Are You Content with Yourself Now?

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Are You Content with Yourself Now?

If your answer is “Yes,” then read no further. Nothing herein can take you from your false complacency. In a world constantly given a facelift by rapid innovation, you will soon be gathering dust in a remote corner of obsolescence – if you are not there yet.

But if your answer is “No,” then read on. You are not alone. In fact, lack for contentment has always been and will be the driving force for progress and development. It made man come down from the trees and walk on land, emerge from the caves and build houses.

And Man has come a long way – from the Industrial Revolution, when machines started to replace people and mass production became the norm, to the current “knowledge-based” economy where you and I must possess different skills to be a viable part of the whole. All these were driven by Man’s insatiable need to do better, to not be contented with what he’s got.

To do this, we need to continuously learn to move with the pack or be left behind. We must either go to school or stay at home to learn some more. We scour the libraries, the Internet, magazines, and periodicals (even the back of discarded milk boxes) for information to satisfy our hunger for “self-development.”

What is self-development?
I am sure you’ve heard of it. But do you know, precisely, what it is and how to set out in developing yourself?

Self-development is the “conscious choice to improve one’s life to become a better person and to grow as an individual.”

It is taking responsibility of your own learning and development by assessing yourself and taking action in order to attain some goals you set yourself to accomplish.

Self-development is a process; a journey, if I may call it. It has a beginning and an end, and some basic steps in between. They can be simple or complicated. But you must follow them to avoid fumbling along the way.

Here are some of them:
– Desire:
This answers the question, “Why?” More money? Fame? Prestige? Or whatever it is that makes you want to improve in yourself.

This is the driving force in every human endeavor. It provides the motivation for passion. And it must be strong enough to give you an “all or nothing” or “take no prisoner” mindset.

– Goals:
Goals tell you that you have arrived. Without it, you will never get anywhere you want to be. Your goals must be achievable, realistic, measurable and time-bound.

Those parameters give your goal a definition, a sense of reality. Without these parameters your goals are nothing but dreams.

– Plan:
This provides the road map and the action needed to reach your goal within a specific amount of time.

Without a plan, you will just flounder along the way.

– Vehicle:
Is what takes you through every step of the process, every leg of the journey. Definitely not as sophisticated as the lunar lander, but suitable enough to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Your vehicle is made up of money, time, space and other resources and the modes or methods of learning.

The mobile vehicle for self-development:
There are countless self-development vehicles to choose from, thanks to the Internet, But what is currently selling as fast as hot cakes is through those ubiquitous portable communication devices, e.g. mobile phones, iPhones or laptops.

In a news article the other day, the U.N has now found it more difficult to find a toilet than a mobile phone, especially in developing and less-developed countries.

Seeing this immense potential of bringing self-development to your doorstep, er, to your hands, ILA (Inspired Living Application), has introduced an innovation never done before. It designed an application that makes it possible for you to get well-done self-development content on a weekly basis.

Whether at home, at work or at play, you will be able to e enrich yourself from such topics as goal setting, time management, business and personal development, etc., from your mobile, iPhone or laptop. Or desktop, should this be your preference.

This application offers several advantages to people seeking self-development. Among others, it:
– Brings to you the information you need, rather than you searching for it;
– Focuses your leaning as it allows you to choose topics relevant to your needs;
– Saves you time and money since information is brought to you, not you going for it;
– Allows you to earn by sharing it with others with similar needs.

There was a time when learning was for a privileged few. Then it was made available to anybody who sought it. Now ILA brings it to anybody, anywhere, at a cost that is practically free.

Joseph Dabon
A freelance writer and an ILA Associate – www.iLivingApp.com/studyandearn

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