Part 2 in Series – Setting up a Word Press Blog to Start Your Legitimate Home Business

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I remember when I was younger I worked at a company that was based around yellow page advertising. It was a cushy inside sales position as I pretty much only had to renew other businesses advertising in the yellow pages they had in the previous year. I did it from the comfort of a cubicle. It was easy money,no make that very easy money ! As close to a legitimate home business there is !

However, I remember boss man came in one day and turned our lives up side down. He said in addition to renewing advertising for customers in the past it was demanded we had to actually go out and do selling in the field to drum up new business !!
Wow what a darn bummer. We ached and moaned about this new change. And I actually thought about leaving and starting my own legitimate home business !

But you know happened after awhile ? We found the whole situation produced much more money in our pockets. And we actually became enamored with the fact of meeting customers face to face and coming up with solutions for them!

There is a reason I bring this scenario up. When building up an Authority blog you can go the easy route and build a blog using the platform like blogger blog or you can put a little time and work and build a platform like WordPress and come out way ahead both financially and with much satisfaction and make it a legitimate home business if you want ! :>)

So here are the Steps to getting your WordPress blog started and why it is necessary to have WordPress :
– All your content is owned by you. With blogger blog your content is owned by google
– Google and Yahoo just love WordPress Blogs and all the formats associated it. So search engines tend to rate them high .
– Word press is really easy to use. And the plugins at wordpress are awesome to utilize. And endless at that!
– Capturing leads are so much easier to than a free blogging platform

Okay all this is great. But how do actually set up a WordPress blog ?

– First, you need to get a domain name. I would settle on one that fits the description of what your blog is about. A lot of people debate back and forth with this. Some say you should brand your name and try to put your name as the domain. I do not subscribe to this notion.

If you strive to get people to click on your Site in the search engines do you think they will click on robertmarsh.com first or howtogetafreecar.com ? I bet on the latter one . And is especially critical if you want to have a successful legitimate home business But it is up to you.

Remember, you can still brand your name in the Title of the blog and all throughout the blog to get name recognition .

Anyway, a great place to register your domain is Namecheap. I started with GoDaddy and their price increases from year to year were just too much.

– Now after you got your Domain then you need to get some hosting for your Blog. (Like I said WordPress is the place to go for the reasons I stated above.)
And the hosting you get should be Hostgator. IMHO, it is far and above anything else. I pay $9.95 for pretty much unlimited hosting. Sometimes they have special promotion where you can get Hosting there for $4 a month. Having a successful legitimate home business you need something as affordable and reliable as possible , and hostgator does just that!

Now that you have gotten your Hosting with Hostgator you need to go into and log into their c-panel. You need to go to the bottom left and copy the two name server fields.

Then go back to your Namecheap back office and put (or replace ) the nameserver fields there with Hostgator name servers. Now you have your new domain pointing directly back at your hostgator account. (It make take a day or so to actually go thru)

Now just go back to your Hostgator back office and down at the bottom under Software/Services area push the icon ‘Fantistico De Luxe.

Then you will see the Word Press icon to choose on the left side. Click on it and it is pretty much self explanatory from there. You will make up a password, username. etc…

After all this push finished and BINGO you have created your first Word Press Blog.

It can take up to 24 hrs. before you can put your domain in the browser and see the new blog. It usually has been just a few hours before I can see my new Blog with the default theme. Some people it has taken longer.

Then when you can see your new blog sign into the Admin. And here you will see the Dashboard. The best thing to do (which I did) was play around with it and by trial and error you will start learning how to efficiently navigate in the Dashboard.

One awesome thing about WordPress is they have thousands of plugins you can use to make your Blog better. Things like social interactive and SEO plugins.

I think two plugins you need to first install are the ‘All in One SEO’ plugin and the ‘Askimet’ plugin. Akismet will keep all the spam out and the other will help optimize your blog for search engines.

These plugins have proven to be critical for me in my legitimate home business !

Oh yeah another important thing is the theme of your blog and how it looks. Just go under ‘Appearance’ and you will see the Options to install. It is real easy.

So see its not that complicated to set up a WordPress blog. You did it, so pat your self on the back 🙂

And off you go and start posting to your heart’s content in your new WP blog 😉

BTW, if you have your own legitimate home business you have put yourself in a fantastic position with WP !

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