A Work at Home Business I did 12 years ago, and did it Successfully for 4 Years on my Own !!

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Okay guys most of the stuff I will talk about on this blog has to do with my online endeavors that I have had some Success with. And I try to give you some advice and help in starting your own business online.

But make no mistake about it……….I will also talk a lot about a work at home business that may not be directly associated with the internet. There are a lot of good ones and I have had success with a number of them.

Let me just start from the beginning of how I got started with a pretty good one.

It was the Fall of 1998 and I was working as a inside sales rep for a large waste disposal company. I sold waste disposal services to businesses and some residential. Well, lets make a long story short. They downsized and unfortunately I was one of the employees who got the axe.

When I got let go it really thru me for a loop because I was expecting a raise or a promotion when boss man called me in his office on that fateful day.

When I walked away that day I was not sure what I was going to do. I really didn’t ! I sulked for a few days and then I decided to take some action so I went and bought one of those entrepreneurial magazines. And in it I found something that was very intriguing.

It cost about $100 and it was a work at home business and it seemed good so I gave it a go. Well, after getting the kit I immediately started and within a day I was making $100s of dollars.

You want to know what this brand new part time biz I had found ?? Painting address numbers on the side of people’s curbs. I had a template and some paint and some reflective glitter. People love this service because many times 911 in an emergency cannot see the numbers on their mailbox. So this gives residents a piece of mind to have this.

I did this successfully for about a year. I then decided to switch over to a similar product but much more lucrative.

You know what it was ?? It was ornamental address signs that people bought from me to put in their front yard. It looked very nice and along with that it gave a bright glow of the street address numbers for that home. I did this for 3 more years.

I did all this out of my own home. I made the signs there ,fielded calls and took orders, did my book keeping, and received my supplies there.

It was a nice one man show but I decided to move on after a few years. I had no children and was not married at the time so I was loving the freedom and flexibility of this work at home business

I thought about going back and doing it but just got caught up with doing other things in my Life.

It is really a great work at home business opportunity.

Just remember there are ALWAYS new houses being built and as a result there will be a need for these products for a very, very long time. Heck, just with the curb address painting alone every house that has had this service done will need it done again every 5 years or so when the paint wears off .

I charged $15 per address painted on curb and $50 for the standard Oak Ornamental sign with the thicker pole.

I think back then it was costing me $15 or so to buy from my suppliers for the signs. That is a pretty nice margin 😉

So HERE is my supplier and where you can get a manual/kit and pretty much start right away and it goes to the company’s home page. ( BtW, this is in no way an affiliate Link for me so I do NOT gain anything whatsoever from you joining and getting supplies 🙂

I think as a work at home business it is something you can take very far. At minimum you will at least be able to put some nice change in your pockets.


  • Jim says:

    That is a pretty coll business. I have been looking for something that has the potential to be worked fairly quiclky upstart.

    Never really thought about curb addresses and signs. I have my curb painted but never thought of it as business.

    One question is how do you get the business. Maybe you said it but wondering

  • jimmygold says:

    Jim, I put out flyers on a daily basis. Put them on door knobs and mail box posts. Be sure to not put them om the actual mailbox. I learned the hard way when the post master called me on the phone to b@tch me out about federal laws prohibiting this.

    Robert Marsh

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