So you think you are going to walk in here and make a million dollars in Network Marketing ? Yeah Right !

Thats a joke right ?? I got a bridge in Manhattan to sell you if you think that rings true 😉

Well, unfortunately many believe that thru the hype and the misguidance from others that
Network Marketing is a get rich quick scheme that happens overnight or in a few months. And that you will
have large residual income with little to no work. Just recruit and watch your downline multiply as fast as rabbits in heat 🙂

Let me tell you nothing could be further from the truth.

Network Marketing like every other business on this planet. It takes time, work, and patience. It also takes a lot of strong will and self motivation. It is not for everybody that’s for sure !

That being said there has been changes in the last 15 years or so that makes it easier than ever to make
some substantial income from best network marketing companies than it did back 25 or 30 years ago.

With the internet , you open yourself up to many options of marketing an MLM opportunity.

Probably the best way to do this is building up and audience and eventually a list that really trusts you and eventually
believes in you and the product you offer; in this case a MLM opportunity.

There are several ways to do this.

One is by social media like Facebook and twitter.These are great avenues to
pursue and you can build fan pages and spread the word of mouth doing this very effectively. Building a network downline this way.

But ,imho, to really build an impressive audience that follows and keeps coming back to you for more and more …….well an Authoritative blog is the way to go. One that is centered around your MLM opportunity and hopefully you are part of one of the best network marketing companies !

Building a blog and getting laser targeted traffic that wants to get into a home business like MLM is
no easy task. However, it is a ‘simple’ endeavor that must be done with patience and work.

You need to come up with fresh, original content on a regular basis. And do the necessary SEO to get organic traffic from Google.

Once you start seeing the google traffic coming in then you need to capitalize
off this by having a capture box and auto responder in place.

This is a necessity and it really takes 3 to 4 times to get the opportunity in front of
the potential customer’s eyes before they decide to buy or in this case join your MLM team.

Aweber is a great auto responder to use and is reasonably priced at $19 a month.

Once you start building a list of people who really have trust in what you do then you can definitely take it to a new level.

I cannot understate the importance of building up your brand and your authority and leadership of what your blog and MLM is about. It will mean the difference of just surviving or actually thriving ! 😉

So have I changed my original stance I presented at the beginning of this post ? Nope, you will not become a millionaire very quickly with MLM.

But I will say that if you pick one of the best network marketing companies to join and it has a great track record ; then after 3 to 4 years of putting 10 hour work weeks into your MLM biz you can put the odds in your favor of earning to $100K a year. No guarantee of course. But just from historical references this seems to have some truth to it !

Its not a million dollars, but it definitely aint no chump change 🙂

Make it a great one.


It is the 21st Century and this is not your Father’s MLM company !

(Here is a original Article I wrote for another Blog. I think you will find it helpful… Rob)
I can remember back in the early 1980s I was playing Atari Pac Man over at a childhood friend of mine’s house in our suburban neighborhood in Tennessee. We were just sitting there chilling out and protecting ourselves
from that humid Summer heat that plagues that area in early August.

A few minutes went by and all of the sudden the door flew open with a ruckus, and it was my friend’s dad. He about scared the bonkers out of us. We didn’t know what he was murmuring about , but in a hurry he made his way over to us to show us something he had just gotten.

It was some kind of Kit and on the outside of it there was one big, bold printed word on it, AMWAY ! Inside were endless brochures and paperwork and other stuff I really did not understand at that age .

Well, my friend’s dad proceeded to tell us this was his answer to financial freedom and the opportunity to make a million dollars.

I wasn’t sure what financial freedom meant at that time , but I sure knew that a million dollars was a lot of money lol

Now fast forward to 10 years later. At this time, I was a recent grad from University of Tennessee Business school. I knew a little bit more than I did years before about most everything including the financial arena.

That Summer after graduation I was sitting downstairs in my parent’s house. And I heard some quick moving steps coming down the stairs towards me . It was my brother, Mike. And guess what he was holding in his hand ? You got it, a Kit with a distinct printing on the outside that read Amway !

Well, to make a long story short my brother and I became distributors for Amway that year. We worked it for a few months and decided it had too expensive products and it was hard to build an Organizational down line with such
pricey items like 7$ tooth paste and $5 under arm deodorant. And this was like 1991 !!

We tried several more Network Marketing Companies including some health and nutrition companies and water filtration but the same thing; expensive prices to become a Associate and expensive products to try to hawk to your down line.

