The Secret to Making Money Blogging is …………..

(Note : Hey guys. I apologize for the long period of time here without a Post. I have not forgotten you 🙂 I have been out of town for one month to visit relatives over 1,200 miles away. And with two children 3 and 4 years old…..well that can take some time as well as major patience in a sometimes claustrophobic Toyota Sedan lol)

Well folks 5 and a half years ago when I started to dip my feet into the World of making money blogging I believed there had to be some magic trick or some kind of tool you could wave over your computer and almost instantly you would be making thousands and thousands of dollars; and eventually millions of dollars with blogging.

I can tell you now the secret to being successful at Blogging is (drum roll please)……… there is NO secret at all.

That is right. You can look to your hearts content anywhere and everywhere ,but you will find no magic pill to make you successful at Blogging. None, Nada !!

Now that being said if you want to be successful at this stay at home business it is imperative that you learn from people who have had success in making money blogging. And you need to read the numerous steps to take to get on the right track from those who have done it before you.

But like everything else your gonna have to put some work and time behind it.

Sorry to deflate anyone’s expectations out there but the fact is there aint no secret formula to becoming a successful blogger !! PERIOD !

(FYI, I have written a series on making money blogging (in this blog) a couple of months ago that you can get a good jump start with success . Check it out starting HERE !)

I think if I had to choose one thing to concentrate first on when starting blogging is the theme of it. In other wards,what are you gonna blog about.

Make sure it is something that you have some passion about but also make sure that it is something that gets enough traffic each and every month so you can make it a viable business.

I know I am passionate about making turnip soup but I would be inclined to guess that there is not many people who search for the term phrase ‘how to make turnip soup’ in Google every month. So you will have a hard time making money blogging off such little potential traffic.

Now if you want to build a blog about ‘Cooking at Home’ then you have something to get started with. That is a huge niche and it is very competitive but has great potential if you stick with it over time and can write quality and helpful content to your visitors. Honestly, this Niche is a huge one to make huge money if you know what you are doing !!

So wrapping it up you need to make sure you have a topic you have interest and experience in and one that has potential search traffic each month and one that you can knock out some great content off the top of your head week in and week out.

This is a great formula to get started with making money blogging.

Is this a magic pill ?? No, but if done over time with consistency and persistence it can sure make some magical things happen in your Life 🙂

Cheers to our Success,

One Big Trap that will Keep You From Ever having a Successful Business from Home !

Having a business from home , whether it be part time or full time, can be an endeavor that frustrates many people.

Having had home businesses for a number of years I can say that there is one thing that will cause the surmise of many hopeful entrepreneurs from having success.

I can  attest to this because I have personally seen others guilty of this, and I myself have had to fight this negative tendency off .

I term it the ‘Roller Coaster phenomenon’.

Here is a description of it.

You join a program or start your own home business and are just totally stoked about this new endeavor that is going to give you financial independence and more.

You come out of the gates running like a top stud at the Kentucky Derby.

You do all the right things. You have done your research , set goals you want to achieve, you have a real game plan and a vision where you want to be 6 months done the road ,2 years, 3 years and more.

Everything looks great. The novelty of your business from home is going strong ,and you cannot be stopped.

Well, here comes the problem and this problem seems to plague many who want to be home business owners.

Some time down the road, whether it be a few weeks or a few months the novelty of your new business will wear off. There will be days you will not see much progress ,and you thought things would be running on all cylinders by then.

What happens here ? Most people just kind of half haphazardly run their home business. They really do not feel like working it most days. The excitement is gone and many just throw the towel completely in and move on to something else.

Kind of sad, uh ?? Here is really the sad part. If many of these people would have stuck around a little longer and worked straight  through those boring ‘doldrums’ , success would have been right around the corner for them.

I myself have been gotten caught in the doldrums of running a business.

Here are some things things that have helped me combat the ‘boring periods’ in your home business  and we help you also.

1. Realize that even Donald Trump has experienced lulls in his business career. Times he wasn’t sure he wanted to get up and keep doing some of the boring things that most people do not want to do after the novelty of the business is gone. So make a note of this and look at this as a challenge and if you want Success you must really focus on your business even on days you do not feel like it. Just know there will be a payoff later.

2. Right down your goals, and visions for your business and place it right in front of you so you can see it every day.

3. Also right down on another piece of paper that lulls in your business from home  WILL  happen. Times where you will feel like not doing anything and maybe just feel like giving it up.

It is just a natural part of being a entrepreneur.

However , look at this as an opportunity and  time to capitalize ! You know many, many others will bow out and because you did not it will mean more potential Success for you.

I know it can sometimes be easier said than done.

And I think it sounds cliche but the adage ‘no pain no gain’  can be applied to the home business world too 😉

Sticking things out doing the little things no one else wants to do each and everyday sets apart the winners from the losers ! 🙂




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So you think you are going to walk in here and make a million dollars in Network Marketing ? Yeah Right !

Thats a joke right ?? I got a bridge in Manhattan to sell you if you think that rings true 😉

Well, unfortunately many believe that thru the hype and the misguidance from others that
Network Marketing is a get rich quick scheme that happens overnight or in a few months. And that you will
have large residual income with little to no work. Just recruit and watch your downline multiply as fast as rabbits in heat 🙂

Let me tell you nothing could be further from the truth.

Network Marketing like every other business on this planet. It takes time, work, and patience. It also takes a lot of strong will and self motivation. It is not for everybody that’s for sure !

That being said there has been changes in the last 15 years or so that makes it easier than ever to make
some substantial income from best network marketing companies than it did back 25 or 30 years ago.

With the internet , you open yourself up to many options of marketing an MLM opportunity.

Probably the best way to do this is building up and audience and eventually a list that really trusts you and eventually
believes in you and the product you offer; in this case a MLM opportunity.

There are several ways to do this.

One is by social media like Facebook and twitter.These are great avenues to
pursue and you can build fan pages and spread the word of mouth doing this very effectively. Building a network downline this way.

But ,imho, to really build an impressive audience that follows and keeps coming back to you for more and more …….well an Authoritative blog is the way to go. One that is centered around your MLM opportunity and hopefully you are part of one of the best network marketing companies !

Building a blog and getting laser targeted traffic that wants to get into a home business like MLM is
no easy task. However, it is a ‘simple’ endeavor that must be done with patience and work.

You need to come up with fresh, original content on a regular basis. And do the necessary SEO to get organic traffic from Google.

Once you start seeing the google traffic coming in then you need to capitalize
off this by having a capture box and auto responder in place.

This is a necessity and it really takes 3 to 4 times to get the opportunity in front of
the potential customer’s eyes before they decide to buy or in this case join your MLM team.

Aweber is a great auto responder to use and is reasonably priced at $19 a month.

Once you start building a list of people who really have trust in what you do then you can definitely take it to a new level.

I cannot understate the importance of building up your brand and your authority and leadership of what your blog and MLM is about. It will mean the difference of just surviving or actually thriving ! 😉

So have I changed my original stance I presented at the beginning of this post ? Nope, you will not become a millionaire very quickly with MLM.

But I will say that if you pick one of the best network marketing companies to join and it has a great track record ; then after 3 to 4 years of putting 10 hour work weeks into your MLM biz you can put the odds in your favor of earning to $100K a year. No guarantee of course. But just from historical references this seems to have some truth to it !

Its not a million dollars, but it definitely aint no chump change 🙂

Make it a great one.