Are You Content with Yourself Now?

Are You Content with Yourself Now?

If your answer is “Yes,” then read no further. Nothing herein can take you from your false complacency. In a world constantly given a facelift by rapid innovation, you will soon be gathering dust in a remote corner of obsolescence – if you are not there yet.

But if your answer is “No,” then read on. You are not alone. In fact, lack for contentment has always been and will be the driving force for progress and development. It made man come down from the trees and walk on land, emerge from the caves and build houses.

And Man has come a long way – from the Industrial Revolution, when machines started to replace people and mass production became the norm, to the current “knowledge-based” economy where you and I must possess different skills to be a viable part of the whole. All these were driven by Man’s insatiable need to do better, to not be contented with what he’s got.

To do this, we need to continuously learn to move with the pack or be left behind. We must either go to school or stay at home to learn some more. We scour the libraries, the Internet, magazines, and periodicals (even the back of discarded milk boxes) for information to satisfy our hunger for “self-development.”

What is self-development?
I am sure you’ve heard of it. But do you know, precisely, what it is and how to set out in developing yourself?

Self-development is the “conscious choice to improve one’s life to become a better person and to grow as an individual.”

It is taking responsibility of your own learning and development by assessing yourself and taking action in order to attain some goals you set yourself to accomplish.

Self-development is a process; a journey, if I may call it. It has a beginning and an end, and some basic steps in between. They can be simple or complicated. But you must follow them to avoid fumbling along the way.

Here are some of them:
– Desire:
This answers the question, “Why?” More money? Fame? Prestige? Or whatever it is that makes you want to improve in yourself.

This is the driving force in every human endeavor. It provides the motivation for passion. And it must be strong enough to give you an “all or nothing” or “take no prisoner” mindset.

– Goals:
Goals tell you that you have arrived. Without it, you will never get anywhere you want to be. Your goals must be achievable, realistic, measurable and time-bound.

Those parameters give your goal a definition, a sense of reality. Without these parameters your goals are nothing but dreams.

– Plan:
This provides the road map and the action needed to reach your goal within a specific amount of time.

Without a plan, you will just flounder along the way.

– Vehicle:
Is what takes you through every step of the process, every leg of the journey. Definitely not as sophisticated as the lunar lander, but suitable enough to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Your vehicle is made up of money, time, space and other resources and the modes or methods of learning.

The mobile vehicle for self-development:
There are countless self-development vehicles to choose from, thanks to the Internet, But what is currently selling as fast as hot cakes is through those ubiquitous portable communication devices, e.g. mobile phones, iPhones or laptops.

In a news article the other day, the U.N has now found it more difficult to find a toilet than a mobile phone, especially in developing and less-developed countries.

Seeing this immense potential of bringing self-development to your doorstep, er, to your hands, ILA (Inspired Living Application), has introduced an innovation never done before. It designed an application that makes it possible for you to get well-done self-development content on a weekly basis.

Whether at home, at work or at play, you will be able to e enrich yourself from such topics as goal setting, time management, business and personal development, etc., from your mobile, iPhone or laptop. Or desktop, should this be your preference.

This application offers several advantages to people seeking self-development. Among others, it:
– Brings to you the information you need, rather than you searching for it;
– Focuses your leaning as it allows you to choose topics relevant to your needs;
– Saves you time and money since information is brought to you, not you going for it;
– Allows you to earn by sharing it with others with similar needs.

There was a time when learning was for a privileged few. Then it was made available to anybody who sought it. Now ILA brings it to anybody, anywhere, at a cost that is practically free.

Joseph Dabon
A freelance writer and an ILA Associate –

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Three Ways to Successfully Build up a Network Marketing Business.

As any person with a successful network marketing business can tell you, building one can be very simple but not easy.
In other wards, it can be a simple concept but you have to get out there and work your butt off to see some success.

Here are Three ways to really build up your business.

