I am Cutting Back Posting on my Make Money from Home Blog Here

Hey guys. I hope you are doing good.

In the last 7 months with this blog, I have really made a concerted effort to bring you the very best information on work from home businesses that you can make money from home with right now. Most of them I do and continue to do and make profits from.

I really do enjoy doing this, and I know many of you have really learned a lot and benefited from it.

That is what I intended to do all along. 🙂

However, right now I am in the midst of taken on a whole new project that does not have much to do with this blog. It deals with Internet Marketing of course. But it is brand new to myself.

I am learning the ropes on this new venture as we speak, and it looks like it will turn out to be a great success.

The learning curve with this venture is steep so I am going to concentrate most of my efforts towards it.

Consequently, I will not be updating my regular twice a week postings here. Probably more like once every couple of weeks or so.

I do regret having to cut back as this Site will always be my ‘baby’. 😉

But I look forward in months down the road to come back and give you the follow up details of my new venture and how it may be something you can pursue also.

I will conclude this post by saying that if you want to make money from home it really is not that hard.

I present plenty of resources on how to do just that if you go through some of my archives.

I also have constantly repeated that you can make money from home and do it full time. But only after putting in the necessary work and hours it takes to get to that level.

Folks, you need to take those baby steps. Start out with a small program making a few bucks a day and then gain the confidence and experience to make more as time goes along.

It is called scaling up. And if you can make $2 in one day everyday then if you work at it you can scale up and make $4 per day and so and so on.

The sky is the limit. It aint a piece of cake but put your mind to it and see what happens. :>)

Best Regards,

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Is ‘ Site Build It ‘ a Good Program for You Newbies to start a Blog or Website ??

You know I have always stuck by my assertions that anyone can start blogging and make it a go with a total outlay of of starting with less than $15 a month.

Not bad for having your own business and it has been a proven system that with time and patience it is a great way to learn how to make money on the internet.

Do You Need ‘Site Build it’ When You Start Out

Now, I have heard about ‘Site Build it’ for quite some years now. I have heard of a few positive reviews but most have been negative reviews and very dissatisfied customers.

One of the reasons that really turns me off about ‘Site Build it’ is that you pay $30 per domain a month to have your own website (hosting with them) and all the tools and expertise from SBI. That is $30 per domain. You add another domain it is like $60 a month and so on and so on.

Why would any one in their right mind participate in this ??

Also, I have read many reviews that SBI positions itself to compete with WordPress as a blogging platform. Which I highly doubt that they can compare to.

Especially when considering SBI does not even have a simple ‘auto save’ which should be a standard ‘no brain’ function for a blogging platform. So if you have a power surge your whole Post you worked diligently on is wiped away and irretrievable !

That would suck, huh ?? 🙁

Personally, from my view point I find SBI big waste of money that could be used in other areas that could benefit your Internet Marketing. If you want to learn how to make money on the internet then do not rely on this Company !

For instance, everything I learned about Internet Marketing and Blogging was at Warriorforum.com and a couple of other forums ! What I have been privy to there and my own experiences in my actual blogging were free and cost me just some time.

I chose to build this Blog to share my knowledge and experience from my own blogging in the last 6 years.
Of course, the information is free here ,and I would not have it any other way because I got the same thing from other free forums and blogs when I first started out.

Hence, I choose to pay it forward :>)

Take some time to go over to Warrior forum to get a good foundation of how to be successful at IM. You do not need to pay any $30 a month per domain to get started in this business.

You can go to a number of hosting companies and pay a flat $10 a month and have unlimited domains and Sites. A domain you can find as cheap as $7 a year too.

So this price notion with ‘Site Build It’ is ludicrous.

At SBI , they tout that it is a good starting place for newbies on how to make money on the internet with all their tools. Many (if not all) of their tools are free on the internet and some are outdated at that.

So summing it up, I just thought I would bring these points up to anyone here at my blog thinking about joining SBI……….Just do your self a service and walk away !! 😉

Shoot, I will take anyone of you by the hand and walk you through the necessities in getting started in blogging and Internet Marketing if that what it takes for you to stay away from this company.

Peace out,

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Cashcrate is the First Program I Learned How to Make Money From Home with !

Okay I remember back in January 2007 when I was joining a lot of paid survey sites and a number of GPT ( get paid to) Sites one that really caught my attention was called Cashcrate.

And what really made my mouth start to water a little bit is when I stumbled upon a young lady named Amy Bass and her Blog called debt free goal. At her Site I saw some of the money she was making with Cashcrate. Here is a link to let you take a peek from what she was making just after being a member for a few months or so HERE

Her next month’s check bolted over $1,800. Not too shabby for a little part time gig.