And going out to recruit new distributors was almost impossible as every friend and relative ran the other way when they saw us coming to pitch them again and again with our business ventures.

It was just one big dead end street for us.

My how things have changed in Network Marketing in the past 25 years or so.

With the advent of the World Wide Web there are numerous <a href=””>Network Marketing Opportunities</a> to take advantage of as communication is so much faster and effective than the old archaic ways of the early nineties and the eighties !

Emails, chat lines, instant messaging, skype, tweeting, Facebook Walls are a few of the numerous mediums people can network and build up a network marketing business.

It has been quite a revolution in the way we communicate and conduct business !

It is just not your so called ‘warm list’ that you have to rely on to build a successful MLM. You know your family, friends, co workers, neighbors, and most anyone with a pulse and trying to get them into Amway like my brother and I did in 1991 lol

These days many people get online and try to find businesses that they can start up immediately and do it from home. One good way to find this kind of valuable traffic is to do some SEO and make a Website or Blog and rank high in the Search Engines at Google and Yahoo !

The search engines will provide your Site with laser targeted visitors and instead of running down after uncle Joe to get him to join your MLM ,you will have John Doe running you down to get in your MLM 😉

That is a nice change of dynamics wouldn’t you say ?? 🙂

Other ways such as running solo ads in a business forum or just socializing with like minded people on Facebook and other online social outlets are really great ways in building your business.

However, there is also some short falls in building your Network Marketing Business online. With the convenience of being online also comes the convenience of anonymity which can lead to scams and other forms of misconduct.

There are countless number of people and businesses that have lost a tremendous amount of money because they
were dealing with con artist and dealing with people who were just no good and looking for prey behind their computers !

The proliferation of MLMs on the Web has probably increased by 10 fold compare to all the MLMs back in the early nineties. This is great is some respects but like I said it can be bad for some who jump in a MLM on the spur of the moment.

If you do decide you want to get into a network marketing company just be sure to check out the founder of the MLM and all the upper executives. See what their track records have been.

Contact other associates who have been there awhile and get their opinion. Ask yourself are the products of quality and value ? Is it something that retail customers would be keen on buying ? Or is it just some high priced product that never reaches the real market but is there to be dumped on every down line member for up line commissions ? Also make sure the upfront cost to start are reasonable.

And one last thing is to just put the MLMs name into Google search and see if there are many articles that question its authenticity.

Because you want to be safe and as I said before and will say again this is not your Dad’s MLM back in the 1980s :>)

What the Hell is Going through Your Mind When You Neglect Your ‘Warm List’ for Building Up a Network Marketing Business

Hey folks I hope you all are having a good one. I know I am looking forward to a good weekend with family and friends. It is always such a joy to interact with them and hang out with them.

And this brings a very important topic I want to present to you. It has to do towards building a successful Network Marketing Business and something many of you should take heed of.

I know with the popularity of social media (like Twitter, You Tube, and Facebook,) Network Marketers want to dive in and have ALL their focus on getting new associates utilizing these outlets !

Well, of course many of us know this is a great way to build a Networking Marketing Business. However, I would definitely NOT put all your EGGS in just social media.

Just let me take you down yesteryear back 20, 30, 40 years ago. I remember an influx of distributors with Amway, Herbalife, Shakelys and others who became millionaires and multiple 6 digit figure earners year after year after year.

People from the outside shook their heads wondering how they did it. Was it luck and just being at the right place at the right time ? Or maybe these people were at the top of the hierarchy and made money from all those below ?

I will answer this with a resounding NO !! You know how these Amway soldiers made their millions ? From good ole hard work by networking with family members, friends, co workers, Pta associates, church members, and literally anyone who could breath and eat.
Yeah you know the ones at the old strip malls who handed out flyers to every Tom, Dick, and Harry who was in the parking lot going to their car.

These people grew humongous down lines. They helped their personal sponsors in developing their own down lines. And trained them to do the same etc..etc.. This was truly building a business from the grass roots up !

And their was no internet back then. Just neighborhood Tupper Ware parties and Water filtration systems set up at local grocery stores.

These people were troopers and it all started with one person telling the other person on the street that he might want to take a look at this product and its income opportunity !

To me that is pretty darn powerful , and I think more of us should not turn our back on this seemingly archaic but actually quite effective way in building our Network Marketing Business 😉

Cheers to those guys who blazed the trail for us Network Marketers in the 21st century !! 🙂



P.S. And guys this is a very important P.S. ! At least have 20 to 30% of your personal sponsored affiliates be from your ‘Warm List’ ! Think about it. If many people do not know how to market a business online then how will that be duplicatable for Joe the pizza guy who has no computer ? Let him know he can do this working with his ‘Warm List’ just like you did.