1. Getting your ‘warm list’ as prospects and potential leads can be a goldmine. These groups of people include but not limited to family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors, church members, a friend of another family member, other school parents you come into contact with etc.. Personally, I have found this list to be the most effective in building my network marketing business !
The potential leads are nearly limitless. Just think about it. You can talk about people at the check out counter at stores or people eating at a Mcdonalds.
Yes, I know this sounds a little bit out there but if you have a network marketing business that is very, very duplicable then
this is a viable way to bring in new Associates.

2. Getting leads on the internet through social media is the hot new way that people are seeing some real results in
building their network marketing business. I have started this blog recently , and it is safe to say that doing that and building a email list is a sure fire way to start getting some associates in my Organization. Also, having a Facebook fan page is a great way to get some exposure for you network marketing business. Now personally I can say that I have not been involved with Facebook because I thought it was too much of a time suck. But I am hearing and seeing people who have been building up their Facebook pages and knocking it out of the park with network marketing. I will stay on top of this and may even start a fan page to add to my arsenal of weapons to building my biz..

3. Buying leads of people wanting to start a home business. You can buy leads from traditional periodical based outlets or buy leads based out of people on the internet. This can be very expensive. And you usually get what you pay for. Also, running solo ads on blogs or websites that get traffic centering around the the home business opportunity can be quite effective. Start out small and once you see some profits from these solo ads then you can scale up and run bigger ads at bigger Sites. Just reinvest those profits.

As I have said, right now I am really concentrating on building my list of Associates from my warm list and blogging.

I think most people should start with their warm list and also include on their warm list acquaintances and yes even strangers if you are involved in a MLM that is very duplicable.

That’s the key that will guide you with any network marketing business.. And also some good old hard work 🙂


ILA is one of the best Multi Level Marketing Companies…but here are 20 Reasons why it may not be a fit for you !

ILA may not be a match for you IF……………….

1. You do not care  or have an open mind in being part of  of the most successful Multi Level Marketing Companies around and having  a thriving and successful small home business.

2.You do not care about the potential of having long term residual income.

3. You do not care about potentially having time freedom to do what you want when you want.

4. You do not care about having the capability to help charitable organizations and help people around you (including family) who need financial help.

5.You do not care , if you are a young parent , about completely getting rid of daycare for your infant.

6. You do not care about managing relationships and having relationships that are healthy and positive.

7. You do not care about inspiring others around you in a very good light or having personal growth and development.

8.You do not care about learning how to manage your time in a efficient and effective manner.

9. You do not care to have the ability to travel and see places and new things you have never seen before.

10. You do not care about working with a  Team in one of the best Multi Level Marketing Companies and all the fulfillment and challenges associated with working with one.

11. You do not care about creating wealth and more importantly how to assist people in creating wealth for themselves.

12. You do not care about getting closer to completing that ‘ bucket list ‘ that you have made and would give anything to accomplish.

13.You do not care about attaining that one car that you just dreamed of having your whole Life.  (for me a Porsche 911 turbo 😉

14. You do not care about sending your child to the college of his/her choice.

15. You do not care about giving your parents the best, most comfortable retirement and nursing facilities possible.

16. You do not care about being a member of the top 10 Multi Level Marketing Companies thus having the resources for buying a  new house for a complete stranger and his distressed family.

17. You do not care about taking two or three week fun filled vacations with your family.

18. You not do care about having the financial resources to back up a family member who is going through treatment for a major medical reason or who may have been in an accident and the insurance will cover only so  much.

19. You do not care about having the resources to take care of the headaches involved with every day expenses of maintaining a house or apartment, an automobile, home owners insurance ,can insurance and license tag fee, water bills, heating and A/C bills, and the occasional breakdowns of all these things. Month to month living is not easy.

20. Finally, You do not care about pursuing those things that really bring you the most self enrichment in your Life. Whether it be having the time to help the elderly or being able to sit with your child and help them with homework every single night. Or do volunteer work at the Church and even missionary work abroad.

I guess for me all these 20 reasons are things I do want to have the opportunity to do. With ILA and it being one of the best long term Multi Level Marketing Companies, I have a 5 year plan to be able to accomplish this.

