ILA is one of the best Multi Level Marketing Companies…but here are 20 Reasons why it may not be a fit for you !

ILA may not be a match for you IF……………….

1. You do not care  or have an open mind in being part of  of the most successful Multi Level Marketing Companies around and having  a thriving and successful small home business.

2.You do not care about the potential of having long term residual income.

3. You do not care about potentially having time freedom to do what you want when you want.

4. You do not care about having the capability to help charitable organizations and help people around you (including family) who need financial help.

5.You do not care , if you are a young parent , about completely getting rid of daycare for your infant.

6. You do not care about managing relationships and having relationships that are healthy and positive.

7. You do not care about inspiring others around you in a very good light or having personal growth and development.

8.You do not care about learning how to manage your time in a efficient and effective manner.

9. You do not care to have the ability to travel and see places and new things you have never seen before.

10. You do not care about working with a  Team in one of the best Multi Level Marketing Companies and all the fulfillment and challenges associated with working with one.

11. You do not care about creating wealth and more importantly how to assist people in creating wealth for themselves.

12. You do not care about getting closer to completing that ‘ bucket list ‘ that you have made and would give anything to accomplish.

13.You do not care about attaining that one car that you just dreamed of having your whole Life.  (for me a Porsche 911 turbo 😉

14. You do not care about sending your child to the college of his/her choice.

15. You do not care about giving your parents the best, most comfortable retirement and nursing facilities possible.

16. You do not care about being a member of the top 10 Multi Level Marketing Companies thus having the resources for buying a  new house for a complete stranger and his distressed family.

17. You do not care about taking two or three week fun filled vacations with your family.

18. You not do care about having the financial resources to back up a family member who is going through treatment for a major medical reason or who may have been in an accident and the insurance will cover only so  much.

19. You do not care about having the resources to take care of the headaches involved with every day expenses of maintaining a house or apartment, an automobile, home owners insurance ,can insurance and license tag fee, water bills, heating and A/C bills, and the occasional breakdowns of all these things. Month to month living is not easy.

20. Finally, You do not care about pursuing those things that really bring you the most self enrichment in your Life. Whether it be having the time to help the elderly or being able to sit with your child and help them with homework every single night. Or do volunteer work at the Church and even missionary work abroad.

I guess for me all these 20 reasons are things I do want to have the opportunity to do. With ILA and it being one of the best long term Multi Level Marketing Companies, I have a 5 year plan to be able to accomplish this.

But if I had to pick one it would be the last one. The reason ? Well, You can make all the money you can in the World. And have the fancy cars, and houses etc….  But in the end you cannot take all that stuff with you…………. but you can truly leave a legacy of helping people who are less fortunate than you and maybe help a person or two have a happier Life !

To me that is what gets me stoked !!


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