you need to know and do.

One of the first things I did with my first two blogs was to make some good original content then went straight to Google and opened up an Adsense account. Now you have to be approved by Google for Adsense,and I have heard it is tougher to do so than when I started 5 years ago.

Just make sure to write some decent content( posts)for at least a month before you mosey offer to Google and get your Adsense account approved.

What is Adsense you say? Simply said its when Google places some of their Advertiser’s Ads on your page and when any of your traffic clicks on one of these Ads you get paid! Not when they buy something but you get paid just when they only click on the Ads.

This can be quite lucrative as I have gotten $6 and $7 clicks. Some people have made Adsense a business from home in of itself.

But be careful to not try to game this system because once Google bans your account it is permanent!!

Other forms of monetizing I use and you can too on your Blog include CPA offers, Affiliate Marketing Products, Amazon, GPT Sites, List Building, and creating your own product.

– CPA Offers are banners on your Blog that people click on and sign up or pay for a specific product or service.

For instance, one Site I have has done really well with CPA offers centered around survey sites. Basically, my traffic clicks on the banner joins a survey site and I get $2 to $5 for each signup.

One of the best CPA groups I belong to is MaxBounty.com. They have some of the best CPA offers to put on your Site.

– Affiliate Marketing involves actual products ( usually informational, digital ones) that you are paid a commission when someone buys it. ClickBank.com is a popular affiliate Company where you can find thousands of products to sell on your Site and you will get a very nice commission.

People do make selling Click Bank products their sole foundation for building a solid business from home!

So for instance, if you have a weight loss site you could join Clickbank and find dozens upon dozens of programs to put and earn money from on your blog from people who want to lose weight.

– Amazon Products is another form of Monetization you might want to consider selling on your Blog. Amazon has literally millions of hard products from jewelry to tractors to tvs to books. The payout on commissions are not as high (around %6) as traditional Affiliate products like on Clickbank, but they are typically easier to sell to your targeted traffic.

Many internet Marketers and Bloggers make a full time living from just selling Amazon to their traffic alone. It can make a very good business from home!

NOTE: I believe though there are a few states that if you live in you cannot be a Amazon affiliate with. So you need to check into that.

– GPT Sites are one of my favorite forms of monetization on my own blogs and can assist in making a highly successful business from home .
Okay, there are two I specifically like,and I will go more in detail in my free newsletter to you. But GPT sites are sites where you make money by filling out free offers, daily surveys, and best of all you can make money with their referral system.

For example one of my favorites is called Fusioncash. This GPT site has been around for years and their referral system is great. You get $1 for every signup and another $2 when they complete their first free offer. And get this, for that referral you will get $5 for Life every time they cash out (which is at $25)

Believe me it can add up. But I would consider it more of a supplemental income and not a true business from home in of itself!

– List Building is something people always say “the money is in the list’. It really is a great way to ramp up you earnings if you do it right. You can set up an auto responder capture box in the left hand corner of your Blog and capture names and emails that way. Offer a free report or free e course in exchange for their name and email.

Many people build up a list of over 10,000 people or more and when you do this you build up a truthful dialogue with them and you can continue to make money on a ongoing basis.

– Create your own product is probably the most lucrative way of monetization you can do. Like E- Books and other informational products.

I would suggest that you monetize with the other ones I mentioned before above; before you get into creating your own products.

But down the road you can start selling your own product at clickbank and also have other affiliate marketers selling that one product you created on their Sites.

See how that works. There is huge money in this and believe me you can make a highly successful business from home doing it.

But for now stick with what I have talked about above. You do not want to half hardheartedly put out a crummy e -book together and waste a lot of time and money!

For me if I had to choose one out of all these different ways to monetize I would have to go with Adsense, although many might disagree! It has been a sensational way to make business from home.

It has made me much money!!

In part 4 will be talking about how to get traffic to your Blog.

So stay tuned,

Part 2 in Series – Setting up a Word Press Blog to Start Your Legitimate Home Business

I remember when I was younger I worked at a company that was based around yellow page advertising. It was a cushy inside sales position as I pretty much only had to renew other businesses advertising in the yellow pages they had in the previous year. I did it from the comfort of a cubicle. It was easy money,no make that very easy money ! As close to a legitimate home business there is !