But if I had to pick one it would be the last one. The reason ? Well, You can make all the money you can in the World. And have the fancy cars, and houses etc….  But in the end you cannot take all that stuff with you…………. but you can truly leave a legacy of helping people who are less fortunate than you and maybe help a person or two have a happier Life !

To me that is what gets me stoked !!


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The Five Factors You Must Look at to Determine if Any MLM Opportunities are Illigal Pyramid Schemes……….

Well, I must say there are a number of MLM Opportunities that are really just plain old Pyramid schemes and are deemed  illegal by the FTC !

Back in 1991 I was involved with a network marketing company . The products centered around home water filters and humidifiers. My brother was excited participating in it.  I was too.

I remember at one of the rally meetings a man stood up to talk about how he made 25k per month with the company , and he was only 19 years old.

Needless to say , this company went under water for a while because the FTC looked upon it as  illegal.

The reason why ?  In this program , you could actually buy a certain amount of product from the git go and  be placed  in a higher commission tier.

In other wards, if you bought say  $500 worth of inventory you were at 25% commission of your referrals’ earnings and if you bought $1,000 worth of inventory (i.e water filters, humidifiers)  you would make 40% commission or there about !

It was indeed a pyramid scheme !

So I will give <b>5 factors</b> you need to look for to determine whether you are dealing with a Pyramid scheme or not.

<b>1. If the company is requiring very large sums of money to become a network associate with them,  then that is a big red flag. Stay away !

2. If any MLM Opportunities require you to buy into a certain amount of inventory  to qualify for payout then this could be a pyramid scheme. This is called upfront loading ,and it is the reason why the one I talked about earlier got slapped big time by the FTC. My brother and I purchased over  $1,000  in inventory to start out as a diamond associate.

3. If the associates within any MLM Opportunities concentrate to a high degree about the income opportunity and push the attributes of the Product itself to the side…….well, then this is a tell tell sign that this company is headed in the wrong direction.  It is probably nothing more than a Ponzi scheme which is illegal.

4. If the whole MLM program is based on a flimsy product that has no intrinsic value ,and  it is  product you can find most anywhere including Walmart  then this is something you should take note of and turn and run the other way. (Especially if there is no retail sales of the product , to speak of.)

5. Finally, look at the top executives at any Network Marketing Company and ask yourself whether they seem credible and sincere about starting the company. Personally, ask questions about their track record. Or if they were in another MLM Opportunity before. If so,  why did they leave that one and start this one. Basically, get a feel for the overall motives of the founder and leaders of the organization. If they are kind of vague about any of these questions or seem uneasy when you ask them , then reconsider joining them. It may just be an overnight scam where the top in charge get their money and leave while the others are left hanging (i.e. Pyramid Scheme)</b>

I hope this helps when you are trying or considering to join a Network Marketing Company. There are plenty of good ones. Ones where the last to join do not have to be the losers.

Remember, if you are at the end of the ‘ totem pole’  in  any MLM Opportunities but really like the actual product and continue to use it , well then no one loses !


In some of the Best MLM Companies you can Sit back and do nothing and maybe Strike it Rich by Luck, but in Most of Them You Have To…………

work very hard to earn a nice income and it takes patience and time  to start and sustain such a long term business. (Yes, as I said even in some of the best mlm companies !)

Hey listen folks, there is no denying that there have been times when 70 yr. old grandmothers or 18 college students have joined an MLM company and made big time money solely through the work of others.

That happens occasionally especially if there is forced spillover in an MLM. Essentially, this means that people spill over into your downline and you get credit for it even though you had nothing to do with sponsoring them.

It is a nice benefit and some of the best mlm companies implement it !

But I will venture to say that 99% of the time you have to put in the blood, sweat, and tears just like everyone else does if you want to have success in this business.

What do I mean by work ? Well, it means doing the small things everyday , day in and day out. Doing the things that most people do not want to do. Whether it be making a phone call to a prospect or watching video after video on how to become a better leader in your Organization.

So lets say you get into one of the best MLM Companies with great products and great support and great vision.

What next, how do you succeed ??