But let me make this clear. Amy is just a handful of people to reach this level with CshCrate. I know for a fact that she still makes a few hundred bucks a month strictly from referrals ( this is NO work just passive income) but the $1,800 per month earnings is no longer there for her.

To sustain nearly $2,000 a month with Cashcrate over a period of time you would have to put in an amazing amount of hours and be a little bit fortunate or have some lucky situations come your way.

I view Cashcrate as more of a company where you can become a free member and with work you can get to making some passive income that will help pay for a car loan or mortgage payment. Or let you take your family on vacations, pay for the essentials in life like food and clothes, or just give you the ability to put some money in your piggy bank. )

The fact is you will not make a fortune with CC, but I know it is a legitimate way to start earning money almost immediately.

For me, it was the first program of any kind to teach me how to make money from home on the Internet.And I still consistently make money from this really cool company.

Here are the Three Ways to Make Money at CASHCRATE

1.Daily Surveys – Much like Fusion Cash you can start off doing their daily surveys. They are around $1 that you can earn. So starting right there that is close to $30 a month just by taking one survey a day. Nice little cash flow.

2. Free Offers – You can make $100 to $200 per month by taking free Offers and joining Trial memberships. There are many people who just do the offers and earn a nice part time little living. Not extravagant but good extra change.

3. Referrals – This is the most lucrative way to make money with CC. As I have said earlier a lot people just spend their time making some nice money doing the offers and surveys. But the referral system really can take your earnings to a different level. Liked I talked about earlier with Amy, she made most of her money with referrals. But remember for everything to work everyone must do some offers and daily surveys to make the referral system runs smoothly. Otherwise people would just join to be referrer and no one would make money because you get commission of what other people make in doing offers and surveys.
Hope that makes sense.

Here is the low down of the commission you get and how to make money from home doing referring:

Bronze – 0 Active Referrals – 20% First Level, 10% Second Level
Silver – 50 Active Referrals – 25% First Level, 10% Second Level
Gold – 150 Active Referrals – 25% First Level, 15% Second Level
Platinum – 300 Active Referrals – 30% First Level, 15% Second Level
Elite – 500 Active Referrals – 30% First Level, 20% Second Level

So if you just start out as referrer with Cash Crate, anyone you bring on aboard with CC you earn 20% of the dollar amount they make in completing Offers and Surveys. And anyone they bring aboard you earn an additional 10% !

Pretty cool ,uh ??

Well, in the next few posts I will go over some ways to get referrals with Cashcrate and Fusion Cash too. So stay tuned.

Join below !

Hope you have a great day,

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

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Tell them to F$$k off if Anyone Asks You to Pay for a List of Paid Online Surveys .

Back in 2007 when I first started looking for ways to make money, I came upon a number of companies that seemed good at the time ,but were really not very ethical and borderline scam.

Specifically, I remember one Company that had like a $35 fee to join. And the product you received was a legitimate list of Survey Sites you could take and make money with.

It was and is called Survey Scout. I would just soon you stay way from them and keep the $35 in your pocket.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY for any list of legitimate survey sites.

Back in 2007 , one of the other factors that nearly seduced me into joining Survey Scout was the fact you could become an Affiliate with them. So if you joined you could act as an Affiliate and anyone you brought on board to pay the $35 you got like $24 back to you as a commission . Pretty enticing, uh ??

Well to me I thought about it and realized that it was just wrong to make money off people by selling them a List of paid online surveys that they could get for free.

There are other sites that practice them same way as Survey Scout. Make sure to always be wary of these companies.

I will say it again folks, YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY for any list of legitimate survey sites.

To help any of you all out there who do want a small list of Quality Survey Companies for free that you can earn money with here you go : ( Btw, none of these are affiliate link of mine 😉 )

1. globaltestmarket.com‎
2. opinionoutpost.com/‎
3. pineconeresearch.com/‎
4. FusionCash.net ( Gpt Site and Survey Site)
5. Cashcrate.com ( GPT Site and Survey Site)
6. SurveySpot.com
7. mysurvey.com

Every one of these I have made money . And on a consistent basis.

Now I know that many of you guys are looking for more ways to make a lot of money on here. These are just some good tools to add to your money making arsenal 😉

A few bucks here and a few bucks there can eventually add up to lot.

Now remember as I have said before you will have a pr-screening list of questions to see if you qualify for any paid online surveys that you are being invited to take part in. In other wards, if the survey calls for a 50 year old to give his opinions on what cable channels he likes then if you are 23 you will not qualify.

