Why this Blog and My Reason for Starting it ??

I started in Internet Marketing 6 years ago. I have loved it every since and have had many successes and many failures.

Through time I have learned a tremendous amount ! The experiences Ive had over these years and the principles I have acquired in having success on the internet have put me in a position to really be able to share with others and help them in their pursuit of making money online from home much like I did.

Who am I Targeting with my Blog and Who are You ?

Okay I know a ton , I mean a ton of Internet Marketers and Bloggers who focus strictly on helping other Internet Marketers and bloggers sell things and teach other internet bloggers on how to sell and teach to other internet marketers and bloggers on how to teach and sell things to other internet marketers and bloggers etc..etc… Get the picture ? 😉

To me this primary focus of a business model kind of gets boring . There are so many people trying to pursue this IM niche. Do not get me wrong I have learned a lot from people who choose this particular Niche to help and share knowledge (and make money off of) with other bloggers and other established Internet Marketers.

But my main goal from the git go with my blog is to really help out those people who barely know what a blog is let alone what SEO means ( Search Engine Optimization) or Keyword Research or what a anchor text back link is.

No, my priority has and always will be to help those people who need extra money for their household. Maybe, someone who just got laid off from their job, or help a stay at home mom who needs to utilize her spare time in making money for her family. I also try to present opportunities for students, disabled people or just anyone who really needs some extra money working from their home computer.

And just maybe, just maybe with some work and time they can turn this extra money into a full time gig. If you are reading this that may include YOU ! 🙂

That’s the ultimate goal here :>)

Now I do have material that can also help out experienced bloggers and seasoned Internet Marketers so I also keep that in mind too.

But as I said earlier when you come to my blog I am more keen in helping those who want to see that they can actually start earning money online.

And believe me it is a big thrill to see that first $5 earned. It is a monumental moment. Because if you are like me when I first started, all you here is others telling you that making money online is a scam in of itself and that no money can be earned.

Well, I am here to say you can. And once that first $5 is earned if you have the right knowledge and motivation you can ‘scale’ up to earn $10 then $30 then you will reach the $100 plateau and etc..

Just be patient and work at it and be excited even when you do not feel excited. If that makes sense lol!!

So join me in this journey, and I look forward to getting to know many of you and helping you get to that first step in making your own money online.

And If at anytime you ever have any questions feel free to drop me an email @ramsb70@yahoo.com !

Robert Andrew

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Sometimes Sticking to What You Know………. is the Best Way for Success to Earn Money from Home !

I talk a lot about ways that you can really earn money from home even if you have never done so in the past.

And I have to admit sometimes I over look programs that are so easy to earn money from the git go.

I have talked about it in the past ,and I am sure I will talk about it a lot in the future.

But Cash Crate and Fusion Cash are the two which I have taken for granted for the last 6 yeas. But you need not take them for granted because they can be very nice income makers. Heck, it is so easy to earn money from home with them that you can be 13 years old and become a member.

Now you aint gonna be super rich doing Cash Crate or Fusion Cash but if you want to make some money to pay for a house mortgage or part of a college tuition then these two programs are just for you.

We are coming down to the end of 2013. You with that comes the Christmas Season. If you are anything like me this can be a time where you are trying to scrape together some extra money to help out with others and provide them with a Christmas that will make them feel happy and blessed.

With FusionCash and CashCrate you can really get a leg up on this quest. Having a few hundred extra bucks for holiday cheer can go along way for somebody

I enjoy working with new referrals who join my Organization. As it is very fulfilling for me. Actually, I really prefer using the word business partners rather than referrals because this is definitely a small business; not some kind of short term scheme . It is a legit way to earn money from home.

It really is easy to get started. And remember with FusionCash you will get $5 for just signing up as a free member.
The two banners you can find below right here. And also on the side of the blog.
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Cheers and have a scary Halloween ;),

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