The first thing you need to do is also have a vision for yourself and what your desires and wants are as a Member and for your Organization. Have a game plan for the next 3 months, then 6 months, year etc..etc.. Write them down if that helps you more easily to focus on them.

Equally important is to make connections with fellow associates within the Organization.

This may be with your direct upline sponsor or in many people’s cases someone else who can give you strategies and advice in becoming a Leader within your Organization.

In a perfect world we would have our Upline sponsor be there to move us a long to be successful in this business.

But I can personally attest that  many times this is not the case. 😉

As you continue your membership with an MLM keep note that you are Sharing you product and opportunity with people, NOT selling it. There is a huge difference.

Most people when they sell something they  go right into the financial benefits and how much money their prospect can make and why they must join now to get spillover etc…etc..

Basically it becomes an overload of info. for your Prospect and he is totally turned off by this and figures it is to hard to do. To him it is another Amway pitch !

Instead , tell the prospect you are working on a project with some other partners and would like to get some feedback from him on some videos. Make it short and to the point with no ‘salesy’  pitch.

After doing this over and over again and adding your own spin around it you will start seeing success.

Just remember to do less talking and more sharing.

Also getting a 3rd party member like your Upline sponsor and introducing them to your Prospect is a perfect way to reenforce the opportunity and at the same time you are conveying to your prospect that you have a Team that supports and helps each other. That is very positive

Finally, YOU must have lots of persistence and patience with this business to succeed! Even in the Best MLM  Companies this will be demanded !

Some days will be extremely difficult and you will wonder why you got into this thing. It happens to everyone. But also remember your work right here and now will have a payout down the road !

Indeed it will 🙂















What Success Is and Isn’t !

‘Insightful Guest Post by Joseph Dabon. A friend and a Associate of ILA.’

If we explicitly define what success is and isn’t, we may fumble a little bit. Not for sheer ignorance of the subject but because of the difficulty in getting the appropriate words to define each.


To cut through the cake, so to speak, I venture my own perceptions. These should get the discussion going, make you think and see where you stand..


These are:

–     Success is the realization of one’s dreams, it isn’t accumulating unfulfilled dreams;

–     Success is working towards specific goals, it isn’t having your goals work out for themselves;

–     Success is about attitude and skills, it isn’t a random choice based on luck or good fortune.


“If that is all there is to it, then why are failures far outnumber the successes?” you might ask.


The answer is simple – it is too darn easy to fail.



Do not read the rest of this article if you are an inveterate failure. There is nothing beyond this point that can alter your mindset. You are a failure and will remain a failure because you are comfortable and happy to be a failure.




Success is not a secret:

No matter what they say, there is no secret formula for success; there is no key that will open the doors to success.


Success is available to everybody. You and I can succeed anytime and every time we want to.


All you have to do is to have a focused and unwavering application of attitude and skills/tools towards the accomplishment of a specific goal.


The key elements here are focused and unwavering application, attitude, and skills/tools.


The first two have one thing in common – YOU. They must come from within you. Nobody can give or teach them to you. They spring from a very strong desire to do better, to reach the unreachable, to go where you have never gone before.


Scary, huh!


The third element, skills/tools, is from without. These are acquired, learned, taught, and picked up along the way or whatever means you got them. And get them, you must.


Nobody earns the right to be called “professional” without being proficient on what he is a professional on. Nobody can succeed without the skills or tools for success, e.g., a doctor, his heartbeat and blood pressure monitors, the hammer and saw for a carpenter, the box wrench for a mechanic, etc.


Do you have the skills and tools for success? Are they good and sufficient enough to take you  higher from your current status? Differentiate you from others as hungry for success as you are?


In today’s world of interconnectivity, they can easily be had. You can read books (traditional or e-books), magazines and periodicals, go to libraries or browse the Internet. You can go to school to learn them or attend specialized seminars to acquire them. Others hire tutors or mentors. People who want to succeed don’t just go the extra mile. They go all the way.

All of the above are useful and effective. They are also expensive in time, if not in money. Unless you have a treasure chest to take care of your family’s needs and unlimited time, it can be difficult for you to get the necessary skills/tools for success this way.


