WARNING : If You Start to Try Making Money Blogging Please Do Not Use Google’s Free Blogging Platform !

Plainly said this is a HUGE mistake many of you beginners will make when trying to start your Blogging business.

I know I made this mistake when I first started to try making money blogging. I got away with it for a little while with a few of my sites but a few months ago I got shot down by Google.

Let me Explain My Sad Story with using Blogger Blog

When I first started Blogging in early 2008 every one I met at the time said I should use the free blogging platform at Google a.k.a Blogger or Blogspot.

That was cool.

But then others that I got to know said I should take it one step further and make sure to buy my own Domain at Google. So it would be my property instead of Google’s ( so when you start out with Blogger blog you get a free domain that say www.newbiesblog.blogspot.com.)

If you decide to go with Blogger at the beginning you must at least take $10 and own your own domain; minimum. Do this or suffer later.

But thru the last 5 years of my experience I STRONGLY recommend that you guys out there starting out with blogging take it even one step further and go ahead and move in a direction away from Google’s free Blogger platform and go to paid hosting and start blogging on the WordPress platform..

After much egging on by fellow bloggers, I started to make the transition from Blogger to Hostgator/Wordpress back in 2010.

At first I was intimidated on how to do this but I easily did it with some info. I found by doing some ‘Googling’.

Now I love WordPress, and it is the only platform to go with if you want to really be serious in making money blogging !

However, out of the 18 blogs I own I still kept about 5 at Blogger Blog because I liked the certain templates for those sites. Particularly my second highest earning blog to date .

It had a 16.9% CTR with Adsense over 4 years which is virtually unheard with other bloggers or website owners who run Adsnese. The template was just perfect, and it was a very reliably source of income. Month in and month out.

Well guess what the heck happened 3 months ago ??

Let me start out with the chain of events.

So one day I write a nice, new post for this 16.9% CTR Adsense blog and published it.

Two days later I decided I wanted to make some revisions to the Post so I went to log into my Administration panel and the dashboard. I made the changes but when I went in entered domain to look at the new edits the URL came up as an ‘404 error and the Servers no longer find or host this Url ‘ . Something to that extent.

So I said well that’s cool. I will try it again and it will come up. But sure enough time after time this message kept coming up.

So I decided to reboot my computer and figured that would do the trick. But my Url/domain could and would not ever come up again.

After over 5 years of this domain /blog being run successfully on Google’s free Blogger platform they completely shut down my Blog and domain. With any warning or any reason whatsoever ! All of the sudden, POOF, my Site is history 🙁
And making money blogging with this site was literally impossible !

I tried contacting Google and sending a reconsideration letter (this is a form you can fill out in your Webmasters tool to write to Google if your Site has been de-indexed and would like to know why and try to plead your case to be put back in the rankings to where you once were.) and waited for weeks to no avail.

I was crushed !

Luckily, I was smart enough to have bought my own domain. And I was able to export all my 200+ Posts (95% original might I add) over to Hostgator and WordPress.

But all my SEO and Google Rankings are gone. Its like this Site NEVER existed, and I am having to start over from scratch.

It is a bummer but I did manage to get over it and move on 😉

Iam starting over with this Blog and maybe in a couple of years and I will be making money blogging with it like I did in its old glory days of 2008-2012.

But this is a prime example why you should use paid hosting if you want to start blogging. It is just not worth the chance when you choose a free hosting platform like blogger. Your material and domain can be taken down anytime without warning.

So just beware of that folks !


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