Is ILA the right choice for you ?? And is it one of the top network marketing companies ?

I remember it like it was yesterday. But it was 1998 ! And I had just got off the phone with a guy who convinced me to join with what he said was one of the
top network marketing companies .Actually if I recall right he said it  was the best income opportunity period !

I was all excited as my kit and brochures arrived UPS. I went to work and passed on some of these brochures full of diet bars and drinks, protein supplements and all the other goodies that are supposedly there to help you be healthier.


I think I got one girl ,out of the dozens I approached, to buy one health item that was the cheapest on the brochures.
Of course, nobody else at all (including her) was wanting to join this business and become a distrubutor. The prices were too high and the membership fee to become a distributor was like $100.

And they could go to Walmart and stuff cheaper !!

I had been involved with some of the top network marketing companies  before this and built some downline but the downlines began to crumple when people were not seeing results but kept paying exorbitant monthly membership fees ! $50, $60 on up too $100 per month !!

So since 1998 I vowed to NEVER involve myself with any of the supposedly top network marketing companies again . And I NEVER…………. did until now 🙂

I- Living App has positioned itself in a Industry that no other Network Marketing Company has gone before.

It truly is blazing the trail and has to be one of the best  network marketing opportunities there is out there.

I have studied and been on Conference Calls with Founder John Rogers and what they have in store for us is truly amazing. We are not just talking about one App but more Apps as time goes by and furthering the quality of each App and the material associated with it.

I just downloaded the App for the first time a week ago and the material in the videos were top notch ,and I learned about some stuff I hadn’t thought about before.

One of the things that people talk about with top network marketing companies is the ability to duplicate. In other wards, can I become an Associate with ILA and then turn around and get other Associates to be subscribers in my down line ?? Well, the answer is a simple YES !! At $9.95 a month most anyone can afford it.

Consequently, the attrition rate will much lower than other top network marketing companies I had been involved with in the 90s !

Think about it ………people paying only $9.95 will tend to hang around for a long time especially if the Product is quality; which seems to be the case with ILA.

Remember, ILA is still in Pre Launch stages. And from what I have seen compared to other network marketing opportunities in Pre Launch, ILA seems to have all their ducks aligned just right.

It is so refreshing to see an opportunity like this where there is such a low Risk/Reward situation.

Whereas other companies demand you to buy a whole lot of product or their membership fees are up to $500 ! ILA is not.

I will leave it at that and let you decide for yourself if this can really be doable ? I think you will be nodding your head up and down with a resounding yes 😉

I Told My Friend to Screw Off When He Approached Me with one of Those Networking Marketing Schemes.

Hey folks. I wanted to share this post at the top of my blog because it could make the difference in you making a thousand or two or more dollars than you are making now !

Long story short a little awhile back I had a friend come to me with a great opportunity he wanted me to look at . Well frankly when the words Network Marketing came out of his mouth I did an about face and started to run. But for some reason I looked into it and thought otherwise.. …

Network Marketing Dead ?? Now that I have studied it and gone over and over it I have to say that is a bunch of hogwash !

I will prove that you can capitalize off it with the right mindset and some time and work. And above everything else thrive off it with the right Network Marketing Company !

So guys I will get right to the nitty gritty with the Mobile App called I Living App ( ILA) :

1. What is it ? – A company that offers the  only App that will give you the first opportunity to earn some nice income ! The App itself will send each week excellent videos on self help, personal growth, personal success and other ways to make you better all the way around. It is one of the overall best network marketing opportunities  I have seen.

2. How much ? : This is one of the most affordable programs of its kind to be an Associate. At $9.95 a month and nothing more it is nominal to say the least as it is one of the best network marketing opportunities you will find that is based around a superior and usable product!

3. Why join ? : Well right now we are seeing a revolution in the way business and personal communication is done. We are moving from the PC market to the Mobile Market. This multi-billion dollar industry of Apps will double from 2012 to 2013 with its I phones, smartphones and related Apps…….. So we have just seen the tip of the iceberg !! As individuals
why not Capitalize off of it !

4. Compensation  : I will be sending you to our Website to further examine the possible income you can make with the ILA App. Like I said a grand to a few grand is definitely possible with some patience and work !

5. Why join right now ? : This Company is in Pre Launch which essentially means you will get in on the ground floor. I know this is cliche but it is true and this gives you an advantage . Spillover in this Network Marketing income structure will be somewhat prevalent now compared to later on. Spillover is when people are placed in your Downline who you never sponsored but you get full credit and commission from. But please guys do not rely on it !! Just look at it as a nice byproduct !

6. What this Program is and what it isn’t : First of all,  the whole program is based upon a very sound and helpful  product that happens to be in an explosive industry. It is no some flimsy product where people join to be just an Associate to earn money.

Secondly, if you think you will be able to become an Associate and earn 50K in a couple of months , then think again. This is a long term business and should be treated as one. Many traditional companies do not become profitable for two years or so. I think it can be done quicker than this but it WILL take some time and work.

7. My Promise and Commitment to you and how we will get you on the track to Success Okay in this business it is truly about having a Team that works effectively and in unison  together to reach goals that otherwise would be unattainable. As Leader of this Team, I am committed to really engaging with you and helping you on a day to day basis or week to week basis. Unlike  some upline sponsors I am there for you anytime and every time you need it ! Your Success is my Success and my Success is your Success also !! 🙂

BtW, have done blogging in the last 5 years and have made money from helping people find ‘work at home opportunities ‘. It has been a pleasure to be able to do that.

But this opportunity I found has really been the best I have seen in my 5 years of making money on the Web. Seriously

In the last 15 years I scoffed at any network marketing opportunities………that is until now . 😉

Remember, it is the first and only  App to do this and the income from this Network Marketing Opportunity and referral system to me was a no brainer and I had to capitalize off it.

You may too.
Check it out at  HERE

Robert Marsh
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