The Five Factors You Must Look at to Determine if Any MLM Opportunities are Illigal Pyramid Schemes……….

Well, I must say there are a number of MLM Opportunities that are really just plain old Pyramid schemes and are deemed  illegal by the FTC !

Back in 1991 I was involved with a network marketing company . The products centered around home water filters and humidifiers. My brother was excited participating in it.  I was too.

I remember at one of the rally meetings a man stood up to talk about how he made 25k per month with the company , and he was only 19 years old.

Needless to say , this company went under water for a while because the FTC looked upon it as  illegal.

The reason why ?  In this program , you could actually buy a certain amount of product from the git go and  be placed  in a higher commission tier.

In other wards, if you bought say  $500 worth of inventory you were at 25% commission of your referrals’ earnings and if you bought $1,000 worth of inventory (i.e water filters, humidifiers)  you would make 40% commission or there about !

It was indeed a pyramid scheme !

So I will give <b>5 factors</b> you need to look for to determine whether you are dealing with a Pyramid scheme or not.

<b>1. If the company is requiring very large sums of money to become a network associate with them,  then that is a big red flag. Stay away !

2. If any MLM Opportunities require you to buy into a certain amount of inventory  to qualify for payout then this could be a pyramid scheme. This is called upfront loading ,and it is the reason why the one I talked about earlier got slapped big time by the FTC. My brother and I purchased over  $1,000  in inventory to start out as a diamond associate.

3. If the associates within any MLM Opportunities concentrate to a high degree about the income opportunity and push the attributes of the Product itself to the side…….well, then this is a tell tell sign that this company is headed in the wrong direction.  It is probably nothing more than a Ponzi scheme which is illegal.

4. If the whole MLM program is based on a flimsy product that has no intrinsic value ,and  it is  product you can find most anywhere including Walmart  then this is something you should take note of and turn and run the other way. (Especially if there is no retail sales of the product , to speak of.)

5. Finally, look at the top executives at any Network Marketing Company and ask yourself whether they seem credible and sincere about starting the company. Personally, ask questions about their track record. Or if they were in another MLM Opportunity before. If so,  why did they leave that one and start this one. Basically, get a feel for the overall motives of the founder and leaders of the organization. If they are kind of vague about any of these questions or seem uneasy when you ask them , then reconsider joining them. It may just be an overnight scam where the top in charge get their money and leave while the others are left hanging (i.e. Pyramid Scheme)</b>

I hope this helps when you are trying or considering to join a Network Marketing Company. There are plenty of good ones. Ones where the last to join do not have to be the losers.

Remember, if you are at the end of the ‘ totem pole’  in  any MLM Opportunities but really like the actual product and continue to use it , well then no one loses !


In some of the Best MLM Companies you can Sit back and do nothing and maybe Strike it Rich by Luck, but in Most of Them You Have To…………

work very hard to earn a nice income and it takes patience and time  to start and sustain such a long term business. (Yes, as I said even in some of the best mlm companies !)

Hey listen folks, there is no denying that there have been times when 70 yr. old grandmothers or 18 college students have joined an MLM company and made big time money solely through the work of others.

That happens occasionally especially if there is forced spillover in an MLM. Essentially, this means that people spill over into your downline and you get credit for it even though you had nothing to do with sponsoring them.

It is a nice benefit and some of the best mlm companies implement it !

But I will venture to say that 99% of the time you have to put in the blood, sweat, and tears just like everyone else does if you want to have success in this business.

What do I mean by work ? Well, it means doing the small things everyday , day in and day out. Doing the things that most people do not want to do. Whether it be making a phone call to a prospect or watching video after video on how to become a better leader in your Organization.

So lets say you get into one of the best MLM Companies with great products and great support and great vision.

What next, how do you succeed ??

The first thing you need to do is also have a vision for yourself and what your desires and wants are as a Member and for your Organization. Have a game plan for the next 3 months, then 6 months, year etc..etc.. Write them down if that helps you more easily to focus on them.

Equally important is to make connections with fellow associates within the Organization.

This may be with your direct upline sponsor or in many people’s cases someone else who can give you strategies and advice in becoming a Leader within your Organization.

In a perfect world we would have our Upline sponsor be there to move us a long to be successful in this business.

