Finding a Network Marketing Company that Fits Your Needs Can be a Hell of a Task……So Take Your Time and Do Not Rush into Things !

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You know in this day and age it is so tempting to be sucked into the glitzy get rich world of business offline and in particular online. There are are just so many scams out there that can really suck the time and money from you if you are not careful.


So Network Marketing is one genre of business that is notorious for schemes and scams. Unfortunately there has been numerous network marketing companies over the years that have just made it a habit of scamming people out of money and wasting their time and work. They have followed the ‘good ole boys club’ mentality  where the first in are the first out and as they go out they carry off all the riches for themselves. And the ones left go home licking their blood filled wounds.

There was one back in the early 90s and it involved a scheme where people used Faxes to get their next lists of people they were to pay $50 to. It was a period scam but the newsletter (product) strangely was half decent. The Founder spent some time in jail for it.

Anyway, I think one good measure you should ask yourself when thinking about joining a network marketing company is how much can you afford to lose. In other wards if you have a few hundred bucks to play with and then  you lose it and consequently it has not adverse effects on your finances; then have at it !

I have been in the Stock market for quite sometime. And guys I can tell you one important thing that I always keep in mind. And this was engrained into my head by my dad. That is do NOT spend money you cant afford to lose. Just don’t !! It will send you in a downward spiral if you do.

Even if the network marketing company you are joining is seemingly on the up and up and has great products and great support just do not get in over your heads. It is as simple as that.

I know of some Network Marketing companies that push newbies to join the highest level in the Organization. Something like the presidential level in one I know of. It is like $3,500 to get to that level. And you get to reap huge commissions ( and technically it is illegal)

Now do you have $3,500 to lose and think nothing of it ?? Personally I do not. Maybe Bill Gates can 😉

But you really have to think of this  as a huge factor if you are playing with the notion of joining a network marketing company.

Ask yourself is it a good fit for you. Are the products something you can get excited about and sell to retailers ( not just people in your Organization )?

Do you have a long term vision of growing with this MLM and helping others grow along with it.

Just do not get in over your heads with your finances and ask others around what their experience is with this company.

And you just might find a Network Marketing Company that is a good fit for you !!






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