The ONE Huge Mistake I made that YOU need to avoid if You Want to be Successful in Learning How to Make Money Blogging

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This mistake can literally cost you years in time and work and make you sitting their scratching your head like you got run over by a freight track !! lol

I can really remember like it twas just yesterday. That little light bulb went off in my head that I could take one small thing I was doing and turn it into something much bigger.

It was the end of 2007. I was doing pretty good with taking the Surveys online. It was not any major money but good enough to pay a bill or two for my family ( just me and my wife back then)

I happened to stumble upon a guy who was putting banners on his blog for survey sites. When people would click on his banner and join a survey site he would receive a commission.

I thought that was pretty cool. I found out the proper name of this kind of internet marketing was called CPA offers (short for Click per Action offers)

You can join these CPA sites that have products which you can offer your readers at your blog or website. And you make commission when they sign up or buy that product.

My favorite and still is CPA Site called Maxbounty.

Anyway, back to my story. I put up these banners for survey sites and I started blogging ( as I learned from some established bloggers on how to make money blogging) about how you can make money taking surveys.

Well, after a few months I started to see the traffic build up and my income started to drastically increase from these CPA offers and Adsense (Google Ads that are placed on your blog and you get paid for each click,)

Now I went for about 4 years straight doing this ; building up traffic and relying on people just clicking on my Survey Site banners and Adsense. It was truly passive income and a blessing as my work load seemed to get lighter and lighter and the income became more and more ! How to make money blogging seemed to be more and more effortless as the years went by.

I figured with age my Blog would just keep building and building from Google traffic as long as I had good, quality content.

I did build a list which every one said I needed to do but because my Site was centered around free money I actually made less with having this List. ( which rarely, rarely happens)

So I scraped the list building and went about my business making nice income for a number of years ago based on just clicks and banner offers on my Site.

But guess what the hell happen my fourth year ?? Well, good ole Mr.Google started to put the hammer down and implemented ‘Panda’ and ‘Penguin’ which were names given to changes in how Google ranked sites.

Many sites were fairly penalized during this and taken way down in the Search rankings. Sites that were spam and had no original and helpful content on them . These Sites were virtually tuned into over night ghost towns as all their traffic and income dried up.

Unfortunately, there were also many sites like mine that were legitimate ones with helpful content and not spam.

Long story short my traffic pretty dwindled to almost nothing overnight because of Google Search changes. Suddenly how to make money blogging seemed more and more complicated and less and less effortless

Now I could go on and on about how unfair Google was and how they cost many people millions of dollars.

But in hindsight it was pretty much my own fault for the predicament I was in.

I will just tell all you folks starting out (and this may apply to many who are experienced) to build a Site or Blog that has a diverse stream of monetization including above and beyond everything else…………BUILD A FREAKING LIST !
Period !!

You see that box at the upper right side of my blog which I offer the 3 best ways to make money and you just put your name and email there ? Well that is essentially what list building is.

So the number one thing you really need to do when learning how to make money blogging is build a subscriber base.

Relying on Google and Yahoo Search Traffic is a quick way to the poor house. Do not get me wrong. Still work on getting Search traffic as it is the most targeted traffic there is, but engage visitors to join or subscribe to that list or newsletter.

If you have a big list built up over time you can not just survive but you can thrive building relationships with your customers and selling them product that they really need.

You cannot imagine how many nights I have lied their restless in my bed wondering what things could have been now if I had just started building my list 6 years ago instead of just a couple years ago.

It cost me a lot of money and essentially when Google’s hammer came down, 4 years of my work went down the drain too.

I had to start all over again.

So peeps, if you take away anything from my blog do yourself a favor and do not make the HUGE mistake I made of just relying on Google for your traffic and income.

You need more than Clicks to make Blogging a full time income, thats for sure !!

So Build that list !!!

I plead to you 🙂


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  • timmy nacer says:

    Nice Article. I hear Adsense Sites can be pretty good with making money. But also here that GOOG is cracking down on them

  • jimmygold says:

    Hey Timmy,
    Made for Adsense Sites (MFA) were all the rage 5 years ago. People were putting up ‘thin’ sites that did not have much intrinsic value to them and making boat loads of money off them nonetheless.
    I did have some back then and still have a few Sites dedicated to Adsense advertising. They have suffered since the glory days but still make me money.

    You should NEVER put your eggs in one basket. Mainly because an Adsense Site relies strictly on Search traffic which can go up and down according to Google’s
    strict crackdowns.

    ALWAYS have an Authority Site if you are a blogger. One where you have really quality info. and loads and loads of well written Posts that actually help people 🙂

    Robert Marsh

  • Jb Rensold says:

    Thanks for the post. I started doing some CPA programs where I did not even have to have a website or blog. There are many ways to make a lot of money with CPA without having banners on a website or blog.

    Though, I do think you are really right about not having CPA programs on a blog without some kind of box to build a list.

  • jimmygold says:

    Hey Jb,
    You are right there are different systems to utilize CPA offers that do not involve any website or blog. I have made some money for instance using Craigslist wit Cpa offers.
    But from my experience you definitely break even but it wanes as time goes by.

    That is why I have stuck with doing CPA on blogs and websites!!

    Thanks for the comment,
    Robert Marsh

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