Stay home and learn…and earn:

There is another way using the latest in communication technology.


Through an innovation pioneered by ILA (Inspired Living Applications), you can now get all the skills/tools for success through your mobile devices, computers/laptops and iPods.


On a weekly basis, ILA makes it available to you such skills/tools as time management, personal development, business development, wealth building, personal motivation and many more.


Whether at home, on the field, on vacation or anywhere in the world, ILA’s applications systems constantly keep you close to all the skills/tools for success. It is kind of putting you inside a food basket so you won’t ever go hungry.


Can you see the advantages of this learning innovation? For starters, they:

–     Save you time. Instead of hunting these skills/tools down, they are brought to;

–     Make learning easy as they are given to you in weekly chunks;

–     You save money as you don’t go anywhere to learn, but stay put wherever you are.


If these aren’t good enough, here is a real clincher. ILA will pay you if you can have others take part in this program.


Success is not a secret. It is not difficult, either. You just have to know how and work at it like hell.



Joseph Dabon

An ILA Associate –


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How to avoid financial Disaster by Diversifying Your Income with Network Marketing Opportunities !

Before I get into the possibilities of Network Marketing Opportunities, let me start off by telling you a sad but true story that has happened to many folks; including my family.

Just 3 years ago we had a nice little desert bungalow in the mountains of La Quinta, a suburb of Palm Springs,CA. We traveled out west as my wife was a traveling nurse and we wanted to see new places and new things. California seemed to be a great option.

During this time we had two  children. However, as joyous as it was my wife really had a near nervous  breakdown because of her working conditions. So she wanted to leave LA and La Quinta to go back to her home in Texas.

Well, I saw the situation and told her that we could do that but financially it would hurt us.

You see we had just bought the desert house just 3 years earlier for 235K and the housing market had tumbled since then. Our house was now appraised for 131K ! Yikes !

Well, we got a realtor to try to short sale the house but it would not sale. So we had moved away already and it was at foreclosure and sold by the bank!

Somehow and someway we ended up getting a beautiful house here in Texas just 4 months ago. Our credit is still shaky from the foreclosure. And I was still earning from my Internet Marketing Endevors like Adsense and Clickbnk Products. But after this ordeal I decided  to look into other avenues to diversify my Income.

I thought about network marketing opportunities but just kind of shrugged it off as not thinking clearly.

But I became involved with the one Iam in now and it seems like it will be a great way to diversify my internet income.

Whether you are a engineer or a college student or a stay at home parent,  network marketing opportunities can help negate many of the hardships of a bad economical down turn.

Consider this. With Network Marketing Opportunities you can start your own Business with a small amount of upfront cost. If you do have a full time job with a family you can put in a few hours a week and as time goes by you can add a few more here and there.

It may take awhile to grow your Organization so make sure you are with a MLM that requires little upfront cost or membership fees.

And most importantly the company must have a product that is something you would use as a retail customer.

I will argue that there are numerous of these network marketing opportunities that can get you and your family to more stable ground, financially  speaking.

And potentially give you total financial independence !!

But make no mistake it will take some work and time !!  😉


Cheers ,


Is the Network Marketing Opportunity dead these days ?? I Will Give you Five Reasons Right Now to Show You It is Thriving as Much as Ever ! And How You can Capitalize off it Majorly !!

Yeah I was one of the ones who drank the kool aid. Always jumping on the band wagon as why something can result in only failure. Some of it was from personal experience but a lot of it was being caught up in the hoopla of really driving something in the ground because it was against the mainstream. Particularly a Network Marketing Opportunity !

You see in the last 5 years I followed traditional IM where I sold Clickbank products,
made money with Google Adsense, did some PPC marketing and other sorts of conventional ways of making money on the Net. Did good and still do good with it up til today !

I was and still am a big participate at the Warrior Forum (  the biggest traditional Internet Marketing forum for Internet Marketers in the World).

The mere mention of ANY network marketing company was shunned and spoken extremely negative by many Warrior Members.