But I can personally attest that  many times this is not the case. 😉

As you continue your membership with an MLM keep note that you are Sharing you product and opportunity with people, NOT selling it. There is a huge difference.

Most people when they sell something they  go right into the financial benefits and how much money their prospect can make and why they must join now to get spillover etc…etc..

Basically it becomes an overload of info. for your Prospect and he is totally turned off by this and figures it is to hard to do. To him it is another Amway pitch !

Instead , tell the prospect you are working on a project with some other partners and would like to get some feedback from him on some videos. Make it short and to the point with no ‘salesy’  pitch.

After doing this over and over again and adding your own spin around it you will start seeing success.

Just remember to do less talking and more sharing.

Also getting a 3rd party member like your Upline sponsor and introducing them to your Prospect is a perfect way to reenforce the opportunity and at the same time you are conveying to your prospect that you have a Team that supports and helps each other. That is very positive

Finally, YOU must have lots of persistence and patience with this business to succeed! Even in the Best MLM  Companies this will be demanded !

Some days will be extremely difficult and you will wonder why you got into this thing. It happens to everyone. But also remember your work right here and now will have a payout down the road !

Indeed it will 🙂















I Told My Friend to Screw Off When He Approached Me with one of Those Networking Marketing Schemes.

Hey folks. I wanted to share this post at the top of my blog because it could make the difference in you making a thousand or two or more dollars than you are making now !

Long story short a little awhile back I had a friend come to me with a great opportunity he wanted me to look at . Well frankly when the words Network Marketing came out of his mouth I did an about face and started to run. But for some reason I looked into it and thought otherwise.. …

Network Marketing Dead ?? Now that I have studied it and gone over and over it I have to say that is a bunch of hogwash !

I will prove that you can capitalize off it with the right mindset and some time and work. And above everything else thrive off it with the right Network Marketing Company !

So guys I will get right to the nitty gritty with the Mobile App called I Living App ( ILA) :

1. What is it ? – A company that offers the  only App that will give you the first opportunity to earn some nice income ! The App itself will send each week excellent videos on self help, personal growth, personal success and other ways to make you better all the way around. It is one of the overall best network marketing opportunities  I have seen.

2. How much ? : This is one of the most affordable programs of its kind to be an Associate. At $9.95 a month and nothing more it is nominal to say the least as it is one of the best network marketing opportunities you will find that is based around a superior and usable product!

3. Why join ? : Well right now we are seeing a revolution in the way business and personal communication is done. We are moving from the PC market to the Mobile Market. This multi-billion dollar industry of Apps will double from 2012 to 2013 with its I phones, smartphones and related Apps…….. So we have just seen the tip of the iceberg !! As individuals
why not Capitalize off of it !

4. Compensation  : I will be sending you to our Website to further examine the possible income you can make with the ILA App. Like I said a grand to a few grand is definitely possible with some patience and work !

5. Why join right now ? : This Company is in Pre Launch which essentially means you will get in on the ground floor. I know this is cliche but it is true and this gives you an advantage . Spillover in this Network Marketing income structure will be somewhat prevalent now compared to later on. Spillover is when people are placed in your Downline who you never sponsored but you get full credit and commission from. But please guys do not rely on it !! Just look at it as a nice byproduct !

6. What this Program is and what it isn’t : First of all,  the whole program is based upon a very sound and helpful  product that happens to be in an explosive industry. It is no some flimsy product where people join to be just an Associate to earn money.

Secondly, if you think you will be able to become an Associate and earn 50K in a couple of months , then think again. This is a long term business and should be treated as one. Many traditional companies do not become profitable for two years or so. I think it can be done quicker than this but it WILL take some time and work.

7. My Promise and Commitment to you and how we will get you on the track to Success Okay in this business it is truly about having a Team that works effectively and in unison  together to reach goals that otherwise would be unattainable. As Leader of this Team, I am committed to really engaging with you and helping you on a day to day basis or week to week basis. Unlike  some upline sponsors I am there for you anytime and every time you need it ! Your Success is my Success and my Success is your Success also !! 🙂

BtW, have done blogging in the last 5 years and have made money from helping people find ‘work at home opportunities ‘. It has been a pleasure to be able to do that.

But this opportunity I found has really been the best I have seen in my 5 years of making money on the Web. Seriously

In the last 15 years I scoffed at any network marketing opportunities………that is until now . 😉

Remember, it is the first and only  App to do this and the income from this Network Marketing Opportunity and referral system to me was a no brainer and I had to capitalize off it.

You may too.
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Robert Marsh
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