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Posted by Guest Blogger Joseph Dabon

If asked “Who invented the light bulb?” without doubt, our answer will be Thomas Edison.


Though not totally off the mark, it is not exactly accurate either. Edison is credited to have made the light bulb more efficient. Before he can do that, the light bulb has to be invented. And more than 20 inventors can be given credit for that.

Do you know what they all have in common?

They all wanted to come up with something new, something different, something beneficial to man.

And they failed countless of times before they succeeded. Thomas Edison made more than a thousand tests of as many types of materials before he came up with a bulb that burned brighter and longer.


Why am I talking of the light bulb? Because it is often used as a symbol of an “idea.” And ideas are the seeds that made man what he is today. Like the small acorn becoming the mighty oak or one stone put on top of another, and another and another gave birth to the great pyramids of Egypt.


The bulb is also an excellent example what you may, or must, do with yourself. Edison made the light bulb more efficient, you can do the same with yourself.


The difference is in the “How?”


Edison had nothing but an inquisitive mind. He had no knowledge. Everything, for him, was a secret. Everything he knew was built on trial and error; on experiments. And he erred countless of times. But he used his failures to teach him what and what not to do and try something else.

His success was built on his failures.

In inventing or reinventing yourself, you need not go through the path he took, fail as many times he failed. The Internet has made that possible. It has removed all secrets. Practically everything you need to know to make yourself burn brighter and longer is available.


But you have to search for them. Like Edison who scoured the entire world for materials to work on, you may have to spend endless hours looking for them. You may have to re-channel a lot of your work-for-money time to improving-yourself time.


If you can have to do that, fine. But are you certain that will make you what you want to be?


If you falter, even for a second, if there is a bit of doubt deep within you, then it is not good enough.


What you need is an array of materials to choose from, delivered to you wherever you are. i.e., at  home, at work, at play, anywhere in the world.


That means you can invent or re-invent yourself without losing a minute from what you are doing now. You lose no time, money and effort. Yet you gain what you need to know to improve yourself, make you burn brighter and longer.


Isn’t it awesome? Isn’t it great?


“How?” you may ask.

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This is guaranteed to do for you what Edison did to the light bulb – at a fraction of the time, effort and money he spent to do it. .



Joseph Dabon

Blogger, freelance writer and an ILA Associate – http://www.iLivingApp.com/studyandearn



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