I too was one who bashed MLM as I had much dealings with these companies in the past. Like I said 1998 was my last one and and
they were all either too expensive to maintain membership or the companies had  products where everyone had to buy a tremendous
amount to see the income come in.

Forward 15 years or so later. A business friend I met on another forum told me about a really unique opportunity concerning a network marketing opportunity.
Well of course  you probably know the story ; it was I Living App !

It hit me square in the face. It had just started in a industry that is exploding and will double in growth in 2014. And it had a  product which was top notch and yes it had a very simple but powerful networking marketing opportunity  income payout. Like I said I was sold right away when I read the business plan. And I am a pretty damn hard skeptic as many know.

Consequently, I found out later that network marketing is indeed not dead. It is blossoming like never before and there are so many
possibilities in making money with it.

So here are 5 excellent reasons I found to why network marketing is a perfect plan for people to make money from and
why is is alive and kicking !

1. More millionaires are being produced each and every year in Network Marketing.

Here is a List of the top MLM Earners in the World right now :
Monthly Income       Yearly Income
1     Barry Chi & Holly Chen             Amway       $850,000          $10,200,000
2     George Zalucki & Art Napolitano ACN       $475,000           $5,700,000
3     Chavich Kim                     Unicity   $450,000          $5,400,000
4     Howe Kean & Shu Chen Foo     Amway       $450,000          $5,400,000
5     Enrique & Graciela Varela     Herbalife $425,000          $5,100,000
6     Sunny Su & Debra Hsu Hsieh     Amway       $400,000          $4,800,000
7     Rolf Kipp                     FLP       $375,000          $4,500,000
8     Bill & Peggy Britt             Amway       $350,000          $4,200,000
9     Carol & Ken Porter             Monavie   $350,000          $4,200,000
10     Dexter Yager                     Amway       $350,000          $4,200,000

Okay like I said these are the best of the best. And about 99.99999999999 % of people will never ever reach these levels.

Probably less than 1% will ever hit the 6 digit figure income alone ! That being said there is room to grow in this industry especially if you have a unique product behind the Network Marketing Opportunity.

2. Strong Product. If you have a network marketing opportunitythat is based on the merits of a solid, quality  product then this alone will increase the chance for a person to acheive financial success and just as importantly increase the chance of the company to sustain itself long term.

In other wards, lets do the math on this. If you are making decent income with a 1,000 people in your downline, it will then take one million more individuals
to get these 1,000 people on the same income level as you. And so on and so on til infinity.

The numbers just do not add up. It is unrealistic ! So if you have a great product that people will find very useful for them without making money and they keep using it , then well, you have a winner 🙂

3. Bad Economy . Another reason why a network marketing opportunity seems to be working for a lot of people these days is the way our economy has been in
the last 10 years or so.

People want change and are very unsure about their traditional careers and want something they have more control over. It has been rough on a lot of people with employment loss and the downsizing of companies. Having your own
business is one sure way to increase the odds in your favor of having long term financial stability.

No crumbling of an organization because people at bottom do not leave because the product itself is good enough to keep purchasing

4. Internet and Technology. The 21st century and having new technology and products is one good reason why running a  network marketing opportunity has been successful in the last 10 years or so.

You can actually run your Network Marketing business straight from the internet. No more calling your ‘warm’ list like family and friends to join your business. There are plenty of people everyday who are going to search engines to find a home business ! It is limitless !!

5. Many type of Participates . I think more than ever we are having people from all walks of Life entering the sector of Network Marketing. Lawyers, doctors,
, professors and teachers, high school drop outs, stay at home mom and dads etc…

They all come with an experience that is invaluable to a  Team and building an Organization.

In conclusion I think the main thing is not whether a  network marketing opportunity can be successful to a lot of people (it can) but you need to ask which companies are the best to join for a positive result !!

I think a Company that centers around a product that is in its beginning stages and has huge potential and low start up cost to enter is a good one  to highly consider.

The more traditional MLMs like Amway or Herbalife may be saturated and the general population may be turned off by their consistent antics !

I personally stay away from them !

Hope this helps,