However, I remember boss man came in one day and turned our lives up side down. He said in addition to renewing advertising for customers in the past it was demanded we had to actually go out and do selling in the field to drum up new business !!
Wow what a darn bummer. We ached and moaned about this new change. And I actually thought about leaving and starting my own legitimate home business !

But you know happened after awhile ? We found the whole situation produced much more money in our pockets. And we actually became enamored with the fact of meeting customers face to face and coming up with solutions for them!

There is a reason I bring this scenario up. When building up an Authority blog you can go the easy route and build a blog using the platform like blogger blog or you can put a little time and work and build a platform like WordPress and come out way ahead both financially and with much satisfaction and make it a legitimate home business if you want ! :>)

So here are the Steps to getting your WordPress blog started and why it is necessary to have WordPress :
– All your content is owned by you. With blogger blog your content is owned by google
– Google and Yahoo just love WordPress Blogs and all the formats associated it. So search engines tend to rate them high .
– Word press is really easy to use. And the plugins at wordpress are awesome to utilize. And endless at that!
– Capturing leads are so much easier to than a free blogging platform

Okay all this is great. But how do actually set up a WordPress blog ?

– First, you need to get a domain name. I would settle on one that fits the description of what your blog is about. A lot of people debate back and forth with this. Some say you should brand your name and try to put your name as the domain. I do not subscribe to this notion.

If you strive to get people to click on your Site in the search engines do you think they will click on robertmarsh.com first or howtogetafreecar.com ? I bet on the latter one . And is especially critical if you want to have a successful legitimate home business But it is up to you.

Remember, you can still brand your name in the Title of the blog and all throughout the blog to get name recognition .

Anyway, a great place to register your domain is Namecheap. I started with GoDaddy and their price increases from year to year were just too much.

– Now after you got your Domain then you need to get some hosting for your Blog. (Like I said WordPress is the place to go for the reasons I stated above.)
And the hosting you get should be Hostgator. IMHO, it is far and above anything else. I pay $9.95 for pretty much unlimited hosting. Sometimes they have special promotion where you can get Hosting there for $4 a month. Having a successful legitimate home business you need something as affordable and reliable as possible , and hostgator does just that!

Now that you have gotten your Hosting with Hostgator you need to go into and log into their c-panel. You need to go to the bottom left and copy the two name server fields.

Then go back to your Namecheap back office and put (or replace ) the nameserver fields there with Hostgator name servers. Now you have your new domain pointing directly back at your hostgator account. (It make take a day or so to actually go thru)

Now just go back to your Hostgator back office and down at the bottom under Software/Services area push the icon ‘Fantistico De Luxe.

Then you will see the Word Press icon to choose on the left side. Click on it and it is pretty much self explanatory from there. You will make up a password, username. etc…

After all this push finished and BINGO you have created your first Word Press Blog.

It can take up to 24 hrs. before you can put your domain in the browser and see the new blog. It usually has been just a few hours before I can see my new Blog with the default theme. Some people it has taken longer.

Then when you can see your new blog sign into the Admin. And here you will see the Dashboard. The best thing to do (which I did) was play around with it and by trial and error you will start learning how to efficiently navigate in the Dashboard.

One awesome thing about WordPress is they have thousands of plugins you can use to make your Blog better. Things like social interactive and SEO plugins.

I think two plugins you need to first install are the ‘All in One SEO’ plugin and the ‘Askimet’ plugin. Akismet will keep all the spam out and the other will help optimize your blog for search engines.

These plugins have proven to be critical for me in my legitimate home business !

Oh yeah another important thing is the theme of your blog and how it looks. Just go under ‘Appearance’ and you will see the Options to install. It is real easy.

So see its not that complicated to set up a WordPress blog. You did it, so pat your self on the back 🙂

And off you go and start posting to your heart’s content in your new WP blog 😉

BTW, if you have your own legitimate home business you have put yourself in a fantastic position with WP !