In some of the Best MLM Companies you can Sit back and do nothing and maybe Strike it Rich by Luck, but in Most of Them You Have To…………

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work very hard to earn a nice income and it takes patience and time  to start and sustain such a long term business. (Yes, as I said even in some of the best mlm companies !)

Hey listen folks, there is no denying that there have been times when 70 yr. old grandmothers or 18 college students have joined an MLM company and made big time money solely through the work of others.

That happens occasionally especially if there is forced spillover in an MLM. Essentially, this means that people spill over into your downline and you get credit for it even though you had nothing to do with sponsoring them.

It is a nice benefit and some of the best mlm companies implement it !

But I will venture to say that 99% of the time you have to put in the blood, sweat, and tears just like everyone else does if you want to have success in this business.

What do I mean by work ? Well, it means doing the small things everyday , day in and day out. Doing the things that most people do not want to do. Whether it be making a phone call to a prospect or watching video after video on how to become a better leader in your Organization.

So lets say you get into one of the best MLM Companies with great products and great support and great vision.

What next, how do you succeed ??

The first thing you need to do is also have a vision for yourself and what your desires and wants are as a Member and for your Organization. Have a game plan for the next 3 months, then 6 months, year etc..etc.. Write them down if that helps you more easily to focus on them.

Equally important is to make connections with fellow associates within the Organization.

This may be with your direct upline sponsor or in many people’s cases someone else who can give you strategies and advice in becoming a Leader within your Organization.

In a perfect world we would have our Upline sponsor be there to move us a long to be successful in this business.

But I can personally attest that  many times this is not the case. 😉

As you continue your membership with an MLM keep note that you are Sharing you product and opportunity with people, NOT selling it. There is a huge difference.

Most people when they sell something they  go right into the financial benefits and how much money their prospect can make and why they must join now to get spillover etc…etc..

Basically it becomes an overload of info. for your Prospect and he is totally turned off by this and figures it is to hard to do. To him it is another Amway pitch !

Instead , tell the prospect you are working on a project with some other partners and would like to get some feedback from him on some videos. Make it short and to the point with no ‘salesy’  pitch.

After doing this over and over again and adding your own spin around it you will start seeing success.

Just remember to do less talking and more sharing.

Also getting a 3rd party member like your Upline sponsor and introducing them to your Prospect is a perfect way to reenforce the opportunity and at the same time you are conveying to your prospect that you have a Team that supports and helps each other. That is very positive

Finally, YOU must have lots of persistence and patience with this business to succeed! Even in the Best MLM  Companies this will be demanded !

Some days will be extremely difficult and you will wonder why you got into this thing. It happens to everyone. But also remember your work right here and now will have a payout down the road !

Indeed it will 🙂















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