Hey Guys, You Do Not Need to be a Rocket Scientist to Make Money from Blogging !

I am just too much of a crappy writer to do blogging

Look at me. I can tell you over time I have developed into a fairly decent writer and blogger But I am no Ernest Hemingway. I never have been .So if I can do it anyone can do it with half a brain 🙂

And with time anyone can make money from blogging !

I just think there are a lot of people who get intimidated by the fact of starting a blog and trying to come up with material and what to say and how to say it to keep it interesting and to attract readers.

When it comes down to it you really do not have to be a Pulitzer award winning writer to  engage people with your blog and get them to want to come back reading again and again and ultimately make money from blogging.

On top of picking a niche that you have a whole lot of knowledge about and can help others with , the number one thing I can think of in making it easy to write to readers is to ‘pretend’  ( to yourself) like you are having a conversation with your best friend or family member.

How would you talk to them over the phone or in person about ‘cooking’ or ‘how to get rid of those unsightly pimples ‘ or just a slew of other topics you could blog about.

Folks, this really works. I myself do it all the time. Try it and I think it will make blogging easier for you and help you in the long term to make money from blogging.

And if it makes it easier to have the conversation out loud to yourself then by all means do it.

I think when people try to blog they really make it more complicated than it is. They try to think of the next word to say and how to put in down on paper and how to be clever in what they say etc…etc..

When all along they could have been talking to their brother ‘Seth ‘ or best friend ‘Sophia’ and making their blogging that much more effective and efficient.

You really need to practice this from the git go to get pretty good at it.

Heck you can even get on your cell phone and get some experience that way by just talking to a ‘ghost’ or getting a real person on the line.

And there are some people who actually get in front of their friends or family and just start talking about what they want to blog about and do some transcribing as they go along or have their friends do it when talking to them.

So I learned this is really a great technique to get your thoughts down on paper, And it will take you far in really building up a blog and enable you to make money from blogging with some real good information that comes straight from your own knowledge and heart and talking to yourself out loud 😉

You will find you can become a better write doing this.


What to Do if I feel Like I Will Always be a Crappy Writer No Matter How Hard I try ?

Well personally I believe with work and time anyone can be a half decent writer. Especially if they use the above technique.

But if by some small chance this still does not work, what do you do ? Well, the good thing about blogging is there are always ways to make it a go and a way to make money from blogging  no matter the circumstance.

So if you have a hard time putting your thoughts down in words you can always hire or outsource to writers. They call them Ghost writers and you can get some fairly good ones for $3 to $5 for every 200 words written for your post.

GetFreeLancer.com is a great place to find writers who can take on a project for you .

You can find many affordable ones that can be proficient in producing good articles for you.

Be sure to check out their background and ask them for examples of past articles they have written. It may take a little bit of investment but it sure is worth it if you want to be serious about blogging.

But guys overall with blogging you can easily start out with less than $50  in total. Try doing that with any off line business 😉

I know I did.

My next post I will be talking about what to do when the ideas for your next post become harder and harder to think of and the interesting topics to write about are seemingly becoming less and less with your chosen niche.

This is a problem for most every blogger at one point in their blogging career . I, myself, can sometimes fall into this unneeded lapse of mind creativeness ( if you want to call it that lol)

So stay tuned !


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  • Jerry gangas says:

    Hey Robert. A real good article. I have never thought about writing a post doing it this way.

    But makes perfect sense because it is easier to talk to a friend than typing words on a computer just silently talking to yourself.

  • jimmygold says:

    Thanks Jerry. I know I did not pick up on this until a couple of years ago. It just makes writing so much easier.

    Robert Marsh

  • Allan says:

    Nice article. Some good points on writing and blogging.

    Words do not come easy for me. I need help , try to hire people for $2 an article but not worth the headache because its terrible.

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