So just move on and you will get some survey invitations that you will qualify for.

Just do not be discouraged because everyone experiences this.

Btw, it might be common sense for many of you but always have a designated email address to receive all of your survey invitations. When you sign up for a survey site you will have to enter an email along with other personal info. . And you do not want to enter your regular email address because it will get cluttered with survey invites
( and they may accidentally go to your junk folder) .

Hope this helps and remember to just give the middle finger to those companies that ask you to whip out your wallet for a list 😉

Robert Andrew

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How I Blog to Make Money…… How Do I exactly Do it ? Where Do I Do It ? And How You Can Do It as Well !

There has always been a debate in the online home business specter of how you should carry about your everyday way of business (in particular with blogging)…….You know how do you prepare yourself in writing your next Post, where do you physically blog from, where do you get your ideas , how long should your Post be etc…

Let me tell you how I do it.

1.My Area in my House I sit to Blog

Right now I am curled up comfortably in my tempurpedic bed with the fan blowing and a small cover on my legs. For me this is always how I worked from home.

Even when I was in high school and college, I would do home work and read from my couch or in my bed or a bean bag.

I caught a lot of slack including from my parents, teachers and friends who said I needed to be sitting upright in a chair and sitting at a desk to be more productive.

I have tried it all my Life, experimenting here and there with a formal desk and chair and it is just not for me.

I just become more unproductive when I am sitting upright in a chair and desk. Obviously, I had to compromise during classes in College and High school sitting in school desks, but I sure was restless to book it on home to lay back in my bean ban and start studying for a test. 🙂

However, please do not be swayed by me. Many if not most people are more comfortable and productive when they do work (like blogging) from a designated office or desk in their homes.They have better access to things like copiers and faxes and office supplies.

So do not feel like you have to sprawl yourself out on your couch with over sized fluffed up pillows for your head to fit comfortably on. 😉

But if you really want to know how to make money on a blog just go with what naturally flows for you and do what has worked for you in the past.

2.Now as far as preparing how I post and when I do it

This is also something that seems to be up for continuous debate among Imers and Bloggers. I am from the camp that the more you can blog the better success your blog will have particularly with the Search Engines. If you can blog everyday and you have QUALITY, QUALITY content and can continue to do that for years then you are on your way to success.

However, most cannot do this and I would advise for most not to try it. Because more than likely you will burn out.

I try to adopt a plan that fits me and something I can do consistently. Right now I put up a new post on my blog twice a week. I do this nearly every week.

Many of you will be able to do a post once a week or once every month. But the key is to stick with it and be consistent.

Btw, I have no set time during the day for blogging. Sometimes I blog at night or sometimes in the morning. It usually depends how and when I want to complete other important stuff like promoting my blog or doing guest blogging.

For most I recommend doing it at a particular time during the day. I think having a routine in blogging can really help you long term.

3. What to Write About in my Next Post

To be honest this part of blogging is so natural for me. I will usual think a day or two before my time of blogging what I want to write about. It usually only takes a few minutes in my head to sort out exactly what I should and want to blog about. Focusing what will best benefit my readers and do it in a very engaging way.

Now for a lot of you guys this form of planning for your next post is not feasible. You may want to have some more structure to it. Getting out a pen and paper and writing ideas of what you want to say in your next post is always a good thing to do.
And for specific ideas ? Well, visiting other people’s blogs can be helpful. I personally like to go to Forums to see what others are saying about the problems they have with internet Marketing and Blogging.

Then I will make a Post in my Blog the next day that relates in alleviating that problem.

4.How Long Should Your Post Be

I used to be one of those bloggers who did the minimum of 250-300 word post. As I have matured as a writer, I try to hit a least 600-700 words for each of my post.

I can tell you this. When you start getting above 500 words per post the better all around your site does in the Search Engines and for your traffic and Readers in general.

And then you will start seeing how to make money on a blog and do it efficiently and effectively. :>)

So if you really write a LONG post with some content that truly helps people and really keeps them keep coming back for more…well then you are on your way to having yourself a winner !.

Hope this helps,

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Why Change of the Title with my name ?

Yeah I have had some unexpected security issues that have happened in the last few months and have been somewhat concerning to me. I guess it is part of the World of the Internet age we live in.

And after pondering it for awhile I thought it best I used my real first and middle name ,Robert Andrew, with this Site and not my real last name.

It probably will not make a difference in the grand scheme of things . There will always be perpetrators out there to mess with people on the Web. And No one is untouchable!

But I at least my wife and I will get at least a little bit of peace of mind. Not much but a little.

Thanks for my all Readers’ and hope you understand .

Robert Andrew