What Success Is and Isn’t !

‘Insightful Guest Post by Joseph Dabon. A friend and a Associate of ILA.’

If we explicitly define what success is and isn’t, we may fumble a little bit. Not for sheer ignorance of the subject but because of the difficulty in getting the appropriate words to define each.


To cut through the cake, so to speak, I venture my own perceptions. These should get the discussion going, make you think and see where you stand..


These are:

–     Success is the realization of one’s dreams, it isn’t accumulating unfulfilled dreams;

–     Success is working towards specific goals, it isn’t having your goals work out for themselves;

–     Success is about attitude and skills, it isn’t a random choice based on luck or good fortune.


“If that is all there is to it, then why are failures far outnumber the successes?” you might ask.


The answer is simple – it is too darn easy to fail.



Do not read the rest of this article if you are an inveterate failure. There is nothing beyond this point that can alter your mindset. You are a failure and will remain a failure because you are comfortable and happy to be a failure.




Success is not a secret:

No matter what they say, there is no secret formula for success; there is no key that will open the doors to success.


Success is available to everybody. You and I can succeed anytime and every time we want to.


All you have to do is to have a focused and unwavering application of attitude and skills/tools towards the accomplishment of a specific goal.


The key elements here are focused and unwavering application, attitude, and skills/tools.


The first two have one thing in common – YOU. They must come from within you. Nobody can give or teach them to you. They spring from a very strong desire to do better, to reach the unreachable, to go where you have never gone before.


Scary, huh!


The third element, skills/tools, is from without. These are acquired, learned, taught, and picked up along the way or whatever means you got them. And get them, you must.


Nobody earns the right to be called “professional” without being proficient on what he is a professional on. Nobody can succeed without the skills or tools for success, e.g., a doctor, his heartbeat and blood pressure monitors, the hammer and saw for a carpenter, the box wrench for a mechanic, etc.


Do you have the skills and tools for success? Are they good and sufficient enough to take you  higher from your current status? Differentiate you from others as hungry for success as you are?


In today’s world of interconnectivity, they can easily be had. You can read books (traditional or e-books), magazines and periodicals, go to libraries or browse the Internet. You can go to school to learn them or attend specialized seminars to acquire them. Others hire tutors or mentors. People who want to succeed don’t just go the extra mile. They go all the way.

All of the above are useful and effective. They are also expensive in time, if not in money. Unless you have a treasure chest to take care of your family’s needs and unlimited time, it can be difficult for you to get the necessary skills/tools for success this way.


Stay home and learn…and earn:

There is another way using the latest in communication technology.


Through an innovation pioneered by ILA (Inspired Living Applications), you can now get all the skills/tools for success through your mobile devices, computers/laptops and iPods.


On a weekly basis, ILA makes it available to you such skills/tools as time management, personal development, business development, wealth building, personal motivation and many more.


Whether at home, on the field, on vacation or anywhere in the world, ILA’s applications systems constantly keep you close to all the skills/tools for success. It is kind of putting you inside a food basket so you won’t ever go hungry.


Can you see the advantages of this learning innovation? For starters, they:

–     Save you time. Instead of hunting these skills/tools down, they are brought to;

–     Make learning easy as they are given to you in weekly chunks;

–     You save money as you don’t go anywhere to learn, but stay put wherever you are.


If these aren’t good enough, here is a real clincher. ILA will pay you if you can have others take part in this program.


Success is not a secret. It is not difficult, either. You just have to know how and work at it like hell.



Joseph Dabon

An ILA Associate – http://www.iLivingApp.com/studyandearn


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